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Arrest Climate Change Chop-Chop!

Official simplicity is killing the economy. Righteousness simplifies but it doesn’t try to understand, says Thomas Wells (Debating Climate Change: The Need for Economic Reasoning). They ['environmentalists'] are wrong to see the development of human freedoms and well-being (prosperity) as a distraction or even a threat to the world. They are wrong to fixate on an abstract and impossible problem…  without reference to wider ethical issues, and political and practical feasibility. They are wrong to give up on the potential of democratic politics and human ingenuity and settle for Malthusian doom mongering and moralizing.

When it comes to the government science of climate change, global warming alarmists are dealing us a deadly abuse of their ‘pragmatic’ truth as it was described by philosopher and psychologist, William James. The government version of truth is based solely on its utility in creating a sense of alarm about America’s release of CO2 into the atmosphere. Official global warming science is all about urgency –i.e., the world community must act quickly to stop America from emitting any more globe-destroying climate pollution.

Thanks to Dr. Roy Spencer (Spencer’s AGW Trend Calculator: T = s[L x D x I x ƒ]) we now have a quick way to calculate the Earth’s Global Temperature Trend (T). Simply multiply the number of Liberal politicians (L) times the Dollars they’ll throw at global warming research (D) times whatever the imagined problem is to be linked to global warming, like dying polar bears (I) times an alleged frequency of the imagined problem (ƒ) and depending on the gullibility of the audience, apply freely a scaling factor (s) that can be changed at will to magnify the results of the calculation.

Scientists should be interested only in objective truth. We’re all capable of indulging in pragmatic truth. If they’re competent to provide any value to society at all, what we need from scientists is the sort of truth we associate with the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. The bank is closed: we have no money to pay for plastic truths that can be pushed and pulled to fit Leftists’ biased and superstitious preconceived notions about over-population and the price of fossil fuels. What we need is for scientists to stop manufacturing truth simply to help Leftists achieve political objectives like raising more taxes to pay for more government bureaucrats to run a Eurocommunist-style economy.

The single most pragmatic thing we can do is first ask if it makes sense that a global average temperature even exists. Let’s accept that an average global temperature actually exists, and it goes up and then down and then up, etc. And, let’s assume changes in climate are due to humanity’s release of CO2 (a silly assumption for sure: the entire world only adds 1.8 ppm of CO2 in a year ~Joe Bastardi). We still must then answer the question that was put forward by C. Essex et al. –e.g., are there physical or pragmatic grounds for choosing one over another? [See, ‘Does a Global Temperature Exist,’ J. Non-Equilib. Thermodyn, V32:1 (2007)]:

If there are no rational grounds for choosing increasing over decreasing averages, there is no basis for concluding that the atmosphere as a whole is either warming or cooling. A pragmatist should, however, believe global warming has actually been good for humanity. No one is actually clamoring for a colder Earth. That Leftists in the Western government-education complex wish to shame the successful and stand in the way of those who also want better lives is kabuki theater.

The moralization approach undermines itself… poor country governments have a clear and over-riding moral duty to help their citizens achieve the quality of life and prosperity which the West takes for granted, and which is inevitably energy (i.e. carbon) intensive. And then there is the practical economics: the world still has lots of coal, a lot of it in poor countries like India, that can produce electricity very cheaply. Not even the strongest moral rhetoric can make renewables competitive without radical technological (i.e. price) breakthroughs. ~Thomas Wells 

Let’s all get pragmatic for a moment. Does anyone truly believe Western academics have the ability to stop climate from changing? Who among us is so idealistic as to believe government scientists who are less sensible and practical than your third grade school teacher can by a popular vote control what the weather shall be, determine how our earnings shall be spent, dictate how our economy shall run and decide what we will want?

Few will be more guilty than Al Gore even if their
carbon footprints are labeled a moral crime.


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The Science of Global Warming Fear


Al Gore’s bizarre Nobel Prize for An Inconvenient Truth… shows that the forces of reason and common sense are barreling out of control here. (Ethics Scoreboard)

There’s a battle for the culture afoot. On one side we have academia and the rest of the secular, socialist government bureaucracy, supported by the media and all of the thankless Eurocommunist governments in dead and dying Old Europe. Their opponents are mostly those who work for a living, who pay all of the bills and who essentially do all the heavy lifting for everyone else –i.e., the realists!

Examples of those who refuse to get real are the school teachers of global warming alarmism. “A professor,” says Tim Ball, “is a person whose job is to tell students how to solve problems of life which they have tried to avoid by becoming a professor.” In their zeal to save the world they refer to CO2 as a climate pollutant and help government drive Western society off a moral and economic cliff.

A war against the productive has been going on since the mid-’70s. Al Gore, for example, was elected to Tennessee public office in 1977. The growing secular, socialist government bureaucracy decided back then that the public (the risk-taking taxpayer) was the enemy. That is when the language pollution began–e.g., anthropogenic global warming and the role of the Sun and other natural factors became inconvenient truths that the Left had to ignore to achieve their political purposes. Contemptuous of the old maxim – he who has the risk has the dominion or advantage – the government also decided its true purpose was staying in power and to do that it had to strike fear in the hearts of its enemy.

Waiving the flag of liberal Utopianism the Left has taken over academia, the media and all public offices. The Left is now the mainstream that the public must learn to fear. And, the public now fears everything: even, changes in the climate. The public is a slave to the mainstream and it’s all legal because of another old maxim: a slave is not a person.

Blood is in the water: we’re swimming in it and being dragged down by Leftist and liberal Utopianism. If we don’t change we will be too poor to weather the next catastrophe–e.g. a global food fight waged with water pistols.

Everything is linked [e.g., climate change and the Arab Spring]: Chinese drought and Russian bushfires produced wheat shortages leading to higher bread prices fueling protests in Tahrir Square [Egypt]… Ditto in Syria and Libya. In their essay, the study’s co-editors, Francesco Femia and Caitlin Werrell, note that from 2006 to 2011, up to 60 percent of Syria’s land experienced the worst drought ever recorded there — at a time when Syria’s population was exploding and its corrupt and inefficient regime was proving incapable… 800,000 Syrians lost their entire livelihoods as a result of the great drought, which led to “a massive exodus of farmers, herders, and agriculturally dependent rural families from the Syrian countryside to the cities,” fueling unrest. The future does not look much brighter… (Thomas L. Friedman, NYT, ‘The Scary Hidden Stressor’)

Shall we hand our individual liberties over to government bureaucrats today based on government scientists’ fears about climate change tomorrow? And, haven’t we learned that bringing stability to the world outside our borders is a thankless task? Can the new mainstream in academia and government – dedicated only maintain political power over the masses – ever be expected to heed traditional maxims that it rebelled against and prevailed over, such as: abundant caution causes no harm; and, when in doubt do not act. Phillip Stott warns us that actually attempting to bring stability to the world’s complex, coupled and chaotic climate system by singling out a single factor like atmospheric CO2 levels, “may even trigger unexpected consequences.”

Even if we closed down every factory, crushed every car and aeroplane, turned off all energy production, and threw 4 billion people worldwide out of work, climate would still change, and often dramatically. Unfortunately, we would all be too poor to do anything about it. ~Philip Stott

It does not take a government scientist to tell us it’s our economic climate that’s changing and for the worse. The Left’s refusal to take responsibility does not change reality: now we’re broke; and, society is broken too. But, we can change if we have the courage to do something about it. When it comes to government, less is more: more individual liberty and more personal responsibility and that means more opportunity and a healthier society. And, it’s possible–e.g., on Thursday Australia repealed its carbon tax bills by a vote of 39 to 32 in the Senate.

Realists do not fear the results of their study. ~Dostoevsky

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Soulless Gods of Global Warming

God of AGW

The climate science meta-narrative: invent models to explain why you agree with whatever the government wants to hear and pay for. It’s easy too because models can be made to say anything. Any model, including those predicting climate doom, can be tweaked to yield a desired result. I should know. ~Robert J. Caprara, (Confessions of a Computer Modeler)

We may learn someday that Western climatologists are like Douglas Adams’ clueless McKenna the “Rain God” (So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish) who to his vexation was followed everywhere by rainclouds. Instead of causing rain, climatologists and their mathematical models create an inexorable rise in average global temperatures where before global warming there was only weather.

Armed with the results of these models the government is there to help with theoretical solutions to all of life’s illusory problems, especially those that have arisen as a consequence of the unquenchable global warming that climatologists created using computers to input parameters into mathematical models that crunch mountains of recalibrated data.

Government scientists have eagerly taken on a supporting role in this endeavor much like the story of the farmer having problems with chickens that weren’t producing. The farmer went to a climatologist for help. After some quick modeling of the situation the climatologist says, I have a solution but it only works for spherical chickens in a vacuum.

With Western academia and media and all of the Eurocommies of Western Europe allied with the secular, socialist government bureaucracy – Americans face a tough time getting out from under the tyranny of scientists’ global circulation models. About all we can get agreement on is that these GCMs are in serious need of a “re-start.” Rather than shit-canning them altogether all we can hope is for statisticians to demand that the next generation of GCMs must recognize solar energy as the key independent variable in the climate change equation (scientists must admit that it’s been the sun all along).

Talking about an article in a recent issue of Science [June 13, 2014], Dennis Avery (see, Canada Free Press: ‘Science Recommends Climate Model Re-Start’), says some scientists are beginning to realize that, “the computer climate models are not effective at forecasting… [and] still cannot represent such huge variables as clouds and shifts in ocean currents… At the same time, new studies are revealing that the sun has an even bigger role in climate… One of the new papers finds that the amount of time the sun is obscured from the earth by clouds is highly correlated with temperatures over the past 50 years.”

We’re learning what goes up also goes down. Jan-Erik Solheima, et al., are predicting, an average temperature decrease of at least 1.0°C from solar cycle 23 to solar cycle 24 (The long sunspot cycle 23 predicts a significant temperature decrease in cycle 24). We’re also learning that academia’s modeling skills have been embarrassingly juvenile and woefully incomplete when it comes to taking account of the solar energy and ocean-atmosphere mechanisms that working together drive changes in the climate, as follows:

 Formation of NADW [North Atlantic deep water] represents transfer of upper level water to large depths. The water is transported and spread throughout the Atlantic and exported to the Indian and Pacific oceans before updwelling in Antarctic waters. The return flow of warm water from the Pacific through the Indian ocean and the Caribbean to the North Atlantic, a distance of 40,000 km, takes from 13 to 130 years…  There appears to be solar “fingerprints” that can be detected in climate time series in other parts of the world with each series having a unique time lag between the solar signal and the hydro-climatic response… with various lags from 0 years (Indian Ocean) to 34 years (Mississippi river flow) and 70 years (Labrador Sea ice)… [and] the top-down stratospheric response of ozone to fluctuations of shortwave solar forcing and the bottom-up coupled ocean–atmospheric surface response, acting together, can amplify a solar cyclical pulse with a factor 4 or more. (Solheima, et al., supra)

There is a lot we don’t know and never will know. What is certain is many in academia have sold us a bill of goods called global warming; and, the counterculture of the 60s that is now the dominant power in Washington is selling the soul of America down the river to hang onto political power.

We see the world piece by piece,
as the sun, the moon, the animal, the tree; but the whole,
of which these are shining parts,
is the soul. (Emerson)

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Climate Change and (Political) Science


Definition, Imperial Presidency / Imperial Academia: contemptuous of the constitution and science, condescending to the people, anti-energy, PRO-BIG GOVERNMENT and PRO-GLOBAL WARMING ANTI-BUSINSS POLICIES.

Sure, sure as a researcher it is easier dealing with government and not the public because the government has the money researchers want and all they have to do is tell the government what it wants to hear. The public does not want to pay for being lied to and that is why the public must change the government; but, that will be a big battle because academia and the media are aligned with the government and against the people who are working to pay all of the bills.

Patrick Buchanan (Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?) says the counterculture of the 60s, “is dominant in the culture, the arts, the academy, and the media. The Fifth column of the cultural revolution is entrenched in the courts where judges and justices…”

Those who voluntarily provide all of the goods and services and profits in the capitalist economy that provide all of the taxes that operate government are now the counterculture. In other words, society is not so free anymore. The blood, sweat and investment of the productive in the free enterprise system are being usurped against their will by government and transferred to those who vote to keep government in power.

The pretense to knowledge is all that keeps the government-sponsored Ponzi scheme afloat. Voters are not as smart as they used to be. They believe those who work for the government when they say, “we have modeled your future” (Any model, including those predicting climate doom, can be tweaked to yield a desired result. I should know. ~Robert J. Caprara, WSJ: Confessions of a Computer Modeler). Finally, when reality can no longer be ignored, people are confused upon learning that, Global warming computer models are confounded as Antarctic… (It’s unprecedented: across the globe, there are about one million square kilometers more sea ice than 35 years ago, which is when satellite measurements began).

The world is not has hot as it is supposed to be, according to the government’s models. Moreover, it may not be as cold as it is going to get, as history tells us is clearly possible. Hot or cold, the government has nothing to do with it, not now – this time – nor, ever in the past. “Antarctic sea ice hits new record high with 2.1 million square miles more than is usual for time of year,” cries the news headline above (see link).

To be the friend of global warming alarmist Western government, however, demands that truth be hidden. Even so, it is a lack of energy that is the real problem in the world –e.g., Poor Sanitation Linked to Malnutrition in India… (New research on malnutrition, which leads to childhood stunting, suggests that a root cause may be an abundance of human waste polluting soil and water, rather than a scarcity of food).

The modern world uses energy to treat sewage and for clean water. The people of countries that do not have affordable energy suffer the ravages of privation, disease and death –e.g., India’s oldest and holiest city, is so awash in human waste that its decrepit condition became a national issue… [waste] flows directly into the river just above the bathing ghats… Many people wash or brush their teeth beside smaller sewage outlets… Much of the city’s drinking water comes from the river (see link above).

In modern business (in the real not phony world of Western politics), sometimes the best decision is to discontinue a bad project. Otherwise, the continued spending of good money after bad is unending. That is where we’re at when it comes to global warming: continued spending on the government-funded climate change policy-making business is simply good money after bad.

Welcome To The World Of (Political) Science. ~Tim Ball

Updated: 15-July-2014
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Reality Topples the Global Warming Rice Bowl!


Fear of climate change overcomes America when the science of human-caused weather (AGW) is more important in the public square than a loss of liberty. Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. ~Emerson

Easily observable data proves AGW model-makers failed nature’s reality-test. So what’s next: indulge the notion that Western government-funded scientists – from the comfort and security of their taxpayer-provided ivory towers – are competent to redirect dollars flowing from evil American enterprises to far more noble causes such as of saving the world from being Fukushima’d by capitalism?

The Sad Tale of the Iron Triangle and the Iron Rice Bowl: Politicians respond to alarm by feeding scientists more money; Scientists make meaningless or ambiguous statements;  Advocates and media translate statements into alarmist declarations. ~Richard Lindzen, Science in the Public Square… (adapted from Fig. 1)

The Left wants to remake America. Mostly we hear about the instances of someone trying to break into America for a better life and not about public school teachers managing to break America. And yet, the Left continues to use mathematical models to indulge the fiction that Americanism is the problem in the world (How accurate are these models? See–e.g., Global warming computer models confounded as Antarctic).

But, a funny thing happened on the way to adjusting global temperatures to remake America (See–e.g., Andrew Mountford in the link above: In recent days a new [NOAA] scandal… as much as 40 per cent of temperature data there are not real… Many temperature stations have closed, but rather than stop recording data from these posts, the authorities have taken the remarkable step of ‘estimating’ temperatures… This is bad enough, but it has also been discovered that the… [NOAA] is using estimates even when perfectly good raw data is available to it – and that it has adjusted historical records). While the mission of public servants ought to be to serve the taxpayer, the truth and the country, climate scientists have been on a secret mission to make up new truths to serve a hidden agenda of killing capitalism, despite the real truth:

…energy-deprived people [in India, Africa and elsewhere around the globe] do not merely suffer abject poverty. They must burn wood and dung for heating and cooking, which results in debilitating lung diseases that kill a million people every year. They lack refrigeration, safe water and decent hospitals, resulting in virulent intestinal diseases that send almost two million people to their graves annually. The vast majority of these victims are women and children.

The energy deprivation is due in large part to unrelenting, aggressive, deceitful eco-activist campaigns against coal-fired power plants, natural gas-fueled turbines, and nuclear and hydroelectric facilities in India, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and elsewhere. The Obama Administration joined Big Green in refusing to support loans for these critically needed projects, citing climate change and other claims. ~Paul Driessen

The real truth is that a change in a mythical average global temperature is wholly irrelevant to humanity. It is changes in equator-to-pole temperature differences (especially during the summer) that have real meaning, to us, as for example occurs due to changes in Arctic insolation (which can trigger glacial initiation, See–e.g.: Are Global Warming Fears Based on Racism?). That is what should interest us as such changes can result in the end of global warming and when it happens — as it has before and will again — there won’ be a damned thing we can do about it except prepare for global cooling.

A big problem is that there is a cloud over the intellect when government scientists are brought into any discussion about climate. The Left chose Al Gore over the scientific method. Government science now stands for unnatural catastrophic global warming which is a view of reality that helps facilitate the politicization of science and in turn has caused catastrophic public policy–e.g., “The cost of having that desalination plant there [in Melbourne] – producing no water at all – is $384 for every single household… And that is $384 every single year — for 30 years. If it were to produce any water, the cost would increase,” says George Christensen, representative in AU’s Parliament. “Australian policy-makers were threatened and cajoled into undertaking farcical desalination projects on the back of menacing doomsday climate prophecies.”

Global climate alarmism has been costly to society, and it has the potential to be vastly more costly… [and] damaging to science, as scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions. ~Richard Lindzen

Updated: 11-June-2014


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Turning Unaccountabe Global Warming Science Around

Media y Media

The real story about public education is about a loss of trust. Truth does not matter there anymore. And, teaching bad science has become useful to the wrong people –i.e., those who stand in the way of others whose contribution to society pays all of the bills. Science without accountability is the new morality.

The wrong people are the secular socialists who use bad science to promote their Leftist political agendas. Wrong people pushing bad science destroy a culture and trust in government and they refuse to take responsibility for anything they say. “The truth is indeed great,” as Jeffrey Tucker agrees (see below), “but whether it will prevail here is an open question.”

The economic lesson plan of the Left is even worse: those who can’t do, preach fire and brimstone! Only now, preachers waive mathematical models instead of bibles over our heads. The further we get from market-based decision-making the more separated we become from what the productive require to maximize the net present wealth of society. The algorithm that is working is pretty simple to explain: it’s the ‘public sector’ that is the recipient of tax dollars versus the ‘private sector’ that is responsible for picking up the tab.

Meanwhile, the advocates of “climate justice” look to as their leaders the likes of Al Gore, who preach abstinence for others while living in multiple massive high-carbon-footprint mansions ( ) [and] ( ) and flying around the world on private jets. It is time for the advocates of “climate justice” to recognize the immorality of their campaign to keep the poor poor. ~Francis J. Menton, Jr.

Did modernity superheat the last of half of the 20th century? Apparently not. NOAA agrees the summer of 2012 must resume its place in history as just another warm period because, July 1936 is now the hottest month, again. Shouldn’t a real world consensus of opinion reflect the fact that if global warming presents a danger to humanity then we live in a less dangerous world despite increases in atmospheric CO2?

But, the Left just keeps the propaganda machine going, misstating reality and even misstating the findings of others. The Left’s only objective is to argue that America is evil and bad for the world; and, getting caught lying does not bother them. Ding dong…

I would like to call your attention to an egregious case of “citation out of context” appearing in the comment/rebut by Mora et al. today on your journal website. Their use of Tebaldi and Knutti (2007) to support their projections … is laughable, since our paper actually presents arguments against it. ~Roz Pidcock, Overconfident predictions risk damaging trust in climate science, prominent scientists warn)

The real story as observed by Francis Menton is that, “under the banner of so-called climate justice, the U.N. is doing exactly the opposite. It is doing its best to hobble, hinder and obstruct development of the cheapest and most reliable sources of energy in the third world [e.g., first coal and now ignoring the natural gas revolution].”

Without access to energy service, the poor will be deprived of the most basic of human rights and of economic opportunities to improve their standard of living. People cannot access modern hospital services without electricity, or feel relief from sweltering heat. Food cannot be refrigerated and businesses cannot function. Children cannot go to school in rainforests where lighting is required during the day. The list of deprivation goes on. ~Francis Menton

I think we all can understand all too well what is really going on here. It is not America that is evil and the cause of the world’s problems. No matter how you dress up the pig, global warming is still just another Left versus right issue. There is no other explanation and the time has come to take sides: allowing what is going on to continue is a vote for racism based on hindering access by the world’s poor to affordable energy.

Poverty, in the sense of deprivation of basic goods and services, in very large part is a result of insufficient access to energy. Access to energy means electricity for our homes, businesses and computers; it means transportation, in the form of automobiles, trains and planes; it means heating in cold weather and cooling in hot weather; it means functioning hospitals and health care facilities; it means mechanized agricultural methods that ameliorate the effects of bad weather and pests; it means access to information; and many other things equally important. Without access to energy, people are trapped in local areas to lead a life of basic subsistence if not periodic hunger and starvation. ~Francis J. Menton, Jr. (The Looking Glass World of “Climate Injustice”)

“Imagine your life without abundant, reliable, affordable electricity and transportation fuels,” says Paul Driessen (Holding Greenpeace accountable). “Imagine living under conditions endured by impoverished, malnourished, diseased Indians and Africans whose life expectancy is 49 to 59 years. And then dare to object to their pleas and aspirations, especially on the basis of dangerous manmade global warming speculation and GIGO computer models. Real pollution from modern coal-fired power plants (particulates, sulfates, nitrates and so on) is a tiny fraction of what they emitted 40 years ago – and far less harmful than pollutants from zero-electricity wood fires.”

anyone with knowledge of the politics of science and the politics of public policy can know this much: this is not going to end well. ~Jeffrey Tucker

Updated: 8-July-2014
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Human CO2 Fever Much Worse that Cigarettes for Society


Are you interested in giving government more power to impose devastating costs and resource restrictions on the economy, that provide little or no benefit to the wellbeing of consumers and the nation, and exempting from such ever-growing government intrusions, none but the politically correct cash-for-clunkers schemes of the friends of the Left? Then, fear of global warming is the gift you want to give the ever-growing bureaucracy to use for their own personal and political benefit and power.

“If we are in a global warming crisis today,” says Harold Faulkner (Global Warming? All Lies and More Lies…), “even the most aggressive and costly proposals for limiting industrial carbon dioxide emissions and all other government proposals and taxes would have a negligible effect on global climate! The government is lying, trying to use global warming to limit, and tax its citizens through cap and trade and other tax schemes for the government’s benefit. We, the people cannot allow this to happen.”

Kristen Barnes (Ponder the Maunder) at 15 years old could figure this out. Instead of celebrating her perspicacity, here we are 7 years later and still, so many of us fail to realize, our society is fundamentally dishonest. When Al Gore claimed there was a scientific consensus of opinion that humanity was causing global warming, he was being dishonest. All of academia that stood by quietly was being dishonest. What was the consensus of opinion among the German people about the opening of an eastern front with the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 — all good up to now but this… I don’t know… maybe this is a big mistake?

Everyone knows, the consensus today is not the consensus of yesterday. Nor will it be the consensus of tomorrow. This is especially so when talking about something like global warming which is more a social than scientific issue. For example, not long ago there was a far different consensus of opinion about when and under what circumstances it was legally and socially acceptable to terminate the life of a fetus. The consensus of opinion will have changed again if the views of people like Paul and Anne Ehrlich are accepted –i.e., that a human’s right to life should not attach until a year or two after birth.

It complicates matters that the rules society lives by change so much faster today than at any time in history. Consensus views on many subjects will change many times in a single lifetime. Socialism and atheism, for examples, require a belief that human beings may safely be untethered from thousands of years of ancient wisdom – codified in ancient teachings – presumably because we are all simply programmed to know how we should think and exist. Apparently, the end result of human evolution has seen to that: the Left believes humanity is nothing more than mulchable populations of malleable conformists, waiting for government to tell them what to do, what to think and how to live. The teachings of Ayn Rand — although herself an atheist — are unacceptable to the Left because Rand refuses to share the socialists’ belief that individual liberty and free will are mythical notions.

What about the myth of human-caused global warming? What if all of the government scientists say it’s not a myth! The definition of a myth ought to be that it is what most supposedly in the know believe to be true. Why is the scientific method one of the greatest human discoveries of all time? Because among those who have an interest in separating fact from fiction and who invest value in truth versus living in superstitious ignorance, the scientific method frees us from the tyranny of those in the know.

Is it true that Coke Zero, is the Deadliest Beverage? What say the consensus? What say the government scientists? Here’s why we should believe in scientists and why red wine is good for us and now it’s not and why diet causes ulcers and now it doesn’t and why breakfast is the most important meal of the day but only if you sell Kellogg’s cereal or Florida orange juice and why you should avoid eggs because they’ll cause high cholesterol and why that is no longer true and how the food pyramid is real science and all of the old food pyramids were bad science and carrots are good for your eyes and since cows live exclusively on a vegetarian diet, so can you. We should all eat more hay!

We must believe the government scientists because the public is the real problem. Sure, sure, the global warming hoax is academia’s knowing deception on the people. But, the government’s scientists know the public; and, they have nothing but contempt for them and their employers. Who wouldn’t: as the country goes broke the voters continue to return the same dishonest anti-business people to public office. Just throw the public a bone like raising the minimum wage, again. It is dishonest because it does not help those it is supposed to help — just the reverse: that’s basic econ that is taught even in the public schools going back to the 60s during the first two years of prerequisite college courses in biology and sex education.

We might as well trust government scientists because who else is there: the people? We learned a few days ago that two-thirds of America’s youth — 17 to 24 — would not qualify for military service (Twitter / WSJ: More than two-thirds of America’s …). They’re fit perhaps for nothing else but being future students in an environmental PhD program at a state university and employment in the anti-business government bureaucracy, or as  cash-for-clunkers government scientists wearing global warming doomsday signs around their necks, or as meat for community organizers who cater to those who are willing to cast their last vote for the fall of Western civilization.




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Americagenically-Caused Global Warming


Paul Ehrlich, James Hansen, Al Gore, and the Eurocommies all blamed the US as the major cause of AGW (Anthropogenic Global warming). Their anti-America propaganda in the guise of AGW has become shrill.

Even with the mathematical models (GCMs) offered by a willing academia to mask their real motives, now that China is numero uno Americanism is no longer enough to establish the credibility of global warming alarmists. “Three hundred million Americans consume more petroleum than 1.3 billion Chinese,” says Paul and Anne Ehrlich (Too Many People, Too Much Consumption). “And driving an SUV is using a far more environmentally malign transportation technology than riding mass transit.”

But, with a move to natural gas in the US and the Leftists’ jihad on the US economy, America’s carbon footprint has shrunk. Leftist academia’s mathematical models now look less like serious science and more like German Nazi anti-Jew posters of the late 30s.

GCM-production is just another example of cash-for-clunkers government planning — all underwritten by government subsidies — that must be paid for by the ever dwindling number of taxpayers. We now know too much about the, natural components of the currently progressing climate change, to be deceived or afraid:

The first one is an almost linear global temperature increase of about 0.5°C/100 years. The second one is oscillatory (positive / negative) changes, which are superposed on the linear change. One of them is the multi-decadal oscillation… ~Syun-Ichi Akasofu

These natural factors and others explain the temperature record without any help whatsoever from any alleged man-made causes. There is no global warming beyond what is explained by natural causes and, in fact, there is no room for man-made causes because ‘ground-based warming’ actually plateaued years ago:

…lower atmosphere satellite-based temperature measurements, if corrected for non-greenhouse influences such as El Nino events and large volcanic eruptions, show little if any global warming since 1979. ~Richard Courtney

The use of simple linear, reductionist logic to capture a view of the world that proves a single cause-and-effect relationship between increases in atmospheric CO2 and climate change has become passé. Academia is now desperate to come up with new models to keep the AGW blame game afoot –e.g., by adding stochastic projections to account for all of the uncertainty and to provide a sprinkling of chaos for spice.

The problem with stochastic modeling is that government scientists really have no desire to venture outside humanity’s comfort zone (i.e., the last few decades to about the time Al Gore was in graduate school)! For example, what is the likelihood that the future climate will show no global warming for a long, long time? Stochastic thinking requires a longer view of the past and looking back over the last million or so years no one could seriously conclude that a period of no global warming is impossible; rather, we would be forced to conclude that the possibility of an ice age event is an absolute certainty (it’s all a just a matter of time and luck of the draw).

Mathematical models may be the best tools we have but statisticians like Dr. Edward Wegman, Steve McIntyre, Ross McKitrick, Blakeley McShane and Abraham Wyner – not climatologist playing doctor – don’t come to the challenge of modeling the world around us by assuming it is possible to use numbers to capture nature in a bottle. GCMs are academics playing with toys — it’s like watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory — and, if limited to teaching tools they could be valuable. But as magic windows into our future, we see that models are giving power to the most unaccountable, unworldly and fundamentally dishonest sector of Western society.

We learn something from climate change-GCM heretics –i.e., scientists who have abandoned the facilitators of linear thought-based global warming alarmism. They know as well as AGW’s scientific skeptics about the truest measure of expertise is the field of climate science –i.e., foretelling global warming based on GCMs is digital crystal balling.

Still and no matter what, the Left believes we are all polluters, every time we breathe and exhale an invisible cloud of CO2. Now that all those Chinese are the biggest polluters of all – even more than Americans — and because there are so many of them, we’ll soon be coming around full circle to Paul Ehrlich’s original contribution to science which was nothing to do with fear of global warming, per se. Ehrlich like Hitler and the Nazis simply believed there were too many people in the world… nowadays, Al Gore and the Left believe they’re causing the globe to ignite, fast!

Experts like Ehrlich, Hansen, Gore and all of the government scientists of AGW are not just the death of invention and the economy. They’re the death of humanity. Sure, sure, Al Gore really knows how to inspire an audience but Adolf Hitler was a mesmerizing speaker too.

Updated 29 June 2014
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Our Neighbors are Fundamentally Dishonest


We blasted through the Space Age and built Towers of Babel in the Information Age that have come crashing down in the Age of Wrongheadedness.

Of humanity’s 101 world-changing inventions the History Channel lists the top 5-4-3-2-1 as the transistor, steam engine, light bulb, printing press and the wheel. Further up the list was the candle that served for thousands of years to lighten the darkness.

There’s a reason why cartoons of humans having a good idea are shown by putting a light bulb over their heads. Sometime along the way, undoubtedly very early on, came the idea of the devil — maybe, humanity’s greatest invention. The Left is now trying to un-create our modern way of life with its invention of a new devil: human-CO2.

In its new role of serving politics academia has created a red-headed monstrosity: Leftist science. This new way of thinking manifests itself in so many different ways–e.g., the Senate’s war on capitalism. The superstition and ignorance of government and UN-approved global warming experts reminds us why the discovery of the scientific method was so important. Without it, we’re left with government science that is always right, leaves no room for argument and can be counted on to prove that the continuance of big government is imperative for our survival.

The scientific method is no panacea. But without it there’s even more room for more bad ideas that assault our sensibilities and insult our intelligence. For example, a link on the Weather Channel took me to a hit piece about the ‘hefty environmental cost’ of cooking with charcoal this 4th of July due to its heavy carbon footprint compared to cooking with gas.

Their argument goes up in smoke because we know CO2-alarmists are against cooking with gas too. Even so, charcoal is made from trees, a renewable resource. Replanted trees would take up any putative greenhouse gas emissions that weed-smoking anti-charcoal extremists might cook up.

What explains so much bad thinking? When it comes to fear of global warming by those who worry about climate change, there’s no money or political power to be had in spreading news of the new consensus view that it’s the sun, stupid. Meanwhile, academia is just waiting for the house of cards to collapse around our collective ears as they continue to pretend they are not helping to bring about Western society’s collapse by remaining silent as politicians continue to spread claptrap and flapdoodle about climate change.

For example, California is totally run by the Democrat party (which is maintained by the public employee unions) and has become synonymous with the idea of building a bullet train to nowhere at public expense. Like the US Senate, the California government loathes business and is pushing its own version of cap and trade that only serves to drive US businesses and a few million more US jobs overseas to the emerging capitalist economies in China, India and Brazil. More than any other state, California is dedicated to exactly that: economic suicide.

In testimony before Congress in 2009 it was estimated that introducing a cap and trade policy would triple the unemployment rate –e.g., if unployment is ‘x’ now the unemployment will be 3x if the Leftists get their way.

Yes. You will increase employment about 200 percent if you pursue this measure over and above what it will rise to anyway. That’s our experience in the U.K. I have done some modeling on this and the consequences will be very severe indeed if you attempt to impose any measure of this kind on your economy… So, if you take unemployment as ‘x’, it will be 3x by the time you will finish this process. That’s if you want the carbon tax to be at a level which will have any sort of disincentive effect at all and thereby to try and reduce your own emissions. Though of course you will then increase the emissions of everybody else and you will merely get greater worldwide emissions. No cash benefit, massive unemployment here; I’m afraid that cap and trade is a remarkably stupid proposal. ~Lord Monckton

Global warming isn’t science versus stupidity its Left versus right. Climate change is cap and trade junkies vs. cap and trade deniers. Global warming of the Earth’s surface has decelerated It is reasonable to notice something like that. And, it is not unreasonable for us to notice we’re being lied to by government employees and scientists that take public money to say what the government wants to hear.

A group of Detroiters applied to the UN for help a few days ago because water to 3,000 residents was to be shut off by the public utility for non-payment. Additionally, water rates are going up there for everyone. All of this was of course being ignored by the MSM despite the fact community activists blame the rich for causing the problem and for depriving Detroit’s poor of their right to clean water. In a sane world, however, people who can’t pay their water bill should be seen as climate refugees, deprived of employment by the Leftist, liberal Utopian values and policies that caused lost jobs and a rising cost of living across in the US.

We know that it is the business of community organizers and activists to paint the US and capitalism as evil. But, at what other time in human history did parents send their children off alone to cross the border and make their way in an evil foreign land, as we see happening by the tens of thousands on America’s southern border?

We once were factious, fierce, and wild, To peaceful arts unreconciled; Our blankets smeared with grease and stains from buffalo meat and settlers’ veins. Through summer’s dust and heat content, From moon to moon unwashed we went… But now, we’re tidy-clean and politically-correct wrongheaded hypocrites who fear the weather and believe light bulbs grow on trees.

 Updated 24 June 2014
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Climate Change: ‘Not’ and ‘Nyet!’

Art Decco-Hoover Dam

Who cares about climate change consensus?  The Guardian got it all wrong. The climate community destroyed its credibility. No one believes.

Just look at all of the dishonesty and deceit in the climatology business. From the get-go government scientists changed the rules and played fast and loose with the language to better sell their message of doom. Nature did not agree either and answered with the long global warming hiatus we can no longer ignore.

Do you want to be a part of the climate change ‘consensus,’ which was never more than a made-up idea to make government experts look impressive? Who could disagree? No one disagrees who wishes to align themselves with crooked marketers and Leftist politicians. All scientists rightly ought to be more skeptical than credulous by now.

So, it was refreshing to hear: A piece of wood brought Christian Schlüchter Bernese geologists in conflict with climate research (see, the Christian Schlüchter interview in Der Bund  last week, translated by Bing). Schlüchter learned that Hannibal didn’t cross the icy Alps: his army crossed a forest. Meanwhile, we all learned that glaciers come and go on a lot faster Earthly timetable than we realized (i.e., they were gone both 2,000 and 4,000 years ago not just 10,000 years ago) and, the reason for their demise obviously had nothing to do with us moderns injecting our CO2 into the atmosphere

Schlüchter has awakened to more than the fact that the Timberline, back then, was much higher than it is today. Schlüchter is now convinced: Our society is fundamentally dishonest. For example, Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ showing a flat average global temperature until warming in the 20th century was a big double-cross:

In the northern hemisphere we are now in a period of cooling trends. Nevertheless, the glaciers have receded. Many are convinced that man is responsible. For me personally, this is not the central issue. Our society is fundamentally dishonest. One speaks of the “hockey stick”, which indicates a long period of constant temperatures with an exponential warming in the last 100 years. (Ibid.)

“Today,” says Schlüchter, “many scientist are servants of politicians and are not concerned with knowledge and data.” Schlüchter worries that scientists have essentially invented a new devil for mankind to fear. In the process the global warming fear mongers are making a lot of money but in, “a complex and spoiled society like today’s,” they also may be triggering a situation similar to that which, “brought the Roman Empire to collapse.”

Christian Schlüchter understands what makes the glaciers fluctuate. The solar activity is the lever of change. In addition, tectonic movements and the shifting of the seasons in the northern hemisphere play a role. Even volcanoes can be a trigger. Schlüchter is more worried about the corruption in science history and also in economics: There are many examples of the failure of science in history because courage was lacking. The same also applies to other disciplines, currently, for example, for the economy.

What is happening in the sciences demonstrates the kind of people who become academics. There is accountability in a capitalist economy: there is a reckoning; bad ideas go away; and, in the business world, when good money is spent after bad it’s not a problem because it’s not your money that has been wasted without your consent.

Objectively speaking, reality has been saying for last 17 years that global warming does not exist but the government refuses to hear what nature has to say. Most probably don’t realize the glee with which academia roots for America’s economic suicide.

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