The Fantasy of Climatism


Climatology Run Amok

If you’re worried about where we’re headed you ought to see where we’ve been. It’s hard to remember a time before the actions of the EU–i.e., their use of the UN to incite countries around the world to join together for the purpose of blaming America and SUV-driving soccer moms for causing global warming over the last half of the 20th century. But, writing in Science News in the 70s at a time the EU was busily pumping up its doomed Euro-Communist economic bubble, John Douglas captured the concerns of many about the globe’s imminent descent into an ice age – not a period of global warming – as follows:

What if we are entering a period of degenerating weather–even a new ice age? How much would it really affect daily life? A look at the historical record is not encouraging. On the one hand, the great civilizations of Rome, Egypt and China developed during relatively warm, agriculturally beneficial climatic epochs; on the other hand, drought and famine drove the original Greeks to settle in the Hellenic Peninsula and later to band together in the great city-states that marked the height of their civilization. John Wilkinson of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions believes the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution may also have resulted in part as a response to the challenge of the Little Ice Age. But civilizations that were overpopulated or could not migrate or adapt were not so lucky. Failure of monsoons like those seen in the last couple of years destroyed the great Indus Empire of northwestern India in 1600 B.C. Conditions like those in the Sahel today have destroyed several past civilizations there, including the once powerful and overpopulated Mali Empire with its famed capital of Timbuktu. Some 300 million to 400 million people now live in areas undergoing monsoon retreat, according to outspoken climatologist Reid A. Bryson, and the options for such people to migrate or adapt, of course, are minimal.

Even for the most highly industrialized countries a significant change in the climate could strain all available resources, possibly leading to wars of conquest on the one hand, or extremely expensive adaptation, such as climate domes, on the other. Present-day New Yorkers would hardly consider it an advantage to be able to drive across the harbor to Staten Island. ~John H. Douglas, ‘Climate Change: Chilling Possibilities, Science News, Vol. 107 (March 1975)

The thoughtful among us back then speculated about what periods of global cooling had wrought upon all the great civilizations: Rome, Egypt, China. The role of changing climates on civilization is certainly a topic worth studying and over the years some funding was devoted to climate research. Then, something happened: fears about global cooling were forgotten and new fears about human-caused (anthropogenic) global warming (i.e., AGW) emerged. More research dollars began to flow, the climate research establishment was born and climatologists were hatched and swarmed from the woodpile like ants.

There are actually very few people formally trained at the doctoral level in this field [climate science]… prior to the specter of anthropogenerated climate change, there wasn’t very much money from the federal government. It was about a $50 million a year operation, if that much… Now the federal outlay is $2.3 billion. Guess what: we’re all climate scientists now. So ecologists, plant biologists, and even psychologists hitched their wagons to this gravy train. Today’s shocker: we don’t have enough research dough. ~Dr. Patrick Michaels

After years of global warming, that was followed the last 16-26 years of no warming (depending on source of the data being analyzed), some of the old thinking coming from the intelligentsia of earlier times is beginning a return to fashion. Like old ties and gaudy tattoos what seemed unthinkable before is now au courant. Solar astrophysicists now see the possibility of global cooling that may last for decades. After recently discovering that Alpine glaciers advance and recede on a regular basis without any help from humanity, Christian Schlüchter recognizes the real problem today: “many scientist are servants of politicians and are not concerned with knowledge and data.” And, as in the 1975 article above, Schlüchter also wonders about whether today’s, “complex and spoiled society” may face circumstances that, “brought the Roman Empire to collapse.”

…you don’t need to be a trained climatologist to smell danger when someone says, Anthropogenic greenhouse gasses are warming the planet, so we need to ramp up taxes, institute a command-and-control economy, stop industrial development in the developing world, and, y’know, just maybe, suspend democracy and jail people who object… If Greens were simply raising money to support research into clean energy and carbon capture and the rest of it, there would be no problem and no objections.  If they were to simply try to fix the problem, instead of trying to bully the rest of the world, if they were donating 100 million to solar panel research rather than pissing it down the drain of elections and ‘awareness raising,’ then there would be no problem… ~Prussian (What is Mann that thou art mindful of him?)

They just want you to do what they want: they are climatologists demanding faith in the new religion of global warming, the UN and Leftist government. This has nothing to do with the world’s climate whatsoever; it’s all about power and increasing receipts from the productive through fears, lies, exaggeration and deceit. His “faith” allowed him to act out the fantasy of every dangerous psychopath dreaming of revenge upon a world that was not good enough for him and that otherwise failed to accord him the special notice or place that he thought he merited. ~Theodore Dalrymple



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Global Warming’s First Victim of “the Totalitarian Temptation”


How Do We Silence Him?

Government scientists labeled him a “Denier” to shut him up. The climate research establishment wanted to make an example of him to keep others in line with the official ‘consensus’ view about the AGW hypothesis: that late 2oth century global warming was brought about by America’s success in increasing its standard of living –i.e., modernity caused global warming. “The alleged scientific consensus on this topic is bogus,” says Dr. William Gray. “As more research on the human impact on global temperature change comes forth, more flaws are being found in the hypothesis.”

And, what of the infamous treaty known as the Kyoto-Protocol that expired in 2012? What of the countries that signed on back then when the time came to sign on for an extension of the treaty? So far, only 11 out of the original 144 and no EU countries. Bush was right. We continue to learn as more time go by that the mathematical formulas used in climate models (GCMs) to make the case for the AGW hypothesis are even less valid than previously believed.

We are now approaching the start of the third decade of what the corrupt ideologues of climate alarmism now, belatedly, call the “pause” in global warming. ~Mark Steyn (When science is settled by government)

It is the hypocrisy of the climate research establishment that’s red hot. If they really believed AGW was an impending disaster and a real threat to humanity they would have said the hiatus in global warming was a godsend instead of simply denying its existence for so long. Are they admitting it now because there will no global warming for decades as many solar astrophysicists predict? We now know that climate ‘science’ is just like weather science except that unlike meteorologists, climatologists like to make amazing and unverifiable claims about the accuracy of their forecasting, 50-100 years into the future.

GCM modelers do not dare make public short-period global temperature forecasts for next season, next year, or a few years hence. This is because they know they do not have shorter range climate forecast skill. They would lose credibility if they issued shorter-range yearly forecasts that could be verified. ~Dr. Gray

What good are GCMs but to scare children in public schools? GCMs are a virtual reality than can be constructed to say anything government scientists want to believe. “This virtual world is isolated from the real world of weather and climate,” says Dr. Gray. “Few of the GCM modelers have any substantial weather or short-range climate forecasting experience.”

It is impossible to make skillful initial value numerical predictions beyond a few weeks. Although numerical weather prediction has shown steady and impressive improvements since its inception in 1955, these forecast improvements have been primarily made through advancements in the measurement (i.e. satellite) of the wind and pressure fields and the advection/ extrapolation of these fields forward in time 10-15 days. For skillful numerical prediction beyond a few weeks, it is necessary to forecast changes in the globe’s complicated energy and moisture fields. This entails forecasting processes such as amounts of cloudiness, condensation heating, evaporation cooling, cloud-cloud-free radiation, air-sea moisture-temperature flux, etc. It is impossible to accurately code all these complicated energy-moisture processes, and integrate these processes forward for hundreds of thousands of time steps and expect to obtain anything close to meaningful results. Realistic climate forecasting by numerical processes is not possible now and, due to the complex nature of the earth’s climate system, may never be possible. ~Dr. Gray

While Westerners of global warming alarmism find it hard to resist “the totalitarian temptation,” a term coined by Jean-François Revel to describe the pathological thought process of Londoners who’ve been drawn to serve the cause of radical Islam, Dr. Gray – the Left’s first official “denier” – remains a cool, calm voice of reason. He is a realist who understands that temperatures around the world will always fluctuate no matter how much CO2 is added to the atmosphere. That is not to say there are no real problems in the world but the Left wants to come to America where life is good and fly off to exotic locations in their private jets to hold meetings on what to do about evil America’s CO2. “The globe has many serious environmental problems,” says Dr. Gray. “Most of these problems are regional or local in nature, not global… We should, of course, make all reasonable reductions in greenhouse gases to the extent that we do not pay too high an economic price. We need a prosperous economy to have sufficient resources to further adapt and expand energy production.”

When truth is replaced by silence, the silence
 is a lie. ~Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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Modern Man Guilty of Rising Seas

High Impact Crime

Is Academia the Sole Witness Against
Our Crime of Too Muchness?

When we hear ersatz academics say something like –e.g., we know global warming exists and that humans are causing it, and then listen as they give their explanations for the ‘pause’ — all 50 or more of them — we can only be truly sure there has been no global warming over the last 16-26 years (depending on the temperature record we look at). We cannot help but notice that corresponding with the advent of satellite data that enabled us for the first time to more accurately measure temperatures around the world, global warming went on a hiatus… it paused. To not wonder about the role of Leftist politics in the slow admission and fantastic coincidence concerning basic facts requires the willing suspension of disbelief.

Academia has been reduced to a simple-minded trade with supposed skills that enable them to pinpoint the true causes of global warming: modernity and you. Perhaps you feel you are not the problem. You are an Ecomodernist in the free enterprise economy whose taxes pay all of bills –e.g., for subsidized solar panels and windmills and diamond lanes for Teslas and Volts and Apple computers for Prius- and iPhone-buying public-funded school teachers. Not so fast: the Ecological Activists of global warming – teaching a new religion to the children in schools near you – have a far different view about how corrupt American capitalism really is.

For Ecological Activists, almost every extreme weather event or natural disaster is linked to climate change, from droughts, wildfires, and floods, to hurricanes, mudslides, and winter storms. These events are evidence that nature exists in a precarious state of balance with disturbance by humans risking the collapse of civilization… wild and pristine regions are portrayed as Eden-­like places where we can escape our too-muchness, and bring wonder back into our lives. From this perspective, note scholars, stabilizing climate emissions would not only restore a divine harmony and balance to the world, but also enable human salvation.

Industrialization and capitalism are the forces that have corrupted nature and disrupted balance. In a world obsessed with consumerism… we have embraced a false vision of the good life that not only promotes unhappiness and dissatisfaction but generates intense psychological resistance to arguments for action on climate change since such appeals force us to reconsider our core identity as consumers. ~Matthew C. Nisbet (Disruptive Ideas: Public Intellectuals and their Arguments for Action on Climate Change)

It is time we put aside all of the histrionics and bleeding hairshirts of the Left. “I’m a meteorologist,” says Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon. “What makes you think I can predict the future?” When it comes to predicting global warming, academia’s obsessed buggy whip science seems to be a bit behind the times: they do not want to hear what some of our leading solar astrophysicists are telling us–e.g., that global warming may be over. “These scientists,” says Bob Carter, “are projecting a significant cooling over the next three decades, and perhaps even the occurrence of another little ice age.” Surely, we can agree us moderns are not responsible for, the declining activity of the sun, that astrophysicists have observed.

Comparing the current price of TESLA stock to the company’s earnings, the current P/E ratio is 132 times next year’s earnings; obviously, traditional rules of valuation no longer apply. That is what we were told leading up to the bust of the tech-bubble in 2001. Then, there was the housing bubble with government underwriting the funding of phony loans. Now, the government is fueling a hot air bubble and Western civilization has become a bigger bubble than Tesla and Apple. None of the old rules about value apply anymore –e.g., the Left believes Apple is the only company in America that truly serves the needs of humanity and all the rest of American enterprise from Wal-Mart to Chevron are evil.

Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. ~Albert Einstein

(Updated, 15 September 2014)
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Global Warming Paused for 16, 19 or 26 Years—

Pause in the Garden

The pause is as important as the go.

There are approximately two hundred and thirty-one varieties of pauses. Some of these different types include: regular pauses; sharp, heavy and light pauses; post-hell-breaking-loose pauses; long and short pauses; hot and pregnant pauses; slow, agitated and crappy pauses, vertical and horizontal pauses; soulless, mythical and slipping pauses; emphatic, subtle and rhetorical pauses; powerful pauses; feverish pauses; emotional, healthy and engaging pauses; turning, falling and heedless pauses; distinguished pauses; visual, thoughtful and dramatic pauses; catch up pauses; silly pauses; hot and cold pauses; sunny and breezy pauses; drumming pauses…

Did you know that the Eskimos have over two hundred different words for snow… Thin snow and thick snow, light snow and heavy snow, sludgy snow, brittle snow, snow that comes in flurries, snow that comes in drifts, snow that comes in on the bottom or your neighbor’s boots all over your nice clean igloo floor, the snows of winter, the snows of spring, the snows you remembered from your childhood that were so much better than any of your modern snow, fine snow, feathery snow, hill snow, valley snow, snow that falls in the morning, snow that falls at night, snow that falls all of a sudden just when you’re going out fishing, and even though you’ve trained them not to, [yellow] snow your huskies have… ~Rob McKenna (Rain God in Douglas Adams’ book, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish)

It has only been recently that the climate-research establishment discovered the existence of clouds and their role in climate change. They should have asked the God of Rain about clouds. Not even, “doubling or tripling the amount of carbon dioxide,” in the atmosphere will have much impact on our climate, according to professor Geoffrey G. Duffy: “water vapour and water condensed on particles as clouds dominate.” And, cloud condensation cleans up the air, removing particles called aerosols from the atmosphere.

In an annual global mean, about 80–90% of aerosol particles are removed from the atmosphere by in-cloud and below-cloud scavenging (wet deposition). Remaining part of particles is removed by different ways of dry deposition. (István Lagzi, et al., Atmospheric Chemistry, © 2013 Eötvös Loránd University)

The chemical composition of a particle changes when dissolved in water. Atmospheric chemicals and particles are rained out and deposited as cloud droplets on high altitude vegetation. Clouds reflect solar energy (short wave radiation) during the day and also can hold heat in on warm nights (long wave heating). The net negative effect of clouds on global warming has been established and is far greater than previously realized (See–e.g., Richard P. Allan, ‘Combining satellite data and models to estimate cloud  radiative effect at the surface and in the atmosphere,’ Meteorol. Appl. 18 (2011): The cloud radiative cooling effect through reflection of short wave radiation dominates over the long wave heating effect, resulting in a net cooling of the climate system).

There is a lot we do not know and take for granted when it comes to understanding water vapor and clouds. So, like CO2 should we also fear the clouds? It is a Saganesque question –e.g., how do we go from being really, really amazed about how really, really small we are to hallucinating like Carl Sagan did about America being responsible for tempting megalomaniac Saddam Hussein to retaliate against modernity by torching Kuwaiti oil wells? It was Sagan not America who tempted Hussein who swallowed Sagan’s line – hook and sinker – in an attempt to destroy the West and all civilization in an obliging replay of Sagan’s “nuclear winter” scenario.

How much more Leftist-inspired global warming alarmism and holy war against capitalism can we live with? Just a few years ago, climate alarmists proclaimed that by now our children would never see or ever know snow again! As long as an obliging media keeps the spotlight on them, climate-researchers will keep on rolling: they’re on a suicide mission to aim their complex, high-resolution mathematical climate models at humanity to prevent them from causing hurricanes and cyclones with windy flanks, turbulent hooks and accelerating mesoscale flows and explosive depressions with stronger and denser or evaporating and dried-out warm conveyor belts and fractured cold fronts.

This pause in global warming is ruining everything. We’re not far from academia saying –e.g., Ooops, we are mostly right: human-caused global warming (AGW) really, really is the key concern of our age! AGW isn’t, however, caused by American CO2 after all: it’s caused by Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Chinese aerosols. Someone needs to tell them that modernity ain’t all it’s cracked up to be and that we all really, really should start wearing hairshirts and going around barefoot again.

It’s a new age. Unlike in the past, schoolteachers nowadays don’t mind stabbing the country in the back as academia silently just looks on. Like Ward Churchill who said that those who died in NYC’s Twin Towers had it coming, Michael Mann helped the UN rewrite history by hiding previous warm periods, the Little Ice Age and the decline.

We are now approaching the start of the third decade of what the corrupt ideologues of climate alarmism now, belatedly, call the “pause”… Dr. Mann claims I defamed him when I described his global-warming hockey stick as fraudulent… Mann has claimed that he has been exonerated by such bodies as the University of East Anglia, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, and even by the government of the United Kingdom, none of which have investigated Dr. Mann at all… ~Mark Steyn (When science is settled by government)

After sacrificing America’s Judeo-Christian heritage on the altar of failed secular, socialist ideology, now the Left feels threatened by radical Islam. Now they say we need a, U.N. of Religions, “to fight terrorists who kill in the name of God.” Is that to leave the former ‘UN’ better positioned to continue the Left’s fight for liberal fascism?

In a recent article, Matt Ridley says: the pause has now lasted for 16, 19 or 26 years—depending on whether you choose the surface temperature record or one of two satellite records of the lower atmosphere (Refering to the 2014 Ross McKitrick study in Open Journal of Statistics: …Duration of a Trendless Subsample in a Global Climate Time Series). As the pause continues, climate-researchers would rather spend more time paying obeisance to a new deep ocean heat sequestration theory than try to explain why the Left’s mathematical climate models are unreliable. In the end, their “explanations,” says Ridley, “have made their predicament worse by implying that man-made climate change is so slow and tentative that it can be easily overwhelmed by natural variation in temperature—a possibility that they had previously all but ruled out.” (See–e.g., ‘Whatever Happened to Global Warming?’ WSJ)

Just as it is inarguable that most of the rise in the Earth’s temperature since the Little Ice Age has occurred with no assistance whatsoever from humanity, it cannot be argued that such global warming is not evidence of a ‘natural component’ that must also be a factor in global warming over the last half of the 20th century. Moreover, it can only be argued that global warming over the last half of the 20th century is evidence of AGW – there is no proof of that and to believe humanity was the sole or even main cause of it defies logic. Even so, the longer the hiatus the more difficult it seems to be for the climate-research establishment to admit the obvious: global warming due to natural causes – at a rate of about 0.5°C /100 years – is sufficient to explain all of the global warming we have seen over the last 200 years.

The government’s use of global warming alarmism to take over the economy proves only that American society has more to fear from academia than from capitalism or the country’s Judeo-Christian heritage. We are at the point now where academia has an active interest in actually preventing science from working.

We must ask everyone to pause for a moment and think about what it means to be living free… We now return you to our regularly scheduled program of climate propaganda, secular-socialist liberal fascism and global warming hysteria.


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Global Warming Alamism Does Not Work

Climate Science Poison

In a world that works (See–78 ways)…

It’s where you find opportunity and where, hard work and inventiveness will lead to further discoveries of beneficial uses of the earth’s resources.

History shows countless examples of great leadership. Perhaps one of them might be –e.g., a benevolent dictatorship ruled over by a short, skinny black woman with an unimaginably high IQ who can only communicate using sign language. There is another way with proven success: responsible individuals who are free to look to their own self-interest. With Warmingism from Marx to Gore, we are presented with ample evidence about what doesn’t work.

Throw out all the learning that has been passed to us from the smartest people facing the toughest problems throughout history — as embodied in the philosophy of pragmatism, the principles of individual liberty and Judeo-Christian ethics and the productivity of a free society — and, you are left with Leftists and nihilists who are expert only at creating poverty.

We waste too much time on science-abetted policy — as with the hoax and scare tactics of government-sponsored global warming — when we should first take a step back and see the politics-abetted driver of the matter. Do we really want to hand over control of the economy to Eurocommies, no matter what trumped-up cockamamie rationale is being used to justify a liberal-fascist power grab? (See, Top 20 things politicians need to know about science)

Policy is mostly about the design and implementation of a particular intervention. Politics is about how the decision was made… (Ibid.)

Just 300 years from now the present global warming hiatus that has been going on for nearly 2 decades, may be but a blip on a graph depicting a pause before an abrupt climate change to be known as, ‘Little Ice Age 2’. Throughout Earth’s history there have been many sudden climactic shifts (often credited to volcanic eruptions or meteor strikes). And, all of such shifts have been downward, not upward. Nevertheless, ice is growing around the globe:

An area twice the size of Alaska was open water two years ago and is now covered in ice after the arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in a row. (See Mail Online–Myth of Arctic meltdown)

We do not have perfect explanations for all climate shifts. We do, however, know that such shifts — from ice age conditions to a warmer Earth — are the only reason we are here. The existence of all life is explained by climate change from cold periods to warm periods.

For the last 100,000 years Earth has mostly been locked in an ice age punctuated only briefly by periods of warming such as the interglacial that gave birth to our species. Earth has been locked in ice age conditions for more than 80% of the time over the last one million years. Those are all of the facts. The hiatus won’t last forever –e.g. “when Nigel Calder and I updated our book, The Chilling Stars,” says Henrik Svensmark, “we wrote a little provocatively that, we are advising our friends to enjoy global warming while it lasts.”

To paraphrase David Roberts, you go to work in the climate you have, not the climate you might want. And, this country has to go back to work soon.



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Slipping Offical Thermometers of Global Warming

Official Saving Falling Temperature and Hgh Stick Hockey

Saving Official Temperatures from
Alarmists’ High Stick and Natures Hip Check

The climate does not happen overnight but after 100 years it may change overnight –e.g., water is transported and spread throughout the Atlantic and exported to the Indian and Pacific oceans before updwelling in Antarctic waters. The return flow of warm water from the Pacific through the Indian ocean and the Caribbean to the North Atlantic, a distance of 40,000 km, takes from 13 to 130 years. (Solheima, et al.). That is just a small example of what comprises global weather dynamics.

Why do the Earthly model-makers of global warming believe they can deal with lag times like we see in the example above –e.g., 13 to 130 years? Consider that we are not even aware of all the natural phenomena that take place around us — as we look back in time at past weather to tease out future trends — all of which are involved in climate change that we only understand, after-the-fact.

Who is to say that the effects of the polarity reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field that marked Solar Cycle 24’s midpoint last April will not act in concert with other natural forces to amplify the effects of the Sun on the Earth’s future climate? We just don’t know: lag times and amounts could be large or small. But, what has Western academia ever done in the past that would give us confidence in their belief – despite all of the uncertainties that exist – that they can foresee the future and are competent to inform politicians how to change it? Unfortunately, few scientists of global warming alarmism will admit, as does Richard Betts below, to how little they know about CO2 and global warming –e.g.,

Everyone agrees we can’t predict the long-term response of the climate to ongoing CO2 rise with great accuracy. It could be large, it could be small. We don’t know. The old-style energy balance models got us this far. We can’t be certain of large changes in future, but can’t rule them out either. So climate mitigation policy is a political judgment based on what policymakers think carries the greater risk in the future – decarbonizing or not decarbonizing.

What we do know is there has been a lot of corruption in the climate community. And, nothing speaks more loudly about such corruption than examples of when periods of historical cooling suddenly become evidence of current global warming –e.g.,

Australia’s weather agency the Bureau of Meteorology (see BOM above) simply changed their raw data to turn a 100-year cooling trend into a 100-year warming trend. It has not gone unnoticed that the BOM simply changed history and when caught, still will not admit that previously good raw data (-0.35°C /century) was fudged to tell a lie about a scary hot future (+1.73°C /century).

Reporting on the purported justification for such changes (Graham Lloyd, ‘Heat is on over weather bureau homogenising temperature records,’ The Australian), “BoM says historic high temperatures are unreliable, some having been collected by thermometers housed in a beer crate on an outback veranda.” That is unbelievable! (See, Jennifer Marohasy)

 He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. ~George Orwell, 1984



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The Global Warming Statement We Need to Hear


(A Statement We’d Like to See)

EPA Statement on Global Warming Studies FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

EPA is issuing this statement today in response to UN-IPCC press releases on its review of the global warming studies focusing on the release by humans of CO2 into the atmosphere that have been conducted by the Western academia.

CO2, a gas, is composed primarily of two common elements, carbon and oxygen. Each of these are building blocks for life on Earth.

In previous published findings of global warming and CO2 conducted in the West, government-funded scientists concluded from their studies, that: increases in atmospheric CO2 is the fault of humanity and these increases are causing global warming (i.e., AGW theory); such warming is having and will continue to have deadly consequences for all life on Earth (e.g., CO2 is a climate pollutant); our current way of life in the modern world should be re-evaluated (humanity must stop using fossil fuels to produce energy); and, we must immediately act to eliminate the problem (i.e., replace capitalism with socialism).

The EPA’s review of these Western studies concluded, among other things, that on the basis of all evidence currently available to EPA: Western academics’ conclusion that CO2 is a climate pollutant is not supported by the data; and EPA sees no need to further review earlier scientific opinions throughout history on the safety of CO2 or to accept as inevitable a takeover by the Left of our daily lives.

Since the ideals of individual liberty were first enthroned in the minds of U.S. citizens, its teaching and practice has been questioned by some. To date, however, the agency has not been presented with scientific information that would support a change in our conclusions about the need to protect the liberal ideal of individual liberty. Those conclusions are based on a detailed review of a large body of information, including more than 200 years of observing the benefits to the individual, to society and to all humanity of less government and more personal freedom.

AGW is not a problem it is a symptom of a problem: the very big problem that the government-education complex is unsustainable. Our schools are helping government destroy society to stay in power. Observing that, America’s institutions of higher education, are an example of, a fundamentally unsustainable social and economic model, Paul Campos (The Atlantic) concluded that:

The only real difference between for-profit and nonprofit schools is that while for-profits are run for the benefit of their owners, nonprofits are run for the benefit of the most-powerful stakeholders within those institutions… The applicability of these almost Zen-like adages to the structure of higher education in America [Herbert Stein – If something cannot go on forever, it will stop; and, Michael Hudson – Debts that can't be paid, won't be] helps explain why the Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen predicted in 2013 that as many as half of the nation’s universities may go bankrupt in the next 15 years.

Now that they have followers in Western cities, ignoring ISIS when they believe “Zionism is Nazism” would be foolhardy. We know what they think of Christianity and the ideal of individual liberty. Like the Left, they also hate our way of life. But, what would ISIS say about Climatism?

 Year 17 of No Global Warming – America Held Hostage!

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End Global Warming by Government Fiat?

Fiat Warming

Climate change drives energy policy…

There is, however, no way to reconcile the loss humanity’s God-given right to individual liberty, with the Western secular-socialist political agenda of eradicating carbon dioxide emissions around the world by government fiat.

The debate is polarized in a black-white yes-no sort of way, which is a consequence of oversimplifying the problem and its solution. Although you wouldn’t think so by listening to the Obama administration on the topic of climate change, the debate is becoming more complex and nuanced. Drivers for the growing number of layers in the climate debate are the implications of the 21st century hiatus in warming, the growing economic realities of attempting to transition away from fossil fuels, and a growing understanding of the clash of values involved. ~Judith Curry (The Kardashians and Climate Change…)

The Left has raised the alarm that human-caused global warming (AGW) may lead to the extinction of all species on Earth. Over 6,000 new species (new to us) have recently been discovered in the oceans over a ten year period. And, as many more await discovery in the near future. It sounds like the Left is worried about AGW leading to catastrophic extinctions of species that they currently know nothing about and do not care to know about because discovering new species will of course require the use of more energy.

How dangerous is human activity to the survival of all life on Earth? I’m not sure what it would take to present a clear and present danger to, for example, the recently discovered yeti crab (so unusual it is to be the first of a new animal family): it’s already blind; and, it lives off the coast of Chile near deep-see hydrothermal vents that spew toxic chemicals.

Going on two decades of a global warming hiatus and the IPCC and Eurocommunists of Western Europe, for example, are more certain about the validity of AGW theory than ever before. Not even nature has a voice in the government-education institutions. Even so, if we adjust for academia’s adjustments we may be faced with a “decline” and “fall” in the average temperature of the Earth: not a hiatus or pause but a cooling globe instead.

97% of model executions wrongly predicted greater warming…  [15 years from 1998 to 2012,] models exaggerate the influence of greenhouse gases on temperature… The reality is… the IPCC hasn’t achieved much at all. ~John McLean

We have a better idea as time goes on about what the government and the institutions of academia believe is the average level of global warming. But, what is the average level of corruption in government and global warming science? It’s too bad we can no longer trust academia. Climatology is giving science a bad name. After the foi2009.pdf CRUgate disclosures and given academia’s continuing love affair with the debunked hockey-stick science of climatologist and serial litigator, Michael Mann, did we really need proof of nonsense computer-generated junk science–e.g.,

Over the past two years, computer scientist Cyril Labbé of Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France, has catalogued computer-generated papers that made it into more than 30 published conference proceedings between 2008 and 2013… Labbé developed a way to automatically detect manuscripts composed by a piece of software called SCIgen, which randomly combines strings of words to produce fake computer-science papers. SCIgen was invented in 2005 by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge to prove that conferences would accept meaningless papers. ~Richard Van Noorden, (‘Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers’, Nature)

What if the expertise of global warming alarmists is undeniable but the injury they seek to prevent can be compared to a trip and fall hazard faced by all of humanity caused by a difference of one-quarter inch in elevation between a parking lot and a sidewalk in front of a Mississippi Walmart?

The Left is willing to make certain assumptions that no one else will. When you give a few people power over many – such as we now have with the Left being represented by academia and mainstream secular-socialist government and media – it’s not long before the ears of despots are filled with the sort of ringing that leads to raging propaganda and the death of millions. The time has come for both the FDA and the EPA to be declared DOA and be seriously downsized, along with the government-education complex and the federal bureaucracy. It’s tighten, lighten, and brighten time. The preservation of individual liberty demands it.

The failure of the traditional model of climate science communication has resulted in more exaggeration and alarmism, appeals to authority, appeals to fear, appeals to prejudice, demonizing those that disagree, name-calling, oversimplification… There is a burgeoning field of social science research related to science communications.  Hopefully this will spur more engagement and less propaganda. ~Judith Curry



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Gov’t Heedless of a Solar Activity Record!

More Monet

A Modern Grand Maximum Simply Ignored

Important news: evidence of a possible solar influence on Earth’s climate, appears to be undeniable. But, what of CO2 and the so-called greenhouse effect? Is it real? Nope– the analogy that increasing atmospheric CO2 acts like a greenhouse has been shattered with the grand debunking of an old experiment, proving Al Gore does not know his gas from a hole in a bottle! (Climate change in a shoebox: Right result, wrong physics)

What we now know about the sun explains everything about late 20th century warming. As it turns out, “the modern Grand maximum (which occurred during solar cycles 19–23, i.e., 1950-2009),” says Ilya Usoskin, “was a rare or even unique event, in both magnitude and duration, in the past three millennia.” [Usoskin et al., Evidence for distinct modes of solar activity, A&A 562 (2014) - PDF]

Grand solar maxima occur when several solar cycles exhibit greater than average activity… Solar cycles still occur during these grand solar maximum periods but the intensity of those cycles are greater. Grand solar maxima have shown some correlation with global and regional climate changes. ~wiki

Even wiki seems to understand that changes in solar activity have an influence on Earth’s climate. Generally, “solar activity is well confined within a relatively narrow range,” says Usoskin. But what happens in an extreme case of solar activity –e.g., how about a, 3,000-year solar activity record? We know because we just lived through it –i.e., a period of global warming.

IPCC scientists have conducted relatively few studies of the Sun’s influence on modern warming, assuming that the temperature influence of this rare and unique Grand maximum of solar activity, which has occurred only once in the past 3,000 years, is far inferior to the radiative power provided by the rising CO2 concentration of the Earth’s atmosphere. ~CO2 Science

So true and that is why we live in this bizarre and Kafkaesque reality of academia’s global warming alarmism. Working stiffs in the free enterprise economy, engaged in the business of living for the benefit of all society, like Randian heroes, are accused of the crime of releasing CO2 into the atmosphere and destroying the Earth as government scientists simply ignore decades-long, unique and rare record-setting solar events.

All we have to do is count sunspots. “During solar maximum,” as anyone can read in wiki, “large numbers of sunspots appear and the sun’s irradiance output grows.” Instead, for years we’ve been wasting tax dollars on practitioners of the new science (dare I say, art) of Parameterization Gazing. These gazers (nay, scryers) feel uniquely qualified to lend their unique insight to the global warming project and have pledged their very souls to the mission of saving the world from Americanism.

Given such a lofty goal, I feel obliged to join this scryers club of devoted Earth-savers and it really is very simple: we look at grid cells. The world is divided up into grids with official thermometers in them and we look at the data, albeit data that has been suitably massaged, adjusted and corrected for this very purpose. That’s where our job begins as only 20% of these grids actually have official thermometer readings. We scryers must fill in the gaps and supply all of the missing data. The work requires deep reflection as we must scry the results of neighboring grid cells and provide data where no data exists or has been lost or deleted or has otherwise simply gone missing.

Although not required, when I am at work scrying, I wear a handmade hairshirt and a “Yes We Can” hat to focus all of my efforts and insights on the serious job at hand. A lot of statistics are involved and many complex mathematical computations also are required that can only be done at the subconscious level where the results are passed through the mind’s eye of the scryer to sharpen the clarity and coherency of the information that otherwise would be nothing but irreconcilable images of little or no use to the continuing  advancement of humanity and the needed saving of the planet.

We scryers literally see the future in the data! For some, interpreting the data requires a self-induced, trance-like state of awareness with candlelight and burning incense to increase their receptivity. Personally, I prefer the light of an old CRT tube which for me lends a sort old-world digital-ness and credibility to the nascent science of climatology.

Embarking on this mission with nothing more than a bit of sleep-deprivation, a copious lavage of blond-roast coffee and the occasional 3-sip of Irish Whiskey for company, I have found that saving humanity from the humiliation of capitalism, self-awareness and personal responsibility has been a grueling and yet satisfying process. The only downside is that with modern global warming being the result of the largest grand maxima in 3,000 years, the continued support of Mann’s hockey stick (long after it was debunked), cannot be seen as anything other than one thing: evidence of… ulterior motives and the grandest con job of all time. Ditto re academia’s likening of the climate change phenomenon to the analogy of a greenhouse (also debunked–see above); and, ditto re academia’s claim of a consensus of opinion among scientists concerning global warming theory (the public has begun to see through the charade and scientists outside the West liken climatology to the ancient science of astrology).

“It is clear from the ease with which Mann lies about things that would not withstand ten minutes of scrutiny in a courtroom,” says Mark Stein (see Amicus brief ), “that he has no intention of proceeding to trial.” The same can be said of the claimed 97% consensus of opinion put forward by the IPCC and the Eurocommunists, the Left and rabid environmentalists – blaming humanity for causing late 20th century global warming – that has been dutifully reported by a nutty liberal mainstream media. The 97% consensus claim is tantamount to a ‘Convert to Islam or Die’ warning from Isis to Iraq Christians, to keep the western scientists in line or face academic and societal ostracism.

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Myth of Global Warming is Made in the…

Myth of AGW

Are American Tax Dollars Funding a Lie

The medium is the message. ~Marshall McLuhan

We might as well pay bureaucrats bonuses to do nothing. How can continued support of Mann’s hockey stick, long after it was debunked, be seen as anything other than evidence of ulterior motives? With all that has gone on up to now, can anyone see climatology as anything more than Gypsy science, dressed up in the robes of Western academia? There are plenty of strong opinions but that is because only skeptics will engage on the facts –e.g.,

Data necessary to create a viable determination of climate mechanisms and thereby climate change, is completely inadequate. This applies especially to the structure of climate models. There is no data for at least 80 percent of the grids covering the globe, so they guess; it’s called parameterization… ~Tim Ball

Academia’s likening of the climate change phenomenon to the analogy of a greenhouse is further evidence of ulterior motives. It is a gross abuse of science to facilitate demands for the global regulation of all human activities by equating the building of a hothouse to an activity that is warming the globe with disastrous consequences for everyone else on the planet.

The unfortunate reality is that efforts to regulate one risk can create other, often more dangerous risks… Insofar as regulations divert resources away from potentially life-saving or safety-enhancing activities, they make people worse off. At the extreme, regulations that impose substantial costs can even increase overall mortality. Higher economic growth and aggregate wealth strongly correlate with reduced mortality and morbidity. This should be no surprise as the accumulation of wealth is necessary to fund medical research, support markets for advanced life-saving technologies, build infrastructure necessary for better food distribution, and so on. In a phrase, poorer is sicker, and wealthier is healthier. There is no free health. Much the same can be said for environmental protection. ~Jonathan Adler (More Sorry Than Safe: Assessing the Precautionary Principle…)

Yes, we can stop humanity from building greenhouses. The first thing Hamas did when taking over the Gaza strip in 2005 was destroy greenhouses in the area where Jews had lived. Because we can tear down greenhouses, does that mean that by analogy we can stop the climate from changing? Would that it were possible to protect ourselves from the threat of killer weather conditions like abrupt low temperature winds and cold rains by simply increasing atmospheric levels of a greenhouse gas like CO2. So, it may not come as a surprise to learn that the Greenhouse analogy has been busted: a debunked experiment that purported to show the effect of carbon dioxide’s far-infrared absorption properties on global climate only proved Al Gore didn’t know his gas from a hole in a bottle! (Climate change in a shoebox: Right result, wrong physics)

The Left’s view of the Precautionary Principle is simple. To preserve Michael Mann’s right to tenure, we must be willing to destroy free enterprise capitalism and foundational principles such as respect for individual liberty and the need for personal responsibility, even if it means undermining respect for the country’s most basic of all Judeo-Christian values: sincerity and honesty.

“At the extreme,” says Adler, regulations that impose substantial costs can even increase overall mortality.” How many lives have been destroyed by Western academia’s facilitation of the politics of fear? Pseudoscience has been used to fuel irrational alarmism in areas from global warming and tropospheric ozone to biotechnology and population growth. More people, says the bumper sticker, were killed at Chappaquiddick than at Three Mile Island.

California, for example, is a state run entirely by liberals that is choking on job-killing regulations, productivity-sapping lawyer taxes and anti-business Leftist dogma. We have Ayn Rand to thank for pushing through the dogma to warn us about what happens when we let society continue to ignore answering the important questions –e.g., what is riskier, denying freedom to humanity or letting government decide our future?

Looking at the matter pragmatically, do I expose society to an intolerable risk when I raise bees to harvest their honey? Shall our endless capacity for alarm about everything from bad weather to killer bees be used to entitle society to a share in the profits that flow from my investment of my time and my energy in my bee-raising activities? Is society justified in voting themselves a share in the fruits of my labor as rent because it feels it owns the nectar of flowers that my bees will harvest? And, is society entitled to enforce its self-interested vote to my property because their laws are a legitimate precaution given their fear of my freedom?

The presence of uncertainty about a technology, without more, cannot establish a presumption that more regulation is required. ~Jonathan Adler



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