Smell the sulfur comrades?

If global warming and fears of climate change were about science and not politics, then it would not be a Left versus right issue now would it? Obviously it’s all political.

For all of the evolution of man, mastery over the vagaries of nature was as prized as the search for truth for its own sake. Now that the nihilism of Leftist utopianiam has reached its zenith in the West, what had value is now worthless and truth doesn’t matter anymore.

Put another way, who do you prefer, George Washington, or Mao Tse-Tung?

The answer is simple:

•  If you are a Tibetan Buddhist monk, you prefer a Godfearing protector of personal and religious freedom like George Washington.

•  If you are a tenured professor in the government-education complex known as Western academia, then Ward Churchill is more inspiring than Winston Churchill, the mass murderer Mao is your philosopher, and Bush-haters Castro and Chavez are your comrades.

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