Voting a Guilty Man Free

Why do we see the political Left grinding the rights of businesses under the jackboot of liberal fascism? Quixotically, what they’re doing is a lot like a jury voting a guilty man free.

For example, do you trust the fairness of the American justice system? If not then voting a guilty man innocent is the only way you can feel in your jaded heart of hearts that the legal system works the way it is “supposed” to work.

Similarly, the proponents of liberal utopianism can never truly feel comforted in the feeling that the fate of the nation is actually under the hegemony of a secular, socialism without some kind of proof.

Think about the kind of proof that the liberal media requires: to understand that there actually is freedom of the press they feel compelled to take absurd, ideological-motivated positions against Americanism and even lie in print again and again and if they do not go missing they know they are free to print any damned thing they wish.

Similarly, the proponents of liberal utopianism can only appreciate the personal and economic freedoms in America—all of which are grounded in social and cultural conventions that have been established over 1,000s of years of human overcoming of every evil imaginable—by trading all of these freedoms for the evils for the liberal fascism of the socialist dictator. Sadly, the Left feels compelled to vote for moral relevancy even despite the fact it undermines the liberty to vote.

Essentially, proponents of liberal utopianism must destroy everything that is good to know that it was not all that bad. And that is why Western civilization is in decline.  And that is also why science has been corrupted. There is no integrity in dishonor just as there is no reason in superstition.


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