Oscillators —e.g., ENSO Effects and Solar Activity…

The CO2-paradigm does not recognize the regulatory function of weather events on surface temperature and even predicts the possibility of a ‘run-away effect’: i.e. continued temperature rise with CO2 increase in the atmosphere. The weather paradigm, in contrast, is far less alarming and predicts an equilibrium state that is near to the current state. Observations increasingly point to the alternative, weather paradigm as correct. ~Arthur Rörsch

[A] significant portion of climate change is natural and linked to changes of solar activity… [and] might be partially driven by an additional natural forcing different from the radiative one… ~Nicola Scafetta

So what might that additional ‘natural forcing’ be? Scafetta and Wilson believe that an increase in the TSI (total solar irradiance) from 1980 to 2000 probably contributed to three decades of global warming.

A decrease in TSI together with an anomalously quiet sun probably also have contributed to the global cooling trend that we have observed over the last decade. Decreased TSI also is the reason why some predict the possibility of a global cooling trend is imminent.

Scafetta and West noted that, “since 2002 the temperature data present a global cooling, not a warming! This cooling seems to have been induced by decreased solar activity from the 2001 maximum to the 2007 minimum as depicted in two distinct TSI reconstructions.”

The partial forecast indicates that climate may stabilize or cool until 2030–2040. Possible physical mechanisms are qualitatively discussed with an emphasis on the phenomenon of collective synchronization of coupled oscillators. ~Nikola Scafetta



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