Is Western Climatology Corrupt?

The obvious cheating of the western climate establishment strongly suggests they are hiding something and that they are wrong. That their cheating is so blatant suggests that the media has not put them under any real scrutiny. ~Dr. David Evans

The attitude displayed in the famous “climategate” emails has a long provenance. This finding was shown in an invited presentation to the American Meteorological Society annual meeting in 1997. A scientist whom I had held in high esteem, Tim Barnett of Scripps Institute of Oceanography, in the discussion after its presentation, threatened to asphyxiate me with the microphone cord “if I ever gave it again”. (From the sworn testimony of Patrick J. Michaels before the US Congressional Committee on Science and Technology, 17-November-2010)

Irrespective of claims to the contrary, astrology is a far more accurate description of the type of ‘science’ that AGW actually is. Given the gross lack of technological competence and substantive knowledge underlying GCMs that has been demonstrated so far, believing in the predictions of AGW alarmist is like believing in readers of Tarot cards.

The global mean temperature anomaly record:

  •  Changes are small (order of several tenths of a degree)
  •  Changes are not causal but rather the residue of regional changes.
  •  Changes of the order of several tenths of a degree are always present at virtually all time scales.

Obsessing on the details of this record is more akin to a spectator sport (or tea leaf reading) than a serious contributor to scientific efforts – at least so far. [Richard S. Lindzen ( at the House of Commons, Westminster, London, 22-February-2012]!/Wagathon


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