AGW is Silly-Science not Rocket Science

Is it global warming or global climate change or global cooling? Is it global warming because man produces CO2 or is man doomed by man’s production of CO2, irrespective of whatever the temperature may be?

Is it concern about climate or pollution? Is it liberal or leftist or both? Is it simply a matter of being anti-American … because there is no science in being anti-American; accordingly, if that is what we’re really talking about, I’d be the first to agree that logic and establishing facts based on commonly accepted rules of statistical probability are irrelevant to the argument.

Is it anti-capitalism or simply being utterly contemptuous of people that work for a living–like truck drivers yaking on CBs, unable to appreciate the intelligence of UN-approved scientists and their supporting cast of Hollywood stars and snakeoil-selling politicians? That’s not science: that is Ward Churchill-Obamaelitism.

Us folks in the middle of the political spectrum see it for what it really is. The liberals and Leftists dreams of Liberal Utopianism demands that government be in everyone’s business, which is why they will even politicize the weather by using silly-science to legitimize whoppers that would make the Piltdown blush brighter than George Bush passing gas in front of the Queen.!/Wagathon

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