Are atheists using ‘global warming’ to…

Q: Are atheists using ‘global warming’ to close the system? If there is an interest in exploring this issue from Jesus to Rand with a discussion of atheism and Darwin–and American idealism from Jefferson to Lincoln–we should discuss the issue about whether Judeo/Christian ethics and the principles that underlie American idealism are more open to the scientific approach concerning things that can be quantified and qualified (i.e., also subject to a critical review for ethical abuse and scientific fraud)–than anything we can ever hope to expect from superstitious and secular liberal utopians.

The Medium is the Message: when the Left finally arrives at the point that it celebrates a crucifix in a glass of pee as art it means more than the Left believes American idealism based on the Bible and Liberty are dead, it also means the Left cares a lot less about the quaint notions of truth and honor that are foundational to science.

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