The Catastrophists Quiz:

Are the AGW witchdoctors’ predictions of catastrophe based on the casting of chicken bones or numerology and tarot cards?

Shall prospects of global cooling be considered a disaster too?

Note: “The partial forecast indicates that climate may stabilize or cool until 2030-2040. Possible physical mechanisms are qualitatively discussed with an emphasis on the phenomenon of collective synchronization of coupled oscillators.” ~Nikola Scafetta

And, Note: “… a long-term global cooling starting around 2002 is expected to continue for next five to seven decades…” ~Lu, Q.

And, what if humans actually averted an ice age–still a disaster?

Note: “If man made global warming is indeed real, and it helps to prevent another ice age, this would be the most fortunate thing that has happened to our species since we barely escaped extinction from an especially cold period during the last ice age some 75,000 years ago.” ~Walter Starck

And, what if global warming were to continue for 100 years? But, what if as throughout the 10,000 years of the Holocene, the global warming had nothing to do with humans–still a disaster?

In answering the above, please consider all of those pesky little problems we sometimes refer to as, reality, e.g., “Fossil fuels will run out well before any drastic effects on climate are possible.” (Ibid.)

Additionally, keep in mind when answering these questions that everyone knows global warming has been much better for humanity than global cooling. “The net result of a projected doubling of atmospheric CO2 is most likely to be positive.” (Ibid.)

Answers to the CASTROPHISTS Quiz

In this series, see the truth come alive. The Medium is the Message: The consensus oftentimes is incorrect and worse it encourages an unhealthy and antisocial indulgence in destructive, vindictive and vengeful fantasies of homicide via cyber censorship of those with whom it disagrees, as with this post that at the request of participants on Amazon’s ‘Science Community’ was, “[Deleted by Amazon on Apr 26, 2011 12:21:49 PM PDT].”


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