Climate Hucksterism (e.g., the ‘Tobacco-Model’ of Taxation)

It is getting harder to find a credible person who can even pretend Leftists have anything of value to offer society–at least not anything anyone voluntarily wishes to buy. We have a huge percentage of wealth being transferred from the productive.

The productive are the earners, the makers and the candlestick burners. The blood, sweat, toil and sacrifice of the productive is going to this evergreen army of Western bureaucrats whose justification for existence is that they used attorneys, courts, juries and the politics of fear and envy to gain a choke hold over sectors of the economy. One after the other on top of others the Left has driven up tax revenues on everything from alcohol, tobacco, gaming and fuel to transcations in goods and servies of nearly every kind, from hotel bills to utility payments like telephone and electric bills. Call it the ‘tobacco-model;’ and, it’s not one wit different from the British tax on tea.

And, of course Leftists want to continue duplicating this tobacco-model across the economy. The Left is now trying to save all of us from death by catastrophe by going after all of the evils that businesses are pushing on us Westerners that are too stupid to think for ourselves. There is even a tax on the amount that businesses pay to their employees–i.e., if you are an employer you must pay the government a fee to hire someone.

The Left believes Westerners need to be protected from predatory home loans, evil insurance companies and deadly products–e.g., everything from second hand smoke and cell phones to fatty burgers and CO2. If you translate all of this into reality from its native English (which has become the liars language of the Left), the belief that secular, socialist Western governments that increase tax revenues at the expense of consumers, are actually providing value to society, has become the new manifesto of liberal utopianism.

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