Facts are Facts and Some Just Don’t Care

Truth is some Scientists don’t care

  • For 150 years cosmic radiation was decreasing; and,
  • That caused global warming.

During the time the Earth was warming there was a 9 per cent decrease in cosmic ray intensity. (Refer to U.R. Rao, below)

Why? Nominally, it’s the Sun, stupid. It is the continuous increase in solar activity over the last 150 years that shielded the Earth from cosmic rays.

An active Sun decreased cosmic ray intensity. It is charged particles that causes clouds (that was demonstrated in scientific experiments). And, less cosmic ray intensity results in less cloud cover.

Less cloud cover reduces the Earth’s albedo. The effect of that is less solar radiation being reflected away, back into the space.

And, that causes the temperature of the Earth’s surface to rise. Consequently, more heat is stored in the oceans, lakes and in clays below the surface.

Eventually, all of the stored heat is given back to the atmosphere when the climate changes and swings back to a global cooling trend, as we have now. The Sun has been anomalously quiet so there has been an increase in cosmic radiation, causing more low clouds, leading to an increase in the Earth’s albedo, and reflecting away more solar radiation. Consequently, the oceans are now giving up their heat and have been cooling for years.

Facts are facts but do Western Leftists really care? The IPCC’s claim that increases in atmospheric CO2 is responsible for over 90 percent of global warming has failed.

We now know that about 40 percent of global warming is due to the impact of cosmic rays, not CO2. In other words, climate change due to changes the Earth’s albedo due to the resultant change in low cloud cover is far more significant than IPCC models have ever allowed for–i.e., what the IPCC once considered to be the impact of human activity on climate change must now be significantly reduced.

We conclude that the contribution to climate change due to the change in galactic cosmic ray intensity is quite significant and needs to be factored into the prediction of global warming and its effect on sea level raise and weather prediction.

[Rao, UR. Contribution of changing galactic cosmic ray flux to global warming, Current Science, 100:2 (25-Jan-2011)]


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