I Found a Trout in my Milk, Thoreau…

We know that global warming is not proven science. Just what is the circumstantial evidence for global warming?

We know that climate change is not unusual. It’s not even unusually rapid.

We also know that the myth of a scientific consensus belies the actual fact of an ideologically-driven consensus supported by fraud and corruption.

We know that the global warming alarmists have become further and further removed from the kind of rationalism that a dispassionate search for truth requires.

We see the failure of academia and note its precipitous decline in a sense of truthfulness among AGW scientists in proportion to the reality-inspired cognitive dissonance of the confused Climatology belief system.

We see global cooling. We see all of the other completely natural explanations for climate change that global warming alarmists ignore.

We know now about all of the errors in historical land measurements, and how NASA is the next CRU; and, we know how more accurate evidence from satellite data does not show any dangerous global warming at all.

We have learned that the atmospheric CO2 levels as measured at Mauna Loa–the site of an active volcano–are totally erroneous: the mere product of a cottage industry (a business of fabricating data that was passed on by a father to his son).

We all smelled the carcass of stinking fish in Copenhagen and the Leftist-lib agenda is all too clear to ignore the real truth about the global warming hoax.

Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk. ~Henry David Thoreau



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