Followers of Charismatic Characters Should Avoid Cliffs

You’ve got to wonder at this point if the Left really wants attention drawn to their cheer leading role in the global warming hysteria hoax. The Left already seems to have dropped their putative move to embrace the VAT so why not abandon AGW theory–at least temporarily–in as much as it has been so thoroughly discredited.

At this point the Little Eichmanns of the Left with their odd penchant to follow charismatic figures into the immoral abyss with such fascist glee may be drawing unwanted attention to the Left’s other tendencies — e.g., the Left’s failure to recognize and confront evil (they’d much rather confront the issue of the Ten Commandments in US courthouses), the Left’s antipathy toward capitalism (the evil big business and big oil), and the Left’s contempt toward those that embrace an ethic of free individuals taking personal responsibility for their own futures. Instead, the Left would rather address their own shortcomings by stealing from the wages of the productive.

The Left of course hoped to cloak their political and ideological agenda using the banner of eliminating evil CO2 for cover. Pointing to an enlightened Europe to justify VAT taxes seems to have been a nonstarter. Even so, the Left’s continued denigration of real science and thoughtful scientists and common sense working citizens is an in-your-face reminder of how much the Left’s real agenda is motivated by their hatred of Americanism and to that end there is not much they will not do to destroy the culture.!/Wagathon


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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat.
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