Real World Truth or Consequences

The strangest thing to witness about the AGW True Believers is their loyalty to the Big Lie. They refused for years to acknowledge that MBH98/99/08 (aka, the ‘hockey stick’ graph) was a proven scientific fraud — nothing more than an artifact of homemade statistics.

After having lived the lie for so long, they now feel compelled to continue preaching global warming alarmism even after Michael Mann has conceded, ‘Yes Virginia there really was a Medieval Warm Period.’

And now the Earth is in a cooling trend with no end to the cooling in sight. The cooling trend could last for decades. Many scientists predict that it will. And, the global warming alarmists cannot admit that either.

What neither the IPCC, nor Mr. Ban, nor most media commentators seem to grasp is that the precautionary principle works both ways. Which is riskier, trying to follow the climate-change rhetoric of the IPCC and Green groups by warping world economics and politics to deal (impossibly) with climate change, or facing up to the economics and politics of the real world. Completely changing the world’s economic and political basis for something that actually may not happen – and will most certainly not occur exactly as predicted – is for me a much, much riskier proposition, especially when one takes into account the fact that there will be benefits, as well as problems, from climate changes. Just remember that, if one takes all the models that exist for climate change, not just those of the IPCC, the error bar is for a change of between -2 degrees Celsius to nearly 7 degrees Celsius (a nine degree Celsius error bar in all). Even I think that climate is likely to vary (all the time) within such a range. It tells us nothing. It is a tautology. (Philip Stott)!/Wagathon

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