Global Warming Alarmists Make War on Skeptics, Realists, Holistic Processes, Natural Phenomena, Common Sense…

Gov’t Climatologists have an insurmountable problem. The GCMs (general circulation models) they’ve created are nothing but toys. And now we all have a problem. Government schoolteachers have been fascilitators of pseudoscience and busy pushing their climate porn on the children at taxpayer expense, based on nothing more than naked self-interest and MBH98/99/08 (aka, the ‘hockey stick’ graph) which is a proven scientific fraud, and still are pointing to GCMs that cannot even predict the past!

Everyone understands how bad GCMs are when they realize that increases in atmospheric CO2 follows global warming it does not precede it. Further study shows that having an appreciation for the holistic process involved in global warming leads to the inescapable conclusion that we simply can’t model climate change except in the most abstract of ways such as by using the mathematics of chaos.

We don’t know all of the parameters involved in climate change. Even if we did and knew precisely how they were all related there is not enough computing power on Earth capable of resolving a model that included all of this information.

The shifting crusts and volcanic eruptions, oscillations of solar activity on multi-Decadal to Centennial and Millennial time scales with variations in gamma radiation and the role of the big planets, Saturn and Jupiter — and a changing North Pole and variations in the magnetosphere — all are a part of a holistic process that is the Earth’s climate.

EPA government science authoritarians do not control average global temperatures. But we know what does: nominally, it is the sun, stupid. And, GCM model-makers simply ignore the Sun and clouds in addition to other natural phenomena.

Rather than simplifying reality with GCMs we now have converging explanations about our limited understanding concerning the complexity and interconnectedness of natural phenomena comprising global warming. One of the key elements to a better understanding of climate change is the concept of Mazzarella’s ‘torque’ and also the natural power of ‘swirling vortices.’

Both of these phenomena relate to the role of the atmosphere, the oceans, the Earth’s ‘molten outer core,’ and also the formation of Earth’s magnetic field and how they are all interconnected. Adriano Mazzarella (2008) criticized the GCM modelers’ reductionist approach because it failed to account for so many of these factors that can only be reckoned with using a holistic approach to global warming—i.e., CO2 can never be the one single mystical factor that solves the puzzle.

The GCM model-makers think of climate in the most simplistic terms: the result of CO2 as a single unit. We cannot, however, correctly think in terms of a ‘single unit’ in any simpler way than the whole of the ‘Earth’s rotation/sea temperature’ process as that is the most basic factor and irreducible factor in a true understanding of climate change. Holistically we see that included in this ‘single unit’ changes in ‘atmospheric circulation’ act ‘like a torque’ causing variations in atmospheric circulation that can in and of themselves cause ‘the Earth’s rotation to decelerate which in turn causes a decrease in sea temperature.’

Maybe it someday will be possible to mathematically model the synergistic effect of these factors. For example, a study conducted by UCSB researchers (to be published in the journal Physical Review Letters) involved filling cylinders with water and then heating the water from below and cooling the water from above. This was done to better understand the dynamics of atmospheric circulation and to provide some insight into mathematically modeling the phenomena observed in nature known as swirling vortices.

Unlike the silly science of Trenbreth who seeks to keep the AGW hoax alive by looking for global warming in the deep recesses of the ocean, skeptics and climate realists know Trenbreth’s search is futile. No matter how much AGW True Believers may wish otherwise global cooling is not proof of global warming. Hopefully the mathematics of swirling vortices will help to reveal the obvious — what everyone really knows already – that given differences in ocean temperature in the real world cold surface water sinks to the bottom.

In our water world with the Earth rotating on its axis with warm water at the bottom of the ocean, cold water on the top will sink: it is the difference in the temperature itself from top to bottom that is a ‘causal factor’ that drives the flow. Everyone should understand the process: it is called convection.

Let’s hope that the mathematics of ‘swirling natural phenomena’ will help contribute to a new scientific consensus where government science authoritarians of a secular, socialist Education Industrial Complex are precluded from using public money and political power to ignore and hide natural laws and be prevented from acting like persecutors of Galileo: we all must demand that anti-capitalist government bureaucracies like the EPA will be prevented from undermining individual liberty and trying to use the global warming hoax and scare tactics in their attempt to replace the market-based economy with the superstition and dogma of the Left’s communist ideology.

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