Meta-World Global Warming Gadflies vs. Antidisestablishmentcapitalism Movement

Would you like to join the growing Antidisestablishmentcapitalism Movement and help save the country from the secular, socialist Government-Education Complex?

Global warming alarmism represents the sacrifice of individualism on the altar of demands for the legitimization of a secular, socialist state bureaucracy.

Much like computer programmers who may indulge in a fascination about expensive analog watches, secular, socialist academia has become the experts of a new type of `reason’ that `works’ only in a virtual world of their own making – a world in which the globe is represented digitally according to their preconceptions of reality (much like old nautical charts fancifully depicting oceans simply pouring over the edge of the earth into the abyss like a waterfall), and causing them to indulge in mystical thinking as an analog.

In their meta-world of the government science authoritarians, however, the academics and political bureaucracy to which they are wedded are driven to indulge in their mystical thinking about global warming alarmist climate porn as an analog to the fanciful digital reality in which they live.

And, as a result, we now see that global warming alarmists — all of whom are the creation of a secular, socialist Western civilization gone wild — are not any longer even good atheists. At this point in the global warming hoax, they have become citizens without a conscience and without a country.

The abandonment of the scientific method by the global warming alarmists creates an entirely new problem for them now. They have become so disconnected with reality, and so disconnected from guiding principles — from the goals of individual liberty and free enterprise to Judeo/Christian ethics of honesty and personal responsibility — and, so paralyzed by self-defeating nihilism, that they are desperate to find a theology that will provide future meaning. And, to that end, they have dreamed up the illusion that their feeding off of the productive like government-funded gadflies provides a worthwhile service to society.!/Wagathon


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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat.
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