The Horrific Human Cost of Liberal Fascism is born by Every Child

Even if their concerns are misplaced does anyone believe that the self-righteous, anti-capitalist, edamame-eating eco-whackpots of global warming alarmism are really losing any sleep worrying about polar bears suffering from the heat? Forget the fact they have polar bears in the San Diego Zoo (on a latitude similar to that of Greece).

If they were actually worried shouldn’t it be good news for the ignorant and superstitious people of the climate disaster movement to hear the news: that the sun had been anomalously quiet for quite some time and that now the 1500 year solar cycle is just about kaput?

Shouldn’t the Warmanists of this New Age Catastrophist religion cheer news that there has been no statistically relevant global warming since 1995? Phil Jones of CRUgate infamy admits that!

For all we know Earth is headed into another ice age and if so polar bears will be dancing on the graves of all humanity. “When the sun is less bright, more cosmic rays are able to get through to Earth’s atmosphere, more clouds form and the planet cools… This is precisely what happened from the middle of the 17th century into the early 18th century, when the solar energy input to our atmosphere … was at a minimum and the planet was stuck in the Little Ice Age.” (Tim Patterson)

Instead, we have public-funded schoolteacher’s stories to scare children–e.g.,

Al Gore likes to say that mankind puts 70 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day. What he probably doesn’t know is that Mother Nature puts 24,000 times that amount of our main greenhouse gas — water vapor — into the atmosphere every day, and removes about the same amount every day. While this does not ‘prove’ that global warming is not manmade, it shows that weather systems have by far the greatest control over the Earth’s greenhouse effect, which is dominated by water vapor and clouds. (Roy Spencer)

Or, instead of watching self-defeating members of a doomsday religion point their fingers at everyone who works for a living as if they work for the devil is it really about authoritarianism—i.e., are we witness to a scientific debate or the birth of the National Secular Socialists of America party? It certainly is not hard to draw parallels and compare the liberal fascism of today’s global warming alarmists — busily spreading their climate porn and propaganda — to the zeitgeist of Germany and the scare tactics employed there when Hitler came to power.

There is, however, an interesting difference worth analyzing. When you think about the adherents to a catastrophist doctrine of any kind, imagining that there is a charismatic figure overall — like Al Gore — is not far-fetched because we have often seen that paradigm throughout history. Certainly, socialism has already had its Hitler who also demonized capitalism and then went on to systematically slaughter people who were, ‘not one of them.’

Except that Al Gore is not your usual charismatic figure. What we have with the belief in AGW is something quite different in scope if not in effect: the leadership of the global warming alarmism movement is more broad-based. The movement is comprised of the tens of thousands of government ciphers in the public-funded Education Industrial Complex who have dedicated themselves to the use of fear to bring about social upheaval in the shortest possible time.

Al Gore is merely the putative head of the latest authoritarian movement. The AGW movement is nothing more than a nihilistic philosophy in which humans would become slaves to a new ruling class of bearded schoolmarms.

The differences are not so subtle but enough so that compared to the old brand of authoritarians this new version of authoritarianism oftentimes seems more like the delusions of a new Heaven’s Gate Cult. Even so they may more accurately be understood as adherents to a doctrine of liberal fascism. And, just like supporters of Hitler were ordinary Germans citizens, it now is public servants who have been unleashed in schools and regulatory agencies across the country like a red-shirted Gestapo, at a horrific cost to the future of every child and business and lover of individual liberty and economic freedom and respecter of the value of reason and truth.!/Wagathon


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