The MYTH of ECONOMIC GROWTH in the Age of BIG Government

Forcing employers to do business within the ever-narrowing confines of acceptable conduct that is established at the whim of politicians and demanding that employers police the business’s compliance with an ever-growing set of rules and performance criteria–as interpreted by government bureaucratic fiat–should henceforth be considered to be an impossible standard for employers to meet. WHENEVER YOU HEAR THAT THE ECONOMY IS GROWING UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A VERY BIG LIE. Hiring an attorney to help navigate a regulatory minefield or hiring a Compliance Officer to satisfy the requirements of a heavy-handed government edict is not growth. It is not a sign of economic growth whether the government hires 1,000 or 10,000 IRS agents to collect a new tax or businesses hire thousands of accountants to avoid it or calculate, collect and remit it. Economic growth does not arise from printing money to manufacture filing cabinets full of public-funded global warming junk science.

We have to ask ourselves, are we doing the right thing? Or are we using scientific information to do the wrong thing more precisely? ~Roger Pulwarty

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