When a Free Man Can’t Be Trusted

Rather than rationally adapting to nature the Left’s True Believers of human-caused global warming (AGW) have an insane perception. Their beliefs drive them to fear that humanity threatens nature; and, that humanity must be stopped through global action. The Left essentially demands that all productive Americans shall cease going about the business of living unless their activities meet with the approval of the unproductive.What shall we call this? Some call it liberal fascism.

AGW True Believers have the idea that there is a broad consensus of opinion supporting their plans to take over the economy. The Left will tell you that the EPA says science is on their side and that enforcement using police action of the consensus of opinion against AGW is a completely legitimate consequence of them being right and everyone else being wrong, tra-la.

The Medium is the Message: the Left is no longer interested in economic wellbeing or human welfare. The liberal Utopia of the Leftist has become pessimism of all humanity. That’s the beauty of being so right: the Left is now carefree of the human condition. Perhaps there will be a paper someday explaining how it all has come to this—i.e., that the Left abandoned science and in their distrust of humanity sought to destroy it.

As I see it the primary utility of fear of global warming and fear that a disruption of climate is being caused by human activities has been as a tool to subvert individual freedom. Down deep the Leftist ideology has never been about reform. The Left’s view of the world is really pretty simple: a free man cannot be trusted

So, what about that paper on why the Left now hates humanity? As I see it, as America prospered Leftists became more hysterical about imagined problems and less concerned about real problems. And now, the only thing that the Left is successful at accomplishing is preventing the productive from providing value to society. Good job!

The Left seems totally invested in doing whatever it can to prevent prosperity in America even if it means destroying capitalism and abandoning any desire to uplift humanity anywhere.

In a nutshell we have indulged the practice of a nutcase ideology in the public-funded schools for so long that we now have a secular, socialist fraternity of anti-American captains of society who are steering the ship Moby Nihilism into the path of every neurosis known to man. The Left refuses to believe that socialism has already been tried enough. So, for the Left the course for liberal Utopia is clear (and we all should know by now where it ends): culture-wide mental fatigue, self-defeatism, misery, poverty, despair and death.

The productive are fast approaching a point of no return. That is when the physical strength of society has been sapped to such an extent that a generation finally is born that glorifies in production of inactivity and the rest of humanity simply cannot afford it; and, that’s when the Greece hits the Spain and California goes BK.

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