Has English Been Turned Into A Liar’s Language?

And whoever persecutes well, learns readily how to follow: for he is used to going after somebody else. (Nietzsche)

What is the real meaning of global warming alarmism?

It is short for, ‘Welcome to the fall of Western civilization.’ The new reality is the fall of productivity and the rise of a war by the government against those who love individual liberty and economic freedom. That is why we now see government-sponsored prejudice and discrimination against the productive.

We are witness to the decline of Western civilization in our lifetimes. “You took revenge on this witness!” (Nietzsche)

What society faces is the use by government of global warming alarmism to consolidate power through internal disintegration of identity and by the pathological perpetuation of hatred of business and capitalism, the promotion of prejudice and discrimination against the productive — a group comprised of workers and entrepreneurs in the free enterprise sector — and, by creating negative stereotypes and fear of Americanism and defining as the common enemy those espousing patriotism, nationalism and Judeo-Christian ideals.

Obviously what we are seeing play out here is far more than a re-writing of history and the corruption of science and abdication of the scientific method. At this point is ‘science’ — as an institution not a discipline — really up to the task of reclaiming its dignity in this generation? Has English been turned into a liar’s language in this society?

Let’s begin with the attempted marginalization of William Gray and the employment by the Left of the rhetoric of ‘Holocaust denier’ to compare skeptical scientists to Nazis. And, when we hear of a ‘consensus’ are we not being treated to the collectivists’ form of truth ‘finding’ and truth ‘making’ and ultimately the enforcement and ‘truth control’ according to government-funded science authoritarians?

We are seeing the re-writing of history and the corruption of science. Even now global warming alarmists refuse to admit that MBH98 (aka, the ‘hockey stick’ graph) is a proven scientific fraud.

The use of global warming alarmism as a political tool has become one of liberal fascism’s greatest victories over reason and individual liberty. The selling of AGW by academia in the public schools has become democracy’s Frankenstein monster. Liberal fascism is using the monster of liberal tyranny against democracy from within and from without.

Throughout history, many competing cults have attempted to predict dire catastrophes for the Earth. With respect to these cults, the key psychological and sociological question is: ‘What happens when the predictions fail?’ … [T]his is precisely what is happening to our media with respect to the increasingly unequivocal `knowledge’ that we have now entered a cooling period in climate. They are starting to experience a powerful dissonance because of their strong promulgation over the last 20 years of the doomsday, catastrophic view of ‘global warming’… Historians, long hence, will surely have a fascinating time analyzing the rise and fall of the cult of catastrophic ‘global warming’. Even now it is possible to detect close parallels with the pattern of many traditional doomsday cults. And, it is particularly interesting to note that scientists are just as susceptible to such cults as nonscientists. (Dr. Philip Stott)


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