Who Let the Heat Out!

Climategate is a sordid tale of elitist academic gurus of anti-Americanism who have been stealing from the public purse for years to bankroll a pack of lies.

And, they have been exposed. Deliberate misrepresentations and omissions of facts with a clear intention to deceive the public can only mean one thing: we’ve all been victims of a sting.

We see criminal fraud and collusion by those who have taken public money, violated the public trust and breached every covenant of good faith. The global warming alarmists have broken every ethical code, abandoned every aspect of morality, and sacrificed the principles of objectivity and the scientific method for 30 pieces of silver and their delusional dreams of liberal Utopianism.

Charlatans employed debunked methodologies to prey on a superstitious public’s fears and prejudices. The bell has been struck and all of the ringing has subsided. The rending of garments is over and the flesh no longer bleeds from all the thrashing and The King of global warming alarmism now lies exposed and naked.

It is obvious that all of the global warming fearmongering has been carried out with knowledge of its untruth and with a clear intention that it be acted upon by government. It was a sting.

Hopefully there will someday be some kind of reckoning for the malfeasance of all of those in the failed governmental-education complex. There must be accountability in this world for those that employ deception and who otherwise will simply continue to lie, misrepresent and deceive with impunity.

One thing is for sure: we must stop paying for schoolteachers to continue facilitating the global warming hoax and scare tactics. As a society we can no longer afford to pay government-funded science authoritarians to manufacture lies.

If society will close the pocketbooks everyone will see who the global warming fearmongers and alarmists are and the fringe groups they represent: Leftist and enviro-whackpot seekers of liberal Utopianism, haters of Americanism and Judeo/Christian traditions of Western culture, Heaven’s Gate cultists, snake-oil salesmen, simple semi-functioning nuts, little-man fascists and a host of neurotic and disordered personalities with delusions of grandeur about saving the world and eliminating anyone who disagrees with their monomaniacal ravings of doomsday.

Global warming: nominally, it’s the sun, stupid. C’est le vie.


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