Global Warming Propaganda Busted

Anyone who actually has researched the matter is not unaware that Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick is scientific fraud. The ‘hockey stick’ was a hoax; and, Al Gore’s use of it as a scare tactic is what changes the fraud and hoax to propaganda.

The GCMs of global warming alarmists cannot even ‘predict’ the past. All of the data of the AGW doomsday prophets is the product of collusion and fraud and all of the global warming that has occurred since the 70s is explained in its entirety by ENSO effects, solar activity and other natural causes. There is no warming to be explained by CO2. There is no more global warming anymore anyway — not since 1998 — Phil Jones of CRUgate fame admitted that. We’ve been in a period of global cooling since 2002.

Global warming is not a scientific hypothesis it is an academic and political work product paid for with public funds. Follow the money. The howling of the insult commie dog liberal fascists of the EPA and governmental-funded public education machine cannot hide the truth about what’s happening, now that the AGW hoax bubble has been busted:

There are people within that community who are maybe just shifting position a little and trying to put a bit of distance between themselves and the more advocacy-based scientists. Whether that leads to an eventual disowning of the hockey-stick graph itself  [which is a proven scientific fraud that has been used by the Leftist-libs to demonize America and capitalism] remains to be seen.

I think from this point on we will hear far less about scientific consensus from the climatology community and far more about uncertainty and dissenting views. This is not to say we have heard the end of global warming – there’s too much money floating around for people just to drop it. Climatology has had huge amounts of money flung at it while the big energy companies have investments in renewable technology based on farming enormous subsidies.

These financial pressures are key to distorting the debate about climate. The problem for many climatologists is that they cannot come out and say that global warming isn’t a problem anymore because so much of their funding depends upon it. This is also one of the problems that the IPCC has: the very people who can answer the question on the future direction of climate also depend on the answer to that being that `yes, it’s a problem’ to continue receiving funding. It is a difficult problem, and it is one that you get when you have government-funded science…” ~A.W. Montford on Spiked!/Wagathon


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