Before CRUgate was BSgate

As far back as July 2006 we were not just seeing the writing on the wall. Anyone who cared couldn’t help but notice what had become of AGW theory: It was like a chalk board squeak heard ‘round the world.

Then, in December 2009, came the foi2009.pdf disclosures known as CRUgate. True, true, global warming was nothing but a hoax and a scare tactic. UN-credible! Now the oceans are cooling. And still — we’re in the crosshairs of those who are practicing global warming Voodoo in public-funded classrooms.

Part of my problem with the whole process is, that it seems that the cleaner we make our energy generation capability… now we want to come up against an obstacle that nothing can come out of those pipes, we have already taken out the VOX, the NOX, the SOX, the POX, the TOX. Now it is the carbon dioxide and water that are coming out of those smokestacks that has to be stopped.” (Michael Burgess, Committee on Energy and Commerce, 109th Congress Hearings, Second Session, July 2006)

… Dr. Wegman’s analysis concludes that Dr. Mann’s work cannot support the claim that the 1990s were the warmest decade in the millennium… Now, Dr. North, in looking through his testimony which he is going to give… we have two distinguished individuals who are professionals in their fields indicating that it is not absolutely true that Dr. Mann is correct in his analysis and Dr. North went on to say even less confidence can be placed in the original conclusions by Dr. Mann… they have less confidence and they certainly have as much credibility on this matter as Dr. Mann, and I am just so sorry, so sorry that Dr. Mann is not showing up today, he is not showing up 27th. (Cliff Stearns, Committee on Energy and Commerce, 109th Congress Hearings, Second Session, July 2006)

… of climate scientists who almost always use the same data sets and review each other’s works. There is a contention that they would dismiss critics who had legitimate concerns, rarely used statistical experts for the data they used in their reports, and make it very difficult for reviewers to obtain background data and analysis. These revelations point to the lack of independent peer review and how it is practically impossible to replicate or verify Dr. Mann’s work by those not affiliated with the network of scientists… Could it be that this particular work violates the principles of the scientific method and should be dismissed until it meets the basic qualifications?” (Tammy Baldwin, Committee on Energy and Commerce, 109th Congress Hearings, Second Session, July 2006)

Let’s stop for a moment to put everything into perspective. Irrespective of all the possible sources of error endemic in the academic study of global warming – from posing the problem to be solved to the gathering and processing of information about it – there really is no crisis involved but one. The ONLY real danger is the damage to society that has and will result from the government’s use of such studies to manage a non-existent crisis.!/Wagathon


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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat.
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