Al Gore, MADMANN-IN-CHIEF of the Outhouse

15 year old highschooler Kristen Byrnes (“Ponder the Maunder”) knew he was a nutbag. She made it a class project to expose the fact that this King of the Left had no clothes.  

The iconic ‘hockey stick’ and its head fabricator – so fancied by Al Gore – have been broken. The snow-no-more Thermageddon prophesized by Al Gore never happened. Still, the Left fans the flames of global warming alarmisim to keep fears of doomsday alive… Shocker! Global warming alarmists followed Al Gore — pied piper of all climate porn merchants — into their self-defeating oblivion and now they’re pushing the climate porn on children in the classrooms.

Al’s message essentially is that if you live like him you will destroy the country. Sacré bleu!

The Medium is the Message: we no longer need weatherman to know which way the wind blows when we have a madman. The public is onto the global warming game; they know the bogus climate models lie like politicians and that all of the government-funded science authoritarians are nothing more than self-appointed gurus of mass delusion.

Still, government toadies and public schoolteachers of an out of order academia light candles to Saint Gore and ask for His divine guidance as Al and Michael continue to polish each others’ knobs and babble like psychotic Messiahs because that is what their Government-Education Complex makes them do. Al’s next documentary probably will feature African rhinos freezing from the cold of climate weirding. Remember the polar bears?

It is just silly to predict the demise of polar bears in 25 years based on media-assisted hysteria … Davis Strait is crawling with polar bears. It’s not safe to camp there. They’re fat. The mothers have cubs. The cubs are in good shape … That’s not theory. That’s not based on a model. That’s observation of reality. (Dr. Mitchell Taylor)

Meanwhile, the oceans continue to cool and there is no end to the cooling in sight. That is according to Dr. Spencer.

And, Dr. Pielke, Senior notes that in a period when the oceans are cooling there is no global warming. Phil Jones of CRUgate infamy admitted that much. Jones said there has been no significant global warming since 1995.

No surprise: we have raw data for a lot of places — data that has not been manipulated by feckless ideologues — that shows no global warming for 100 years (e.g., putting the corruption and manipulation of land-based temperature data aside, the raw data for New Zealand and France, just for for examples, shows no global warming over the last 100 years).

Dr. Kevin Trenberth cannot bring himself to admit the truth but he does concede that we can’t find the warming. Of course, it’s a travesty that Trenberth can’t prove humans are causing global warming but instead demands that America prove it isn’t causing global warming–turning science and nature on its head.

This, of course, is why the boffins of Japan liken the climatology of Gore, Mann, Trenberth, and all of the UN-approved government scientists to the study of ancient astrology. For them reality simply fails to dampen superstition and ignorance or their desires to take advantage of the fears of others.

All the while, schoolteachers across America are murdering the scientific method in the secular, socialist dropout factories across America and failing to take responsibility for the delusions that thay have sown. But, this is how a hoax dies. Real scientists understand that we have satellite data. We know the oceans have been in a cooling trend.

A society that pays schoolteachers to preach climate porn instead of truth to its children should fail. And, meanwhile, the Earth may experience continued global cooling for decades to come.

Nature will have the last say not schoolteachers. Meanwhile, both China and Japan are buying coal.

Both China and Japan are expanding their nuclear power capacity while Western civilization is going into debt and America is printing the heads of dead presidents on pieces of paper and paying cash for clunkers as real people look for solutions to real problems and are expected to pick up the tab for all of the political and cultural weirding.

It is the votes of the productive that should be important not votes of all of those who live off of the hard work, sweat, blood and voluntary sacrifice that the productive devote to the task of bringing value to society. To think otherwise only gives wings to the ideology of liberal fascism and the tyranny of a Leftist majority and that is how a society dies.

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