Global Warming a Whopping No-Show Since 1940

Even Phil Jones of CRUgate was forced to admit that there has been no significant global warming since 1995. Then, after all of the shenanigans involving data corruption and data gone missing, the global warming house of cards collapsed in the UK.

We then learned that the raw data for New Zealand had been manipulated; and, NASA’s data is the next CRUgate: satellite data shows that all of the land-based data is corrupted by the Urban Heat Island effect.

Manipulation of the data is so bad that the recent discovery concerning the raw data from a weather station in the Antarctic where the temperature readings were changed from minus to plus signs to show global warming almost comes as no surprise.

And then, there was a peer-reviewed study showing the ‘tarmac effect’ of land-based data in France where only thermometers at airports–in the winter–showed any warming over the last 50 years. Since then, the problem of data corruption due to continual snow removal during the winter at airports where thermometers are located–while all of the surrounding countryside is blanketed in snow–has been shown to extend far beyond the example in France (e.g., Russia, Alaska).

In reality, there essentially has been no significant global warming in the US since the 1940s. The only warming that can be ferreted out of the temperature records is in the coldest and most inhospitable regions on Earth, such as in the dry air of the Arctic or Siberia where going from a -50 °C to a -40 °C at one small spot on the globe is extrapolated across tens of thousands of miles and then branded as global warming.

Warming before 1940 accounts for 70% of the warming that took place after the Little Ice Age ended in 1850. However, only 15% greenhouse gases that global warming alarmists ascribe to human emissions came before 1940. Obviously, the cause of global warming both before and after 1940 is the same: solar activity during that period was inordinately high. It’s the sun, stupid. Now we are in a period where the sun is anomalously quiet; and, now we are in a period of global cooling and have been for almost a decade.

And what about the measurement of atmospheric CO2? We learned that the CO2 readings are based on measurements taken on the site of an active volcano (Mauna Loa) and have been completely fabricated out of whole cloth by a father and son team who have turned data manipulation into a cottage industry for years. (e.g., “Time to Revisit Falsified Science of CO2.” by Dr. Timothy Ball)

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