Global Warming Vaporware and the Perpetual Motion Machine

Something that has been happening on Earth for billions of years is by definition, reality. And we have a word of it: Nature.

For the last couple of decades, a relatively few number of Western scientists have created a fictional world based on global climate models (GCMs) that defy reality. They call it the greenhouse effect that they claim is the physical basis for their claim that CO2 emissions are causing the climate to change.

Impending and out-of-control global warming is the Vaporware that the Left has been selling: the heat has been predicted using GCMs and the problems that the heat will cause has pretty much been described to be anything and everything bad that anyone in a Ph.D program is capable of imagining and Nobel prizes have been given for that.

Moreover the plans to eliminate the problem have been announced and the consensus of opinion about these plans is that they are great. But, they’re all called vaporware because global warming has been exposed as a hoax — all of the fear about human activity causing the globe to overheat has been nothing but hot air — and yet the government’s plans and programs to deal with what we now see is a nonexistent problem are never officially cancelled.

And yet a big actor in the Earthly drama we call weather and climate is vapor — water vapor: oceans of it! The energy of the sun falls on the oceans and lakes. This causes evaporation and the result of that is water vapor.  

The water vapor mops up heat. As the vapor rises it leaves a cooler Earth behind. The water vapor rises and as it does the atmosphere becomes cooler and thinner and the water vapor eventually condenses. As it condenses the water vapor gives up its heat to the cold emptiness of space as the vapor returns to water and forms clouds or freezes and ultimately falls back to earth as rain, sleet, hail and snow.

The global warming alarmists cannot change this process. They can however program GCMs so as to depict runaway global warming by treating water vapor as a contributor to global warming—i.e., a positive feedback as if it collects heat like a greenhouse. In actuality, of course, water vapor is a part of a holistic process that results in a negative feedback because the amount of solar energy that is reflected away by clouds during the day more than offsets the suppression by clouds of cooling during the night.

The secular, socialist Western academics’ greenhouse gas theory is based on conclusions about reality that contradict the basic laws of thermodynamics and do not correspond to observational evidence. The work of Gerlich and Tscheuschner clearly shows us that to believe as the global warming alarmists do is to believe that the Earth’s atmosphere acts like a perpetual motion machine.

In other words, the greenhouse models are all based on simplistic pictures of radiative transfer and their obscure relation to thermodynamics, disregarding the other forms of heat transfer such as thermal conductivity, convection, latent heat exchange et cetera. Some of these simplistic descriptions define a “Perpetuum Mobile Of The 2nd Kind” and are therefore inadmissible as a physical concept. In the speculative discussion around the existence of an atmospheric natural greenhouse effect or the existence of an atmospheric CO2 greenhouse effect it is sometimes stated that the greenhouse effect could modify the temperature profile of the Earth’s atmosphere. This conjecture is related to another popular but incorrect idea communicated by some proponents of the global warming hypothesis, namely the hypothesis that the temperatures of the Venus are due to a greenhouse effect. For instance, in their book “Der Klimawandel. Diagnose, Prognose, Therapie” (Climate Change. Diagnosis, Prognosis, Therapy) “two leading international experts”, Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf, present a “compact and understandable review” of “climate change” to the general public. On page 32 they explicitly refer to the “power” of the “greenhouse effect” on the Venus. The claim of Rahmstorf and Schellhuber is that the high venusian surface temperatures somewhere between 400 and 500 Celsius degrees are due to an atmospheric CO2 greenhouse effect. Of course, they are not. On the one hand, since the venusian atmosphere is opaque to visible light, the central assumption of the greenhouse hypotheses is not obeyed.

On the other hand, if one compares the temperature and pressure profiles of Venus and Earth, one immediately will see that they are both very similar. An important difference is the atmospheric pressure on the ground, which is approximately two orders higher than on the Earth. At 50 km altitude the venusian atmospheric pressure corresponds to the normal pressure on the Earth with temperatures at approximately 37 Celsius degrees. However, things are extremely complex (volcanic activities, clouds of sulfuric acid), such that we do not go in details here. (Gerlich and Tscheuschner, On The Barometric Formulas…)

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