Schoolteachers Expect Us to Take Their Little ‘Red’ Pills Forever

Fearful Western schoolteachers will rescue humanity from Global Warming, True or False?

It’s really quite easy to expose the hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of the government-funded schoolteachers of Climatism. For the longest while they took convenient advantage of the privileges of academia to avoid scrutiny — we have come to expect that from those in government. And, so it is disappointing but nonetheless true that schoolteachers and their Leftist comrades – Climatism followers (Lenin’s liars) — hid facts made up data, abused science lied to the public and breached every fiduciary duty, presumption and expectation of good faith in the process. All the while these Climatists blithely demanded of us all that we trust them, keep quiet, abuse others if they didn’t keep quiet and above all, keep taking their little ‘red’ pills because they know what’s good for us.

The time has come to put on ignore all of these science authoritarians who continue to make a mockery of the scientific method and morality and who engage in blackballing the truth. They all are lost to reason but we are not. They do not want to hear what nature has to say but we have to live in reality. They cannot defend their beliefs and behavior and lifetime employment at our expense and seek only to excuse in their own minds their inability to make a worthwhile contribution to society and to justify their existence. We simply do not have the luxury to think like they think or no one will eat.

The Climatists kicked Christ out of the classrooms and turned the public schools into dropout factories. The Climatists created a culture of dependence and a lack of respect for truth, morality and personal responsibility. Pushing their climate porn on schoolchildren is a demonstration of their total lack of honor. The secular, socialist Western academics of Climatism have for too long been getting away with voting ‘No’ and blackballing anyone who dares to stand up for maintaining the integrity of the scientific method and Judeo-Christian values.

It may be too late for the ‘eggshell’ generation. They are the product of a dysfunctional government-education industry gone wierd. Truth is, forty years of the Left’s tearing the culture down and substituting its liberal Utopianism has torn apart the futures of many. Expectations for a free ride and a free lunch for life have been cracked.

The real world is now saying that it is time to ramp it down. Dead and dying Europe will soon have both feet in the grave. Hopefully, the weather does not throw us a curve too because there is not much we can do about it. The Left coast has already sunk: San Diego is buried in debt, Los Angeles is morally broken, Frisco can never get high enough and all the rest of California is busted Greek.

We are witness to a classic example of Marshall McLuhan’s the Medium is the Message: Climatism is about how superstitious we all are. The Left can never take back what it has done to Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones and all of the other victims of the Left’s liberal fascism. Mr. Smith went to Washington to fight the science authoritarians, to save lives. How many lives has the Left saved by saying NO to truth and NO, NO, NO to capitalism? How much misery, poverty and death has the Left caused by sacrificing individual liberty on the altar of the blindingly self-defeatist Climatism of Leftist ideology?

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