Lies, Damn Lies and the EPA

Every hoax runs the same course. At the beginning, if you can’t get blackballed you’re one of the liars (i.e., in the case of global warming, one of Lenin’s useful idiots). That’s how it works: you cast your vote by how you treat skeptics. You can’t change how you voted and you can’t take it back—when you support the hoax you become the hoax: the Medium is the Message—live a lie: be a lie.

Science authoritarians make a mockery of truth, science and morality. Because of Government-funding a consensus of academics who are lost to reason have been created. They do not want to hear about anything that is contrary to a host of beliefs that they are no longer able to defend. It is now impossible for any of them to face the fact that nothing they have done has made a worthwhile contribution to society.

And, that is what the EPA is doing in putting its support behind global warming alarmism–empowering overreaching Leftists to take full advantage of credulous and thoughtless dimwits. The EPA is hiding the truth, hiding the decline, hiding the immorality and the harm to the public and to the culture and to all the kids in the dropout factories whose futures are being wiped out.

We now see that in its current state of development the only real purpose of compulsory public education is for the purposes of state propaganda. A compliant disarmed public is being kept in a perpetual state of fear and dependency by government as tenured and unaccountable academia is sticking a knife in the back of America. Western civilization has seen this before and fixed during the life of the skeptic who was reviled for noticing the corruption of academic bureaucracy.

Now what in the world has such a philosophy [i.e. Schopenhauer’s] to do with that alma mater, the good, substantial university philosophy, which, burdened with a hundred intentions and a thousand considerations, proceeds on its course cautiously tacking, since at all times it has before its eyes the fear of the Lord, the will of the publisher, the encouragement of students, the goodwill of colleagues, the course of current politics, the momentary tendency of the public, and Heaven knows what else? Or what has my silent and serious search for truth in common with the yelling school disputations of the chairs and benches, whose most secret motives are always personal aims?” ~Arthur Schopenhauer (the Professors of Philosophy)

We’ve seen the consequences in all walks of life. Let’s consider, for example, the lesson in morality given us by the ill-fated flight of Delta 191, “a story about how a ‘consensus’ blocked scientific progress and cost 137 lives 25 years ago this evening.” ~Mike Smith, atmospheric scientist and Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (see,

What we see above is a lesson to us all about the overreaching immorality of the consensus: what they did above is what the EPA and global warming alarmists are doing. What they say later to justify what they have done is evidence of the total lack of honor demonstrated by the secular, socialist Western academics who have been voting ‘No’ on the productive in America.

And, it is too late to hide that truth. In a now classic example of Marshall McLuhan’s the “Medium is the Message,” the EPA and the global warming alarmists can never take back what they have done. To those who have invested their blood, sweat and capital to bringing value to society — to save and enrich lives and to fight against the ignorance of government-funded science authoritarians — the Left is saying ‘No’ to truth, ‘No’ to capitalism and ‘No, No, No’ to individual liberty, economic freedom and personal responsibility.

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