Weak solar convection – approximately 100 times slower than scientists had previously projected

This shakes us Earthlings to our core…literally. Whether or not we fully understand all of the reasons for it there is one thing about which reasonable people can all be certain: we know the independent variable that is the cause of global warming and cooling. Nominally, it’s the Sun, stupid.

Watts Up With That?

From New York University:  Researchers create ‘MRI’ of the sun’s interior motions

A team of scientists has created an “MRI” of the Sun’s interior plasma motions, shedding light on how it transfers heat from its deep interior to its surface. The result, which appears in the journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, upends our understanding of how heat is transported outwards by the Sun and challenges existing explanations of the formation of sunspots and magnetic field generation.

The Sun’s heat, generated by nuclear fusion in its core, is transported to the surface by convection in the outer third. However, our understanding of this process is largely theoretical—the Sun is opaque, so convection cannot be directly observed. As a result, theories largely rest on what we know about fluid flow and then applying them to the Sun, which is primarily composed of hydrogen, helium, and plasma. 

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