The Climatists of Academia in the 21st Century

Even as an attack dog ad hominem war is waged on scientific skeptics the climatists of academia are busy changing the game again. You now see the schoolmarms of climatism whistling past the graveyard of past AGW doomsday prognostications. The new meme is more rational sounding, kinder and gentler propagandists. The new vision eschews images of polar bears falling from the sky but still leaves room for finger-pointing at every weather-related disaster that comes along.

The Climatists now admit we need new rules but by that they do not mean we need to limit government funding of climatism. The AGW True Believers of the new climatism want more not less government. The new and improved Climatists are what we will need if we ever expect to prevent future abuse like the ‘hockey stick’ science of the 20th century as put forth by pseudo-scientists like Mann and his merry band of sycophants.

It seems impossible but the Western civilization that was anxious about the next ice age before falling prey to fears of runaway global warming is the same civilization that is in a fast swirl circling a global debt trap and now feels it has something vitally important to share with the rest of the world. Since only Western civilization fears global warming this is where open-minded Western pharaohs of truth must arise to chow down filing cabinets full of crapulent global warming junk science and belch out a new order of government bureaucrat that is not a reflexive climate warmmonger with a PhD or a hack politician with a DVD.

Since we are dealing with academia we have high standards here. This is what the job requires: learned and considered mavens of nature who are blessed with an instinctive understanding all things under the stars without having to resort to the scientific method with all of its shortcomings uncertainties. And, sure there is still a place for the UN and the IPCC too.

As Philip Stott observed, “global warming has become the grand political narrative of the age, replacing Marxism as a dominant force for controlling liberty and human choices.” What you must now believe is once we get rid of the climate charlatans we can then get rid of all those pesky non-science troublemakers like statisticians and untrusting bloggers and then we can get down to some real science—not junk science—but, real government-approved science.

We need science that is safe for public consumption; science that is more conducive to accomplishing the common goal of kicking down the thermostat on a planet that is melting under our feet due to the fires of runaway capitalism and out-of-control free enterprise. It is the government’s right to tax the key factor of production: energy. That will bring in all of the revenue government needs to begin anew our search for the perfect climate and do they know how to spend it.If we care about the planet we should really get behind the idea of a government climate czar with supra-constitutional powers — perhaps being appointed for life like a tenured professor – so as to avoid bias. It should not be that hard to find someone we all can trust–i.e., someone who understands the nature of all things and who has a deep love of truth and science and who will use his or her unlimited powers to do the right thing for the good of all.

Why didn’t anyone ever think of this before? I nominate George Bush because he alone prevented Al Gore from selling America down the river Kyoto for pennies on the dollar.

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