Holistic Heretics of Metaworld Warming

The climatists of global warming know something about us. We might not like to admit it about ourselves but the climatists conspired and colluded against the productive that provide the plenty that we all enjoy and they knew we would not hold them accountabable for their actions.

What is the matter with us? We should by now know them for their declaration of war against capitalism as the same folks that have done all they could do to undermine the morals, traditions and ethics of Americanism — Climatism is a jihad on Western society that is being waged by the liberals of Leftist ideology.

And, it no longer matters what skeptics say but what others do. Obviously, more ‘heretics’ of the new Western Warmanist faith are needed. The deceived must stop worshipping the golden calves of the Left. It will require a lot more of us to stand with the productive if we are to prevent America from slip-sliding down the dead-end road to Old Europe.

Lacking any actual science-based reasoning the True Believers of global warming have been forced to argue against a holistic view of the world. Being anti-holistic, however, doesn’t come across well to the scientifically illiterate hippies that flesh out the membership of the climatism movement. To buy into the AGW model-makers’ hooey about the Earth having a fever you also must believe that nature is totally flummoxed about what to do with man’s CO2. The model-makers of climatism created their own ‘reality’ which is a metaworld where man’s CO2 produces enhanced greenhouse effects that raise Earth’s average temperature with disastrous consequences for all living things.

A big part of climatists’ beliefs is that man or his CO2 must be abated. Climatists have an abiding conviction that long-term climate forecasting is even possible. That climate prediction is possible using mathematical models is sort of funny because most of those who share these convictions are really bad at math.

To join the ranks of the climatists you must first abandon completely the principles of the scientific method. You must then become a true believer in reductionism which is another way of saying you can forget about looking at things holistically. To understand the nature of something it’s all in the numbers for the climatists. Reductionism is believing we can get the whole picture by just looking at the parts of something. That is what Western academia did and voilà they helped create the Left’s Frankenstein global warming monster that we now call climate change.

The real beauty about reductionism is that it is great way to wrap your mind around something. The only real problem is that it isn’t real: nature doesn’t work that way—it does not work by man’s numbers. You can believe all you want that it isn’t so but academic-level mathematics simply cannot replace the God-factor; and, any of us can know why even genius-level mathematics also is not going to help much.

When it comes to understanding nature, thinking holistically is not just a smart thing to do it is what we must do — it’s the best we can do: the mind is a product of nature and it works by algorithms that mathematicians have never even thought of yet and might never fully understand or replicate. We need to open our minds and use all we’ve got to understand nature. Following the pigeon-hole logic of reductionism is the dumbest thing we could ever do. But, that is exactly what climatists do.

We are immediately lost to science if we follow the Left down their reductionists’ road to climate prediction because down that road we also must believe that the Earth actually has an average temperature. Temperature is what is known in science as an intensive variable. Simply put, the average of an intensive variable has no meaning. Just imagine taking an average of all telephone numbers in NY to understand what the concept, ‘NO MEANING’ actually means.

But, once you are on the reductionists’ dead-end road to nowhere it’s hard to get off the bandwagon. Unfortunately, the convinced model-makers of climatism who have been beating the drums are so dedicated to the concept of an average global temperature that they no longer even care if their models are tested and fail in every possible way: regionally, seasonally, temporally and historically.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for most of us to imagine how the True Believers of this New Age Climatism religion can indulge in the fiction that mathematical models with no demonstrable predictive ability whatsoever are actually very reliable at predicting our long-term futures. Such belief is a form of societal insanity that attacks our ability to reason. A society is sick to fall for it and can only get sicker believing global warming is Made in America and that America must be stopped to save the world.

What can we do to combat this type of sickness? Realizing how misguided reductionist reasoning is will be the first step. We need to follow a holistic approach to understanding nature and all of the sickness around us that saps our strength and blunts our will to overcome superstition and ignorance. If we are to avoid the flu of climatism that Western academia has sneezed in our faces we must start using our own heads and realize the EPA and a government too big to fail has become an enemy of the people.

There is no debate about whether mathematics is necessary in science. Mathematics is useful in helping us understand nature. Understanding climate change is not a matter of instinct. Science is not a matter of how we might feel about something. We can use mathematics to demonstrate why climatism’s fear of humanity and industrial man is really climatism’s detour to helplessness. For example, the mathematics of McShane and Wyner should be thought of as the chalkboard squeak heard ’round the world: M&S’ paper did not simply debunk MBH98/99/08 (aka, the ‘hockey stick’ graph). That’s been done many times by many others. M&S’ greatest contribution is as an inspiration to a new generation of scientist and statistician to examine the pseudo science of Western academia and to pick up the chalk and start outlining the dead bodies upon which the failed ideology of the Left lies.

Honesty in academia has been an epic fail and a love of honesty is STEP No. 1 in the scientific method. Because of the high degree of anti-science that we have seen in America and in the bureaucracies of government and in the media and most especially in the halls of the government-education complex it is useful to take a step back for a skeptics’ moment and practice being an observer of global warming as an example of a pathological science gone mainstream and have the courage to be honest about our limitations.

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