Climatologists Playing Children’s Games to Scare Each Other

Take Western academia out of the equation and global warming is a big zero, e.g.,

“The historic evidence of the natural cycle includes the 5000-year record of Nile floods, 1st-century Roman wine production in Britain, and thousands of museum paintings that portrayed sunnier skies during the Medieval Warming and more cloudiness during the Little Ice Age. The physical evidence comes from oxygen isotopes, beryllium ions, tiny sea and pollen fossils, and ancient tree rings. The evidence recovered from ice cores, sea and lake sediments, cave stalagmites and glaciers has been analyzed by electron microscopes, satellite, and computers. Temperatures during the Medieval Warming Period on California’s Whitewing Mountain… 3.2 degrees warmer than today.” (PRNewswire)

Blaming various storms on America’s CO2 is just Leftists spitting in the wind. It is such whacko prognostications that should make every scientist very skeptical of the good intentions of global warming alarmists. We all should know enough by now to question the good will of the government science authoritarians. Everyone understands by now that the superstition, ignorance and the self-defeating nihilism of radical environmentalism has done a lot more harm to the American economy than deprive the GM of the ability to compete against Germany’s VW with its sporty little Corvair.

Let’s face it: America’s Left is economically unsafe at any speed and we all should be good and sick of secular, socialist academia’s facilitation of the Democrat party’s Leftist politics of fear.

As Reid Bryson (founding chairman of the Department of Meteorology at the University of Wisconsin) famously quipped concerning the effect of CO2 on global temperatures: You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide. It’s irrelevant as to why temperature goes up. Reid says, Of course it’s going up. It has gone up since the early 1800s, before the Industrial Revolution, because we’re coming out of the Little Ice Age, not because we’re putting more carbon dioxide into the air.

Carbon dioxide is 0.000383 of our atmosphere by volume (0.038 percent), according to meteorologist Joseph D’Alea (the former chief of the American Meteorological Society’s Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecast). He says that just, 2.75 percent of atmospheric CO2 is anthropogenic in origin. The amount we emit is said to be up from 1 percent a decade ago. Despite the increase in emissions, the rate of change of atmospheric carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa remains the same as the long term average (plus 0.45 percent per year), and that, [w]e are responsible for just 0.001 percent of this atmosphere. If the atmosphere was a 100-story building, our anthropogenic CO2 contribution today would be equivalent to the linoleum on the first floor.”

Are scientists promoting a belief about climate change being man-made to deceive us? Or, is Lubos Motl (former Harvard physicist) correct when he that they are about “playing the children’s game to scare each other.”

At this point in the warming hoax it brings no virtue or righteousness to science to point out errors. No one cares because global warming stopped being about science a long time ago. It’s all about politics and being a skeptic is the last service an honest man can do for science. All we can do now is correct the politics and even that gives little comfort because academia has lost all pretenses to scholarship.

And others are there who go along heavily and creakingly, like carts taking stones downhill: they talk much of dignity and virtue–their drag they call virtue!

 And others are there who are like eight-day clocks when wound up; they tick, and want people to call ticking–virtue.

 Verily, in those have I mine amusement: wherever I find such clocks I shall wind them up with my mockery, and they shall even whirr thereby!

 And others are proud of their modicum of righteousness, and for the sake of it do violence to all things: so that the world is drowned in their unrighteousness.

 Ah! how ineptly cometh the word “virtue” out of their mouth! And when they say: “I am just,” it always soundeth like: “I am just–revenged!”

 With their virtues they want to scratch out the eyes of their enemies; and they elevate themselves only that they may lower others.

     ~Nietzsche (Zarathustra)

Nothing is more harmful to the quality of thinking than raising the infusion of superstition and ignorance from a drip to a flow. The scientific method has a purpose–i.e., helping to discern truth from superstitious, irrational and fear-based notions, magical thinking, ignorance, blind faith, feckless speculations, the statistics of liars and the scientific explanations of charlatans. Beliefs that have no scientific proof should be rejected.

That is how we know AGW True Believers are not really scientists at all, by any definition. Easily accessible knowledge that the null hypothesis of AGW has never been rejected will forever be an unacknowledged fact to all global warming alarmists. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to expect that the typical AGW True Believer will admit any fact that contradicts their ideologically-motivated preconceptions. Leftists global warming fearmongers are on the level of ‘meta-ignorance’ of all unconscious incompetents who refuse to even consider the possibility of error, as follows:

Walker et al. (2003) categorize the following different levels of ignorance. Total ignorance implies a deep level of uncertainty, to the extent that we do not even know that we do not know. Recognized ignorance refers to fundamental uncertainty in the mechanisms being studied and a weak scientific basis for developing scenarios. Reducible ignorance may be resolved by conducting further research, whereas irreducible ignorance implies that research cannot improve knowledge (e.g. what happened prior to the big bang). Bammer and Smithson (2008) further distinguish between conscious ignorance, where we know we don’t know what we don’t know, versus unacknowledged or meta-ignorance where we don’t even consider the possibility of error. ~J. Curry

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