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Is the Assumption of Global Warming Alarmist Carpetbaggers

AGW theory is not hard to understand—i.e., it is a desperate conjecture that skips right over science from speculation to fact that America’s emission of the mother of all gases — carbon dioxide – is causing the entire globe to warm with disastrous consequences for all life on Earth. The null hypothesis of AGW theory is not hard to understand either. Has the Earth not warmed before? For example, has 20th Century warming really been quantitatively different than has ever happened on Earth before the age of industrialization?

Fortunately, scientists CAN construct testable hypotheses to cut through all the blather. That is what the scientific method is all about. The fact is that the ‘null hypothesis’ of global warming has never been rejected: That natural climate variability can explain everything we see in the climate system. (Dr. Roy Spencer)

All the rest is dogma! Anti-science liberal-Leftist hogwash! Global warming True Believers and alarmist Western scientists and politicians may come and go but all of them say and believe incredibly ignorant and superstitious things that are designed to intimidate nonscientists with a sense of urgency.

But, the scientific method does not lie and isn’t superstitious. Smart and honorable people rely on the scientific method, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to discern good from bad ideas, to winnow-out what’s important or not, and to know if you are listening to superstitious cranks and simple tellers of tales or being deceived by the egregious lies of forked-tongued psychopaths.

The Left’s abdication of the scientific method is the reason why non-Westerners have likened modern climatology to the ancient science of Astrology. Western climatologists must totally ignore solar activity, the key independent variable in all climate change. The Left ignores myriad other factors too: ENSO and other natural cycles, water vapor and clouds, air pressure, winds, cosmic ray intensity. Helping us understand what amounts to purposeful ignorance in the face of easily observable phenomena Dr. Tim Ball observed, as follows:

The analogy that I use is that my car is not running that well, so I’m going to ignore the engine (which is the sun) and I’m going to ignore the transmission (which is the water vapor) and I’m going to look at one nut on the right rear wheel (which is the human-produced CO2) … the science is that bad!

Let’s look at our most recent past. For 150 years cosmic radiation was decreasing and that caused global warming. During the time the Earth was warming there was a 9 percent decrease in cosmic ray intensity. Why? Nominally, it’s the Sun, stupid. It was the continuous increase in solar activity over the last 150 years that shielded the Earth from cosmic rays.

An active Sun caused the decrease in cosmic ray intensity. A more active Sun meant fewer cloud-causing charged particles. This relationship that cosmic rays cause clouds is real: it isn’t a theory at all—it has been demonstrated in controlled scientific experiments in laboratories right here on Earth.

Let’s follow the logic. Less cosmic ray intensity results in less cloud cover. Less cloud cover reduces the Earth’s albedo. The effect of that is less solar radiation being reflected away back into the space and that is what causes the temperature of the Earth’s surface to rise. Consequently, more heat is stored in the oceans, the rivers and lakes and in clays below the Earth’s surface.

What happens to that stored heat? Eventually all of the stored heat is given back to the atmosphere when the climate changes and swings back to a global cooling trend. And, that is the trend we have now. The Sun has been anomalously quiet for a while now. With a less active Sun there has been an increase in cosmic radiation, causing more low clouds, leading to an increase in the Earth’s albedo, and that is reflecting away of more solar radiation. Consequently, the oceans are now giving up their heat; and, the oceans have been cooling for more than a decade.

The only real global warming problem we have now is the army of government-funded academics who have erected a Tower of Babel to make war on capitalism and the free enterprise system. These self-important gurus of climatism seek political and commercial advantage over society by praising one-another, looting our earnings and hooting-down everyone that sees through their science fiction. These uni-dimensional junk science professors are confident in their intellectual abilities to continue getting away with indulging in their idle speculations and spreading their flapdoodle about things that have proven to be untrue; and, they demand that we appoint them as elites to rule over the rest of us despite a complete absence of supporting evidence for their many predictions that have been falsified by real-world observations. Anytime now is a good time to begin the overdue job of cleaning out the global warming alarmism temple of absurdity that has taken over Western academia.


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