No Debate — The Left Owns the Global Warming Energy Crunch

If words are to have any meaning we must agree there isn’t really a “global warming debate” at all.

We are well past that. Coal-fired electric power plants today produce more than 50% of the electricity in the U.S. at a relatively low cost and that provides a lot of room for a healthy increase of revenue enhancements to the Government. After coal, nuclear (20%), oil and natural gas (21%), and hydroelectric (7%) provide all but 2% of the remaining production of electrical energy.

There is no debate about whether these plants will be closed because if they were all of the current government taxes on energy would stop rolling in. And the government knows that you will pay whatever energy costs may be even if taxes go up; it takes energy to live and there is no debate about that either.

There also is no debate as far as the Left is concerned about many other things having to do with energy production. For example, there will never be another dam or nuclear power plant or more drilling. America is pretty well broken down politically after having been severely wounded by corruption of traditional morals and customs and even the basic principles of Americana—e.g., respect for individual liberty, self-determination, personal responsibility, property of others—even the lives of unborn infants. The Golden Goose and Golden Rule are cooked.

After the Morality Crunch now comes the ENERGY CRUNCH and there’s no debate about that. The only thing that is up for debate is how many additional business-hating liberals and Leftists must the productive haul on their backs as they trudge up and down the mine shafts.

All the rest is simply words that have absolutely no meaning with the only victors being 3 billion capitalists in China, India and Brazil. There is no debate–that would be absurd:

Scientifically it is sheer absurdity to think we can get a nice climate by turning a CO2 adjustment knob. Many confuse environmental protection with climate protection. it’s impossible to protect the climate, but we can protect the environment and our drinking water. On the debate concerning alternative energies, which is sensible, it is often driven by the irrational climate debate. One has nothing to do with the other. (Meteorologist Klaus-Eckard Puls, translated by P Gosselin: The Belief That CO2 Can Regulate Climate Is “Sheer Absurdity” Says Prominent German Meteorologist)

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