Too Much Government Is All You Need

Why are CO2 emissions in the US at a 20 year low?

It may not be politically correct to mention the reason. But, the reason is totally obvious: the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

We are using less energy because America is on a fastrack to the cash-for-clunkers socio-economics of Greece, Old Europe and one-party California beaten pink and blue by secular socialism and liberal Utopian dogma. And, the government is borrowing and burning dollars before the Tea Party can come in to put out the fire.

Reduced CO2 means reduced energy use. That means a moribund economy. That means a reduced standard of living. That leads to a bigger and bigger Democrat party voting block that looks only to Government to feed it. Moreover, the country has a growing army of government retirees who thank their unions not taxpayers for their fat pensions.

You cannot tell the truth about these matters or you will be criticized—maybe get banned here and there. It is today’s reality that no one can stand up against the fraud and corruption of the socio-economic system without twisting noses and getting blackballed or libeled by the Leftist government bureaucrats and the liberal media. And of course all of the public schoolteachers will tell you to get help.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. But, all of the lessons of the past have been forsaken and the teachers of the present are godawful. Dostoevsky probably said it best: “The West has lost Christ and that is why it is dying; that is the only reason.”

Peek behind the thought process of the AGW true believers and sufferers of Hot World Syndrome and we see nothing but immature and naïve minds at work: they begin as simple machinists, albeit working poorly with equipment that they do fully understand—i.e., mathematics, logic, and statistics. They are never interested in learning from the past or from the actual experience of others using the proper tools to solve real problems. Instead, they want to be instant experts and spend all of their time on somone else’s dime dispensing remedies they like to cure problems that do not exist.

And, how have these AGW true believers progressed over the last twenty years of global warming alarmism? They all are mystics now—diviners—lacking any sort of skepticism or objectivity. To them, the scientific method is essentially a big falsehood. Their reality is outside traditional science—i.e., not really of THIS world at all—but, of some OTHER world where their view of things is completely “natural.”

AGW true believers no longer are capable of separating truth from fiction. Nor do they even care. What’s worse is they’ve all gone down the dark course of embracing all of the ambiguity and mystery of a contradictory mind that delights only in sowing fear.

It will never be the natural disposition of these AGW true believers to offer people hope of a life based on individual liberty, personal health, happiness, property and wealth; there is a disconnect: they see no value in overcoming fear and superstition with hard work, sacrifice and the power of knowledge.

The anti-humanism of the AGW movement is that they would wish upon all of humanity a kind of cribbed existence as slaves to climatism’s self-defeating vision of the future. Invention, self-actualization, being pioneers of transcendent experience by breaking down barriers to understanding of the world around us—dreams of a brighter future—all are anathema to the global warming Armageddonists.


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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat.
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