Does the Left Hate Our Way of Life?

Time to refocus the climate debate: the Left hates what America stands for.

Global warming alarmism is not just The Founders had your back. That’s all over now.

We are afraid to face the truth. And, it is more than just dancing around schoolteachers’ obvious self-interest in promoting global warming alarmism as another means of taxing all goods and services that require energy to provide.

No one seriously believes humanity can do anything to control climate in the future anymore than we can control today’s weather. No one is really interested in policies to address problems perceived looming 100 years out when the Democrats that control the Senate have not produced a budget in three years and the Democrats that run the State of California are driving the world’s ninth largest economy into bankruptcy, today!

Let’s get real: the Left’s hatred of George Bush is code for hatred of Americanism. Bush-blame is simply saying, ‘Al Gore should have been president.’ Today’s president is named Barack and not Barry for one reason only: back when President Obama was just Student Obama he learned something that we all should learn: that being un-American provides more benefits in the world of government and academia than standing up for America with your whole heart.

The fix by the secular, socialists of the Left for everything evil in the world is nothing more than another ‘sin tax’ on Americans. A tobacco-tax on oil, coal, gas, whatever… that is what’s really happening when we are being harangued about climate change: we’re simply being told another tax must be paid for the government’s permission to do business. And, that is the very sort of liberal fascism that the Founders sought to prevent.

What we are seeing is the Left’s idea of business. Revenue is not something a business generates by providing a willing public a good or service that people voluntarily buy with their own money. To the Left,  revenue is money extorted from the economy–by the government,  and for the government—the people be damned.

It is not just a political issue. It’s a moral issue. The schoolteachers that peddle climate porn in the nations’ classrooms are lying about their underlying motives and don’t know shit from shinola about global warming or what it takes to earn a living in the real world. Adam ‘n’ Eve it (believe it)!

Does the Left really believe in sustainability?  How about a sustainable economy where the productive do not have to apologize for succeeding at providing value to society?

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