Is Robin Hood Shooting the People in the Back?

Having only the dollar as the world’s gold standard currency is a duel-edged sword for retiring Americans.

The Euro is a dead–as close to the graveyard as dead and dying Old Europe–so, that leaves the dollar. But that means there’s no alternative to holding dollars when threatened by runaway inflation at home.

To the extent Americans seek alternatives we see bubbles in real estate and commodities markets. Ultimately, we see crashes and a loss of capital because of these bubbles.

Interest rates should be higher to cover the inflation premium that the market would attach to the cowardly hopelessly self-defeating monetary policies of the left. Interest is the reward for productive people who delay present enjoyment for the possibility of greater future enjoyment–i.e., saving for the future which is the basis for all investment and the generation and re-generation of value.

How are the savers rewarded today? Those who planned for their future by working hard in the past are being robbed today. What we’re seeing is a government in the guise of Robin Hood that is shooting the people in the back who are not running to the king for a handout.

What we are seeing is the approach of liberal fascism. That is when the productive are so outnumbered they become slaves to the government and that is what leads the kind of productivity that we associate with the Postoffice and the DMV and communism under Stalin and Chairman Mao.

The 47%’rs ate the Golden Goose. Now, they’re stealing the silverware and that is no way to run a railroad.

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  1. omanuel says:

    You are exactly on target, again.

    I wish you weren’t but that is exactly where we are today. I suspect the Climate scandal began with deception that led to formation of the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945.

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