Why Was Al Gore Given a Nobel?

I know why.

The Nobel Peace Prize that Al Gore received is one of the Nobels bequeathed by industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel; and, it is to be awarded to he or she who, “during the preceding year […] shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

To understand why a Nobel was given to Al Gore you need to understand that dead and dying Old Europe had come to hate America and cultured a belief that Americanism was a destructive force in the world–much like Alfred Nobel himself. According to wiki, “Scholars who studied Nobel have said it was Nobel’s way to compensate for developing destructive forces (Nobel’s inventions included dynamite and ballistite).”

America’s great evil is success. An independent analysis by Europeans shows the GDP per person places EU countries among the bottom five states of the US. Given their hatred for Americanism and the EU’s increasing impotence in global affairs it’s easy to see how momentarily gratifying it was for these effete snobs–in their most insignificant moment in history–to award a scientific-illiterate like Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize. History certainly shows us  few have been more eager than Al Gore to sell out America and all of humanity for thirty pieces of silver.

Understanding the AGW belief system is necessary to get the complete picture of what was happening. As a belief system, AGW is not science and like religion it has its own reality outside our physical world. So, unsurprisingly a raft of superstitious beliefs abound although cloaked in assumed environmental instead of supernatural terms.

In this alternate reality Ragendra Pachauri of the IPCC (the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) shares the 2007 Nobel Prize with Al Gore; and, because global warming alarmism is a plank in the Democrat Party platform the Nobel Peace Prize also was awarded to Barack Obama in 2009. All of this is the EU and the Left believing it is enjoying the last word while burying President Bush whose only sin was to stand up for America with his whole heart.

It is against this backdrop that we gain further insight into the blurring of truth and propaganda to create the fantasy that has become the reality of the AGW belief system. As Michael Crichton observed, the AGW belief system borrows heavily from canons of Judeo-Christian beliefs. AGW faithful who undoubtedly would describe themselves as atheists have adoped this is a new age ‘Warmanism’ movement complete with various Armageddon scenarios to which evil technological man is doomed absent salvation that only their Climatist faith offers. This latter part has become especially attractive to secular socialists–e.g., schoolteachers saving the world from capitalism.

As atheists are wont to do after aborting religion they fall face-first into the anti-humanism of communism,  Also as atheists are often wont to do, AGW believers feel that they are smarter than non-believers. Their effete snobbery is a mask for the hypocrisy of the Climatist movement’s followers who look down their nose at others from the safety and comfort of urban society that capitalism has built: a sort of `Heavens Gate’ type special understanding of the physical world that supersedes jejune Judeo-Christian religion’s archaic moral teachings.

The unifying sense of moral superiority in the AGW believers is what infuses this attack dog brand of suicide environmentalism with the sort of magic that the AGW faithful now seem to crave–a sort of enviro-whackpot mentality where the least secure among us wield control over the most uncertain element of our existence–the weather–by simply denying easily attainable truths about nature and adopting a fantasy to replace their denial of Christ.

In the end the result is a nihilism that can only be filled by the embrace of socialism and communism and a moral righteousness born of its collective fascist put down of non-believers. And, who better than Al Gore—a seminary school dropout and lifetime Leftist politician from a background of entitlement and privilege who was beaten by Bush—to deliver the sermon that the empowering of the radical environmentalism and Leftist agenda of Climatists is the only thing we can do to save the planet? Just like the Politburo of Russia, Western schoolteachers now believe it is their duty to save the world by eliminating Amerianism (i.e., it’s the socialists’ collectivism versus the Founders’ individualism; government programs versus free enterprise; Utopianism and hypocrisy versus self-actualization and existentialism, helplessness versus rational self-interest).

“If you understand the dominant philosophy of a society, you can predict its course.” ~Ayn Rand

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