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Has ownership of ‘virtual truth’ become the new Sword of Azeroth? We are learning that the government cannot control all of the news and information nor continue to hide facts forever. The forces and motives that underlie the creation of media content – from entertainment to technology — is emerging and converging as the platforms and devices make access and sharing of information ubiquitous. In this context, we see that global warming alarmism (AGW) was the creation of the ‘90s when consumer content could more easily be anticipated and controlled by the disseminators of AGW superstition and deception.


On November 14, 2012 before quietus Judith Curry quoted Mark Thompson, as follows:

“…The irony is that, without the insights of the humanities, it [science] may still find itself without words.”

Curry then continued quoting Thompson–about a page in length–which in pertinent part, was as follows:

I back science because I find Popper’s account of the scientific method and its falsifiability intellectually compelling and because, at the level of common sense, the explanatory and predictive success of science is so overwhelming. Moreover, I’ve spent enough time with scientists to be wholly convinced that the culture and practice of science genuinely aim at truth…

We might have hoped that authority might be one sure way of piercing the cloud of unknowing. Instead, we find that even the most clear-cut authority, that derived from science, can find itself in the most opaque, impenetrable regions of the cloud. And if what I’ve said this evening is true of science, it is probably even more true of economics and the other social sciences, indeed of any area of professional expertise which intersects with the world of public debate and policy.

The penultimate irony is when Curry quotes Thompson’s concluding remarks, as follows:

But to wish we could eliminate those ‘divisive cultural meanings’ [i.e., from those who question authority who ‘derive their power from the spheres of morality, culture, superstition, even the mystic’] is to wish away the freedom and openness on which modern democracies are built –and, short of dictatorship, its impossible to achieve anyway.

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Still, I am uncomfortable with Thompson’s conclusion. I am as much a lover of freedom as any American but simple common sense informs us that all global warming can be explained by natural causes. And, Thompson agrees with the utility of the scientific method — noting its falsifiability [is] intellectually compelling on a common sense level. So, although he suggests it, I do not understand or agree as Thompson seems to feel that we must grant open-minded toleration on democratic grounds to the idea that magic or mysticism may play a legitimate role or be an underlying motivator in skepticism of the global warming alarmist credo. Skepticism of AGW first and foremost is grounded in science–there should be no mistake about that. It’s the credo of AGW Believers that demands we question authority–not the science–and, that is where morality, ethics, love of truth and liberty and our humanity are truer guides to reality than the impulse of government will ever be.

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  1. Wagathon says:

    The Medium is the Message

  2. Bob Ashworth says:

    Terrible. Our country has turned to immorality from morality. Our poor children!

  3. RokShox says:

    Ah, so that’s what the 2nd amendment was all about.

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