EU Comes a Cropper

Just read the news. Recession until 2013? It should have read, secular, socialist, Leftist and global warming Stonkernomics is pushing the EU off a cliff.

After the referendum on common sense economics that was held last week any pragmatists in America who might have been happy to help by example can do little more now than watch the crash and burn from the precipice. That’s 17 countries tilting toward BK and George Bush had their number–i.e., don’t call us George and we really don’t know why you Americans get so upset about a couple of buildings in NY going post-toastie but leave us out of any plans you may have to confront radical Islam: we need all the business we can get even if it means tabbing America in the back — again — and, violating every principle of Western morality.

Uh oh, “techno-economic-illiterates with a cargo cult understanding of production … [and] careers based on climate alarmism” – an abusive, “torrent of nasty, arrogant and downright stupid … people who aggressively sign themselves ‘PhD’ as though it were a mark of divine right that is beyond challenge or question’ …” Thank you Walter Starck for a breath of fresh air. You could have been talking about the EU and their commie dog anti-capitalist jihad on America.

It’s as if we do not all know by now that it has been the limitless pocketbook of the secular, socialist Big Government bureaucracy and the education industrial complex — along with a more than willing media — that outspends business by a factor of 1,000 to 1 to perpetuate the global warming hoax. And the psychology that motivates the deception is no longer a mystery either.

“Throughout history episodic eruptions of mass manias have swept societies. These outbreaks embody the dissatisfactions, fears and hopes of their times while offering a shining path to a bright new future. They are characterized by a millenarian nature, wherein threat of punishment for past sins is accompanied by promise of salvation through a new faith.

“The power of mass manias is reinforced by severe disapproval of any questioning of their certain truth.  Any doubt is seen not just as error needing correction but as conscious deliberate evil deserving expulsion or extermination. With adherents permitted only to support the established dogma, these movements tend to gather followers rapidly. But they also soon become afflicted with a growing disconnect from reality which they can neither acknowledge nor adjust for…

“The biggest problem we face in the foreseeable future is not some unquantifiable risk of climate change at some unknown future time. It is the real and immanent one of producing enough fossil fuel to maintain the healthy economy necessary for the long costly process of developing energy alternatives and implementing them on an adequate scale. At best this will take decades and will require abundant supplies of fossil fuels to achieve…

“Unfortunately, the academics, activists, politicians and bureaucrats leading the push for carbon dioxide taxation and use of renewable energy are non-producers who are woefully ignorant of both the economic reality of productive activity and the practical limits of technology. They are techno-economic-illiterates with a cargo cult understanding of production. Their prescriptions amount to a ritualistic belief that admitting sin (GW) and making an appropriate sacrifice (carbon dioxide taxes) will in some undefined (magical) way bring forth all the right changes, discoveries and implementations that are needed to effect a bright new world of clean endlessly renewable energy with minimal inconvenience to anyone…

“The leading scientific prophets of this cult are overwhelmingly comprised of young researchers whose entire careers are based on climate alarmism. In contrast, the middle ground, balanced (“skeptical”) scientists are overwhelmingly researchers with well established expertise in other fields. The alarmists repeatedly refer to a catechism of highly selective evidence to support their claims. The skeptics cite voluminous other evidence from their own varied fields which contradicts the alarmist’s claims…

“… In the face of failing claims and prophesies, the prophets of GW are becoming more and more strident and apocalyptic . The cooler it gets the shriller their cries of warning about warming become.

“In addition to the true believers, GW has attracted a large contingent of self-interested fellow travelers. Politicians, bureaucrats, political activists and manifold financial interest have perceived advantages to be gained from climbing aboard the GW bandwagon…

“Despite all this, in the end the entire matter is only an empty irrelevant charade…” ~Walter Starck

What will you bark at now? What will the EU compromise next? Has EU compromised with the devil? The Leftist-lib ad hominem attack pack has been running around for decades peeing on the pant legs and nipping at the ankles of those who value truth for its own sake and yapping away unable to hear anything they do not want to hear if it conflicts with their preconceived notion of what they want (their mythical secular, socialist Utopia), irrespective of the sober evidence that socialsm is a failed human experiment. Western academics of AGW would rather gamble the future of their EU on the casting of chicken bones than admit that MBH98/99/08 (aka, the ‘hockey stick’ graph) is a scientific fraud. It’s no wonder they have destroyed the culture.

Under Leftist-lib chess rules all the pieces on the board have the same value and the winner is decided before anyone actually expends any effort to go through any moves but then everyone is a winner anyway so it really doesn’t matter, right?

The AGW True Believers of the EU can argue about climatology being a science all they want. But then, after they have sacrificed morality, what’s the difference. Global warming alarmism isn’t the real problem here. It is just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

The real problem is that the Left has corrupted the language. Without a belief in truth we have nothing and that I imagine is the ultimate future of Western civilization. When the culture is gone the society falls, no matter how many laws are passed. No matter how narrow the lines of political correctness nothing changes in the EU does it? It is the Left that again wields the sword of liberal fascism.

see―e.g., Leftist Stonkernomics and, Too Much Government Is All You Need


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