Will This Be the 1st Winter of the Next ICE AGE?

SnowblindAs usual sea ice extent is now growing. The pace, however, has been freakishly brisk since Oct. 1st and amazing in scope. An Arctic refreeze record like this may portend exceptionally low winter temperatures, globally.


Some scientists foresee a global cooling trend in our future that could last for decades. If this will be the first winter of the next Ice Age what do the global warming alarmists of Western academia do then, give us our money back?


[…a new record has just been attained. Antarctic sea ice has just reached an all-time record for total acreage. Day 265 of the year 2012 set an all time record, and then on day 266 that record was broken. The days 265 to 270 were the six highest Antarctic sea ice extent days of all time ~Kelvin Kemm]


UPDATE: Dateline 3-December-2012 — leading up to and through the weekend and looking to the future, in addition to a record Arctic refreeze mentioned above the globe is flirting with prospects of a blistering cold this winter–e.g., a 100-year Winter in the UK, snow in New Zealand and an astronomical 176-218 inches on California’s Mount Shasta in just four days (anything over 200 breaks records going back to the 50s) which is about 5 times more than all of the snow that fell in Atlanta over the last 23 years.


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