Did Global Warming Cook the Golden Goose?

Between Battle of the Egos and Battle of the Bureaucracy… call me old fashioned but I still prefer Ayn Rand’s ideal of a civil transaction based on a voluntary exchange of money for goods and Klimt-Apfelbaum_I (2)services to the liberal fascism of a sticky monkey-fingered secular, socialist government that simply takes what it wants for its good.

It is time we stopped funding anti-Americanism. If Western academia wishes to masturbate their obsession with global warming that is fine with me so long as the state stops funding their religeon of AGW with my money. Taxpayers — those who actually provide value to society and pay the tax on success that keeps the government in threads — are not interested in government grants to look into the feasability of communicating with smoke rings either.

All that is needed to eliminate the Leftist and liberal hypocrisy in America is to allow the productive to charge overtime for having to respond to all of the made-up, monkey-fingered BS, fears, delusions and insanity of the gurus of anti-capitalism on the Left who push the idea that ‘CO2 is a poison.’ They do that to fleece the public. The Left does not really believe in capitalism so why deliver electricity to a house full of Leftists for the same price as anyone else who voluntarily buys into the capitalistic system that makes providing needed goods and services more affordable? When all of the people in the house say the coal you burn to create electricity is killing the planet, let them eat cake to stay warm on cold winter days.

In our new world where union dues from public schoolteachers are used to influence politics, pay, fringe and retirement benefits and to protect schoolteachers from being fired for incompetence or worse, a private company’s employees should have a duty to notify their employer that the company’s products collide with their AGW religious beliefs, don’t ‘ya think? For example, a manufacturer in the free enterprise sector should not have to assume that its employees do not feel compelled by their AGW religious beliefs to vote for Leftist politicians who hate capitalism and will do anything in their power to bankrupt the company.

For example, fpr a manufacturer of private jets in the free enterprise sector what possible accommodation can it make for socialist-loving employees who vote for Leftist government policies that make such ownership of the company’s goods prohibitively expensive or politically incorrect unless the jet is used exclusively for the purpose of ferrying Al Gore and federal climatists around to their next anti-America global warming gig?  There’s always all of these pesky unintended consequences that in their systemic ignorance Leftists are too stupid to take account of when planning their liberal Utopia.

“In the mid-’90s, Rhode Island, in an effort to give its marine industry a boost, eliminated almost all taxes on boats and boating. Rhode Island officials learned a valuable lesson from the disastrous effects of the ill-conceived federal luxury tax of 1990, which caused more than 19,000 marine industry jobs to be lost nationwide, and drove many boat manufacturers out of business. Boat sales dropped by 40 percent and the overall tax revenue was lower than pre-luxury tax levels. It also kick-started the continuing trend to have boats built outside the U.S. The unemployment compensation benefits paid out were more than three times greater than the tax revenue generated. When the federal government realized its mistake and repealed the 1990 luxury tax in 1993, much damage was already done to America’s boating industry.” (Rives Potts, The Hartford Courant)

If the government believes CO2 is poison then the government must believe — and their schoolteachers must teach — that modernity is the fruit of a poisoness tree. Chop down your trees bureaucrat but don’t steal my apples and tell me it is for my own good. Don’t tell government to steal the honey my bees made because you have a sweet tooth.

Rationalism 101: We’re not living in a country that is too big to fail. We may, however, be living in a country that has too many Leftists and liberal Utopians to survive the example of Greece and California. We should heed what is happening there: they are the canaries in the coal mines now that the Left’s speeches about a chicken in every pot are nothing but more empty promises from those who already cooked and ate the Golden Goose.

It is ingenuity and industriousness of free men and women working in free enterprise who have provided all of the government ‘revenue’ that politicians wasted to fund life in the liberal Utopian bubble of the Left. Ingenius and industrius people eventually move out of places like Greece and California. The secular, socialist BIG government of today is only in the business of getting in the way of the productive.

The government goons in California — those who innovate nothing and will do anything to keep their status as a ruling class — have destroyed the culture and the society. The U.S. is no longer the same country that bailed out dead and dying Old Europe after WWII. And, Old Europe is on the ropes again. The UN and the citizens of Brazil, Russia, India and China are not going to bail our the EU. Western civilization is failing and falling. Stagflation, wage and price controls, trade wars, savers that earn no interest on all of their sacrifice, and a government that uses EPA bureaucrats and the tortured languange of government science authoritarians and charlatans to define CO2 as a pollutant so they can take over the production of energy and the rest of the economy.

Who has the intellectual honesty to address the issues? Anyone that works for the government that wants to use the money of savers for their own purposes should at the least vote for those who will offer savers enough interest to interest them. Anything else is just stealing.

The next American revolution might as well be to simply let Big Bird and Hotel California go over the cliff — just stop the hand-feeding of free lunches and start over with a smaller, less hungry bird that likes the safety of the cage that understands how to tweet out a song for its keep. We all should heed the lesson of the founders and Ayn Rand the next time around and make sure that the desires for more and more increases in government ‘revenues’ shall be subservient to the consent of creators of wealth. Anything else is the slavery of liberal fascism.

Funny thing happened on the way to Qatar from Kyoto…

“Ben Santer [federal climatologist] just published a pal-reviewed paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science loudly proclaiming that the dreaded man-made global warming signal has emerged from our naturally chaotic climate… pretty much what he wrote in Nature for the UN’s 1996 edition of this conference, 16 years ago. If at first you don’t succeed…”

~Patrick Michaels: “My activist-scientist friends don’t want to go back to flying in coach.”

It is amazing to think about Al Gore’s place in history today and what it really means going forward. The fraud and corruption that global warming represents is part and parcel of any man identified with it. That tells us Gore was a hoax as a lifetime politician from Tennessee beginning January 1977 with 32% of the vote. And, Gore became the apple of the Democrat party’s eye (an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). All that is so contemptible about Al Gore — the duplicitous hypocrisy of all eco-apocalyptic doomsayers of the federal government bureaucracy and redolent of privileged material comfort from life in a luxurious mansion to travel in private jets — that by comparison elevates George Bush to country gentleman and patriot in the mold of the founders. Isn’t it too bad for the world that a European equivalent to Bush just was not there to stand against and prevent the likes of Adolf Hitler from assuming office? What does that say about Europe then or us now?

Imagine a German George Bush running against Hitler back in September 1930 and in their hatred for the man who defeated them the National Socialist Workers’ Party wages an eight year disinformation campaign against the voters. That pretty much is exactly what happened in America beginning with Al Gore’s defeat by George Bush. 

see―e.g., Why Was Al Gore Given a Nobel?

You’d think respect for the scientific method would be too foundational to simply abandon when the truth is inconvenient. And, you’d be wrong. How can we pretend to know the truth of any the matter asserted by federal climatists in the employ of the government-education complex? Honesty and competency are at issue–e.g., refusing to acknowledge bad behavior, Western academia essentially puts its imprimatur on Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ methods and conclusions.

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” ~Emerson

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