Global Warming Facts from the Ministry of Truth


The suspicion is in the air nowadays that the superiority of one of our formulas to another may not consist so much in its literal ‘objectivity,’ as in subjective qualities like its usefulness, its ‘elegance,’ or its congruity with our residual beliefs. (William James)

Where does anyone nowadays look to find pure objective truth—i.e., truth according to the time-honored and duty-worn universally agreed upon rules of logic that have been argued by humanity’s greatest minds during hard times over the ages? Consider for example the larger part of concern about global warming which I believe is devoted to the finding of ‘truth’ that is measured only in terms of its ‘usefulness’ to an end. The suspicion in the air is that those ends are really nothing more than to—i.e.,

• Perpetuate the global warming belief

• Create a sense of alarmism and imminent peril

• Characterize it as a calamity that results from bad behavior

• Blame capitalism for causing that bad behavior

Opposed to above ends we have those who also are driven by the notion that only an objective search for truth, wherever the facts may lead, can ever provide any real value. Only then can we arrive at ‘true’ facts not convenient facts. Those who are so driven are the skeptics of science and not mere believers of a new religion.

In the collision of science with politics global warming also becomes a moral issue. By the standard principles of Judeo/Christian traditions global warming alarmists who continue to indulge in doomsday predictions and fearmongering are simply immoral. For the global warming alarmist, truth is nothing more that a ‘pragmatic’ truth in the nature of that described by William James above instead of the scientists’ pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.

“The most ancient parts of truth . . . also once were plastic. They also were called true for human reasons. They also mediated between still earlier truths and what in those days were novel observations. Purely objective truth, truth in whose establishment the function of giving human satisfaction in marrying previous parts of experience with newer parts played no role whatsoever, is nowhere to be found. The reasons why we call things true are the reason why they are true, for ‘to be true’ means only to perform this marriage-function.” (William James)

There are reasons for what we see happening. One of the reasons is the Left’s reflexive belief that America is all wrong for the world. Building on a foundation of anti-Americanism a belief in human-caused global warming (AGW) and a hatred of George Bush (anti-GW) and are just two of many ‘truths’ that prove useful to the believer. So it is that for the AGW ‘true believer’ that science really has nothing to do with discovering true facts that would measure up to any kind of objective or moral albeit inconvenient standard.

Without any moral guide or objective standard, the global warming alarmist army of the Left is freed from convention and consequences. We see that in the culture: the AGW true believers are free to indulge in doomsday predictions and fearmongering–the economy and society be damned. Anyone who stands in their way is who they see as the enemy. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Left pushed Bush Derangement Syndrome just as it pushed Hot World Syndrome. The latter syndrome causes the first syndrome.

Bush is a lover of individual liberty. Bush stood for principles. Bush believed in right and wrong. For Bush morals are not irrelevant which is why even innocents in the womb deserve representation. Bush believed good will triumph over evil and was willing to take sides. Bush eschewed the liberal fascist tyranny of gas bag politicians full of hot air like Gore and Kerry who saw political power in global warming alarmism.

All the things the Left believes in and stands for defined them long before Bush. The Left hated Bush before they ever knew him. The Democrat Party as the Pied Piper of AGW is all a part of the warp and woof of a Western society in deep economic and moral decline.

The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. America’s vital interests and our deepest beliefs are now one… So it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world. (George Bush)

The AGW fantasy is a blurring of truth and propaganda. The effete snobbery of AGW believers is a mask for the hypocrisy of those who enjoy the benefits of the Western world while being utterly contemptuous of anyone like George Bush who is willing to stand up for America with his with his whole heart: the global warming movement looks down their collective noses at others from the safety and comfort of urban society that capitalism helped build—e.g., a sort of Heavens Gate special understanding of the physical world that supersedes what they see as jejune Judeo-Christian religion’s archaic moral teachings.

What unifies the Left is a sense of superiority that enables them to throw off the strictures and conscience of old morals to make room for the latest attack dog brand of suicide environmentalism that offers the kind of magic atheists and AGW faithful alike so obviously now crave. The alarmism of AGW believer’s religion of Warmanism has become a sermon on the need to save the planet and who better to deliver such a disingenuous sermon than Al Gore the country’s hypocritical Orwellian-in-Chief?

Gore’s analogy of a ‘greenhouse’ to explain global warming is tautological because it assumes what it’s trying to prove. The analogy of a ‘greenhouse’ is also misleading and false: it is a proposition that is put forward not by true fact-finders but rather as a statement—a scientific claim—that has been anointed by the Left’s Ministry of Truth.

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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat. A Chance Meeting– We toured south along the Bicentennial Bike Trail in the Summer of 1980, working up appetites covering ~70 miles per day and staying at hiker/biker campgrounds at night along the Oregon/California coast (they were 50¢ a day at that time). The day's ride over, and after setting up tents, hitting the showers, and making a run to a close-by store, it was time to relax. The third in our little bicycle tour group, Tom, was about 30 yards away conversing with another knot of riders and treating himself to an entire cheesecake for dinner. He probably figured Jim and I would joke about what a pig he was eating that whole pie and decided to eat among strangers. Three hours later after sharing stories and remarking on a few coincidences that turned up here and there, Tom and one of the former strangers realized they were cousins, meeting in this most unlikely place for the first time. ~Mac
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