The West is Bleeding and Likely Dying

Bloodsport (2)Setting wealth creation aside for the ever-growing populations of perennial kibitzers to do nothing more than hector the productive is one thing. It is, however, delusionary to believe that the ideology of federal climatists can influence how other people in other countries at some future time are likely to come to the same judgment about humanity’s role in climate change or feel obliged to follow Western academics’ recipe for living when these same liberal Utopians of the Left stabbed their own societies in the back.

In retrospect, federal climatists’ prediction of global warming as “likely”— a future that never came to be (there has been no warming for 16 years)— has got to be a wake-up call to those who are now asked to invest their lives in support of government’s failed ideas. Here is a typical example of the sort of fearmongering and preaching of catastrophe that we will always get from federal climatists: Global warming may lead to ‘Miami Beach in Boston’ situation unless urgent action is taken… IEA Deputy Executive Director says…

Is there any wonder why the BRIC countries no longer listen to Western academia? Who does not understand why scientists outside the West liken climatology to the ancient science of astrology?

For the IPCC both the MWP (Medieval Warm Period) and the LIA (Little Ice Age) existed before the ‘hockey stick,’ so viewing the situation objectively — after the IPCC participated in the rewriting of history by showcasing the ‘hockey stick’ as a part of the Left’s efforts to manufacture a supposed consensus about climate change — the IPCC condoned a fraud that federal climatists to this very day persist in perpetrating on the public. The Medium is the Message: that the public allows their children to be a part of the government-education complex that continues to engage in fraud and deceit for ideological reasons explains why the West is dying. A society that cannot be honest with the futures of its children does not deserve to survive.

It is sort of funny, especially knowing what we know. Consider the science underlying the ‘hockey stick’ graph: it was an exercise in predicting from past data a future the likes of which has never occurred in the past. From a federal climatist’s perspective, climate was flat until the end of the 20th century. Warming and cooling never occurred. To the followers of the ‘hockey stick’ the MWP and LIA never really happened. AGW theory in a nutshell was showcased on the world stage using the ‘hockey stick.’ What you have to realize is that the Western academic community stood silent in the face of a political movement that used nothing but a computer graph to show that there was no climate prior to the end of the 20th Century.

In reality, weather is reality; and, what is climate? Climate is hindsight:

 The concept of achieving a “stable climate” is a dangerous oxymoron. (Philip Stott)

Lowering the cost of energy lowers poverty. The Left cannot acknowledge that simple fact. Western civilization is in deep and disastrous economic weirding and the culture and society is as f_ked as GM, the railroads, roads and bridges, power generation and distribution infrastructure, the government-education industry and the Left’s AGW theory of global warming.

With a government too big to fail we’re all doomed to be dragged down by the stone. And, that horrible end to what once was a modern dynasty of liberty — even though there has been no climate change to speak of since 194 — is on a greased rail to Hotel California. It’s ‘gonna get real interesting if we actually slip into another ice age, which appears to be overdue. At least we will have lots of filing cabinets full of junk science to burn to keep warm.

Disbelieving of nature schoolteachers have now come to fear it. The greatest terror these schoolteachers have is to be awake when truth happens. The reality is simple: it is easier for some of these AGW True Believers to choke on their own bile than to admit they were wrong at best and worse that they have been merciless pushers of an anti-humanist climate porn agenda on the productive — for money — comparable to a Nazi hate crime and on a par with digging the gold out the teeth of Jews while they’re still alive. The Democrat party caters to these nihilists and that is a disgrace to humanity.

“We’re not going to hell in a handcart because of some tiny increase in atmospheric CO2 levels, but hell is certainly where we’ll end up if we insist on spending hundreds of billions of unaffordable pounds trying to correct a problem that is grossly over-stated.

“It’s time to get back to the real science and the real sums. It’s time to get back to the future which, if we adopt the right policies, will be brighter than we can yet imagine.”

~Johnny Ball (Beware the global warming fascists…, 22-Feb-2011)

Someone tell the federal climatists that the oceans are cooling. And, when the oceans are cooling there is no global warming. Thirty percent of the Sun’s energy is reflected away (if not we’d all be toast): 2/3s by clouds and a 1/3 by the Earth’s surface. The Sun has been anomalously quiescent for a while now. According to Henrik Svensmark, “global warming stopped and a cooling is beginning,” and that is why Svensmark and Nigel Calder were trying to get the word out that we should, “enjoy global warming while it lasts,” because it ain’t ‘gonna last forever.

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