Fiscal Cliff to Nadolf Nitler

Financial cliff

If we don’t face the “fiscal cliff” and step off now — if need be — while it’s just a short fall down, how many years on the Greek calendar will it be before Nadolf Nitler is elected president to right all the wrongs and we face the immeasurable chaos of the moral cliff?

The Medium is the Message–

Mayan cliff

Not until America did the culture of a super power point to the immediacy of its own demise as job accomplished. For example, the Mayan culture in 3372 BC pointed to their ultimate demise five millenia hence when they predicted their culture would come to an end in 2012.

Socialism cliff

What the Mayans saw as thousands of years of prosperity ahead is what the Left sees today as the end of their world without more and more taxes on the productive to keep the good ship Ponzi afloat for yet another day.

Credibility cliff


As analyzed in our social network, there is a tightly knit group of individuals who passionately believe in their thesis. However, our perception is that this group has a self-reinforcing feedback mechanism and, moreover, the work has been sufficiently politicized that they can hardly reassess their public positions without losing credibility.

see―e.g., Oh Yeah We Found a Trend…!


Belief cliff

Caught up in their machinations and now caught in their web of deception, we see no end to how their story changes to minimize their complicity and guilt in spreading all of the lies about global warming. They try to explain away all of the awkward facts just like so many German citizens sought to avoid the truth and refused to know the fate of the Jews. The governmental-education complex, which is fascist to the core, can no longer avoid the evil truth of its relationship with haters of Americanism and despisers of the foundational principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Climate cliff

The threat to individual liberty of a runaway secular, socialist Big Government Education Industrial Complex grown too big to fail and the toll it is taking on reason and science is destoying the economy. Global warming is not a problem but fear of it is leading to the fall of Western civilization. Humanity has always had more to fear from global cooling than warming and in an historical context, seeing global warming as a potential threat to future generations amounts to schools teaching superstition and ignorance in the classrooms.

Reality cliff

Much like computer programmers who indulge in a fascination about expensive analog watches, secular, socialist academia has become the experts of ‘reason’ in a virtual world of their own making. In their meta-world, however, academics and the political bureaucracy to which they are wedded are driven to indulge in the mystical thinking of the AGW True Believer as an analog to their ideologically-driven reasoning. And, as a result, we see that global warming alarmists–all of whom are the creation of Western civilization–are not even good atheists anymore at this point in the global warming hoax. This creates a whole new set of problems for global warming fearmongers. Disconnected from reality, government climatologists have become self-defeating cultural back-stabbers, desperately looking for a theology that will paper the gaping hole of nihilism that has replaced their hearts and souls, leaving them covetous of their neighbors’ successes. Their new ethic is to bring everyone else down to their level. Meanwhile, the oceans continue to cool with no end to the cooling in sight and the forecast is perhaps decades global cooling to come.

God cliff

The null hypothesis of AGW Theory has never been rejected, that all climate change can be explained by natural causes.

There is no scientific justification for some of the extremist economic and social penalties that a minority of zealots are trying to impose on the people of the world. ~Koutsoyiannis

…given that virtually no research into possible natural explanations for global warming has been performed, it is time for scientific objectivity and integrity to be restored to the field of global warming research. (Ibid.)

… they are unable to predict weather beyond a week or two, yet in conjunction with the IPCC they presume to tell us what to expect over the next few decades. (Ibid.)

How could we reject a hypothetical model (e.g. one in which the climate sensitivity is very small), according to which the entire observed (past) variability is ‘internally generated natural variability’, while the response to change in external forces is negligible? (Ibid.)

GCM cliff

If only the Leftits could listen to themselves. IPCC scientists have already admitted the simple truth about computer climate modeling:

“In fact there are no predictions by IPCC at all. And there never have been. The IPCC instead proffers ‘what if’ projections of future climate that correspond to certain emissions scenarios. There are a number of assumptions that go into these emissions scenarios. … [T]he projections are based on model results that provide differences of the future climate relative to that today. None of the models used by IPCC are initialized to the observed state and none of the climate states in the models correspond even remotely to the current observed climate. In particular, the state of the oceans, sea ice, and soil moisture has no relationship to the observed state at any recent time in any of the IPCC models.” (Kevin Trenberth)

Mao cliff

To remain silent in the face of the Left’s enthusiastic UN/IPCC-approved anti-Americanism is the truth that Western academics cannot hide. Taxpayers no longer pay for value when after years of investment of sweat and sacrifice toward their goals, in the end the fruits of their desires, hard work and investment of time and money are nothing more than government revenues. The government-education complex is liberal fascism at work. When the Leftists ultimately bring America’s version of Chairman Mao to power the school teachers will be among the first to be sent to the farms. Those who refuse to provide value to society for value received–in a voluntary exchange among equals–will not be given the individual liberty of personal choice in any matter by their Chairman Mao.

Oh Yeah We Found a Trend…!

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