Nevermind. The Left was Wrong.

Are Global Warming Alarmist-AGW True Believers all Leftists?


The world could use a dose of truth and it’s about time a Leftist admits they’re all full of it. The stunning come to Jesus that Mark Lynas delivered at the Oxford Farming Conference on 3 January 2013 is the click of an Achtung Granate under the heels of liberal Utopians.

France, remember, long refused to accept the potato because it was an American import. As one commentator put it recently, Europe is on the verge of becoming a food museum. We well-fed consumers are blinded by romantic nostalgia for the traditional farming of the past. Because we have enough to eat, we can afford to indulge our aesthetic illusions. ~Mark Lynas

The debate has changed. Forget about whether China really wants to fund Western academics’ wish to rescue the world from capitalism and nature. The real question is should we pay government scientists to worry about well being in the third world or do what it takes to actully bring about democracy and human rights there?

Western academics proved to us they cannot predict climate. So, to keep their jobs they now want government funding to predict the weather for poor people (see—e.g., Peter Webster’s article, Meteorology: Improve Weather Forecasts for the Developing World in Nature). The Left now wants to save the poor ignorants in the Developing world…? Riiiiighhht! This is an example of simple camera-chasing at its worst. And how covenient to choose those to help who have nothing to lose and are too ignorant to know forecasting the weather is no different than forecasting stock market trends. People can do it but ideally they’re only risking their own money betting on their own market predictions. With the liberal fascists of AGW alamism government bureaucrats are blowing the public purse on feckless speculations about the future–and betting the free enterprise economy in the bargain–based only on the fears of Western climatists whose predictive abilities have been shown to be no better than a room full of monkeys throwing darts at charts.

You want a prediction? It is going to be a cold winter–very, very cold–so, stop standing in the way of capitalists who make energy flow to your home, car, business and favorite restaruant. The convergence of intellectual superstition and predjudice  is palpable–e.g., the climate movement is at its heart a reductionist one whereas ‘the organic movement is at its heart a rejectionist one.’

And, neither movement will, ‘accept many modern technologies on principle. Like the Amish in Pennsylvania, who froze their technology with the horse and cart in 1850, the organic movement essentially freezes its technology in somewhere around 1950, and for no better reason.’ Climatists are in a mystical era like Vermont immigrants who cut down trees to cook, heat log cabins and raise kids who grew up to blame their parents for cutting down trees. The parents of these idiot kids don’t hate trees they love trees.

We have not experienced this degree of cognitive dissonance since Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace, showed us enviro-whackpots’ crazy beliefs have taken humanity up the Amazon without a paddle.

A lot of environmentalists are stuck in the 1970s and continue to promote a strain of leftish romanticism about idyllic rural village life powered by windmills and solar panels. They idealize poverty, seeing it as a noble way of life, and oppose all large developments. James Cameron, the multimillionaire producer of the most lucrative movie in history, Avatar, paints his face and joins the disaffected to protest a hydroelectric dam in the Amazon. ~Patrick Moore

While such change of opinion may sound like something Judas might have said to the Jews, still, reason and the scientific method is a process. Meanwhile, any scientist with a reputation to defend headed for the UN exits beginning in about 1997 with the big crush coming at the time of the foi2009.pdf CRUgate disclosures. The ‘Harry Read Me” File is another must-read.

It’s obvious AGW True Believers have nothing to oppose actual science-based reasoning. In doing so, they are forced to argue against a holistic view of the world, which in turn would be an argument that is anathema to the scientific-illiterates that flesh out the membership of the AGW Climate-Man cult.

A part of the AGW model-makers’ erroneous preconceptions obviously is a belief, “that anthropogenic CO2 is producing an enhanced greenhouse effect and that the Earth’s mean temperature will increase in the next 100 years.” Where does this lead them?

It leads to another part of their misconception: a the conviction that reliable forecasting is possible based on, “starting from ever smaller boxes containing portions of atmosphere and ocean and where non-linear algorithms are forced to operate.” So, before the first prediction you invest the GCM model-makers with talents that they have failed to demonstrate, because you are now among the “convinced disciples of the mathematical reductionism.”

Additionally, since the the AGW model-makers’ GCMs fail grandly when comparing predictions to reality on both a ‘zonal’ and ‘seasonal scale,’ your AGW model-makers must indulge the fiction that their GCMs will be reliable predicting long range global climate change; again, a preconception but more than that, a belief that has never been validated and can never be!

That’s why sane people refer to global warming alarmists as AGW True Believers. All of the Leftist SS (secular, socialist) anti-Christian, Jew-hating, anti-America True Believers have simply thrown off traditional morality and adopted a new Heaven’s Gate Apocalyptic view of humanity’s future — a future of doomsday caused by industrial man — that only belief in their new hippie faith can stop.

So, anyone can believe in AGW or aliens cause crop circles or Americans never actually landed on the moon and their CO2 is killing polar bears. People are free to place their faith and trust in people like Al Gore and not because he understands the underlying science but because there is no underlying science in their view of the world. They simply believe in Al Gore the man and that too is why AGW is considered a religion–because, lifetime Leftist Al Gore/Jazeera is their new anti-Jesus. A holistic process conflicts with their Western socio-economic politics so why would they acknowledge the effects of the Earth’s shifting crusts and volcanic eruptions and the oscillations of solar activity on multi-Decadel to Centennial and Millennial time scales with variations in glactic gamma radiation and the role of the big planets, Saturn and Jupiter, a changing North Pole and variations in the magnetosphere on the Earth’s climate?

This reductionist approach [of government scientists] is misguided since the model [climatists’ General Circulation models] will never be able to be correctly evaluated. To overcome such a paradox, we followed a holistic approach that analyzes the Sun, atmospheric circulation, Earth’s rotation and sea temperature as a single unit (ut unum sint): the arrival on the Earth of fronts of hydrodynamic shock waves during epochs of strong ejection of particles from Sun gives rise to a squeezing of the Earth’s magnetosphere and to a deceleration of zonal atmospheric circulation which, like a torque, causes the Earth’s rotation to decelerate which, in turn, causes a decrease in sea temperature. Under this holistic approach, the turbulence of solar wind and the zonal atmospheric wind behave cumulatively rather than instantaneously, where energy inputs are first conveniently accumulated and then transmitted…

(Adriano Mazzarella, Solar Forcing of Changes in Atmospheric Circulation, Earth’s Rotation and Climate, The Open Atmospheric Science Journal, 2008, 2, 181-184)

Although it was, “Deleted by Amazon on Apr 26, 2011 12:22:51 PM PDT,” the initial question above (i.e., are all AGW fearmongers Leftists) was posted on Amazon’s Science Forums on Jan. 15, 2011 and quickly blackballed by schoolteachers who abused the Amazon voting system to hide the OP from view. Two years later and we may now have a confirmation of the answer to question initiated by the post which was as follows:

So, are you just another hypocritical anti-capitalist enviro-whackpot voting for a ‘belief’ in AGW? Scientific skeptics undertand: fear of global warming is all political and AGW True Believers are Leftists. The science of the matter transcends the anti-Rebublican, hate-based politics of fear that is used by the Left. Promotion of global warming alarmism essentially is a vote against the existence of humanity.

I think we also realize that the Leftists-libs’ hatred of Americanism has turned industrialization into a paralyzing Tower of Babel and English into a liars language. The success of capitalism also sustains a trusting, rusting, random hapless and rank helpless group of 47%’rs that has become a charlatans’ mark that Leftist activists, plaintiff’s lawyers, government opportunists and bureaucrats rush to exploit to their personal advantage at the expense of the productive. The result has been the emergence of a contentious class of professional government gadflies that has attached itself to the body of the republic with the sole purpose of increasing job-killing burdens on manufacturers and providers of services.

Depriving humanity of the possibility of being more able than our ancestors to face such challenges is the legacy of the secular, socialist government-funded Education Industrial Machine. The Left’s roasting of George Bush and jihad on industrialization, scientific method, traditional morals, ethics and foundational principles of self reliance and personal responsibility didn’t heat homes and run the factories that provided jobs. Bush only did what the Left has long feared to do: Be Enthusiastic About Standing Up For America With His Whole Heart!

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