AGW the Penny Dreadful of Climate Science

Hot World Syndrome-Mug Wump@WagathonAs science global warming alarmism is a big bust. But, as a cheap, sensational comic it is the PULP FICTION storybook of our times.

Unfortunately, in this new age of lazy thinking our Cesta do stredu Zeme stops far short of a Journey to the Center of the Earth, preferring instead to hang out in margarita bars in Cancun to discuss the evils of American capitalism like Jean-Paul Sartre holding court in a Parisian café. As a passionate and freethinking existentialist, philosopher Sartre Would Piss on the Legs of Today’s Secular Socialist rabble.

It’s no secret. It is a convenient truth for Leftists that promoting the idea Americans caused global warming has been very lucrative over the years for all who have been involved in the fear business—just ask Al (Jazeera) Gore.

An Earlier TimeIn an earlier time a penny awful science like AGW Theory was of course not unheard of—see, e.g., the history of The Piltdown Man Hoax. Unfortunately, it is less embarrassing for Western scientists to have joined the museum of hoaxes than it should be in an age when we all might have assumed that at least scientists were immune from superstition.

What with man walking on the moon I think we somehow came to believe Western science was honorable. In reality scientits have become more lying, scheming and conniving Amazing Storiesthan ever before imaginable.

It is impossible to know what percent of Western civilization may be described as dysfunctional, incompetent and neurotic nihilists. It’s impossible to estimate the damage they have done to the culture. But, in its more advanced state of decline I think we can see from the example of dead and dying Old Europe the effects of the rotting and corruption from the inside.

The loss of respect for Western philosophy, traditions, principles, morals, ethics, ideals – and, Americanism in general which is based on the foundational belief in every person’s God-given right to be free of the tyranny of the many – is the most grievous loss. Hot World BelieveSyndrome is a product of social and cultural disorder (e.g., Amazing — IMPOSSIBLE BUT TRUE — Scientists say an enormous ball of fire out of the sea is coming for us). Symptoms of disorder include anxiety and fear, hypochondria and hysteria, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, phobias and a belief that others engaged in the simple business of living are destroying everything on Earth.


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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat.
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