Help Wanted: Global Warming Alarmist

On the PatioHowever it may have started the biggest problem with Global Warming is the self-dealing of Western academics turned weathermen. They are totally engaged in political fear mongering. They’re feathering their nests at the expense of the public purse.

With the help of academia liberal fascists have taken possession of the superstitious mob and everyone is obliged to tow the line. What next: have the American-Australian Chemical Society of IPA Brewers and Hourglass Makers against Digital Data now joined the global warming consensus? Oh no! Differing beliefs about unproven AGW theory is not a problem but government action based on mere belief is an example of the very tyranny the Founders feared most.

Within the walls of Western academia is a refusal to have a serious scientific debate about how much global warming is entirely natural. Since, however, maybe all of it is natural, the debate morphed into speculations that human CO2 is causing the Earth to experience bizarre and unpredictable weather phenomenon—so much so that early apple blossoms in Washington this spring are as worrying as the UK’s elderly burning books to keep warm throughout the coming winter. And, the fix for all of this is so simple: UN representatives from around the world should fly to places like Cancun to talk about how best to stop Americans from driving SUVs.

Burn Black SunLeftists have long disparaged anyone who serves the broad community interest by engaging in personal interests. Produce goods and services others desire? No personal gain on the Left’s watch. So, exactly when in the maturation of Western civilization did Leftists decide it was okay to favor the art of fearmongering for personal gain?

Exactly when did Leftists depart from their Utopian ideal of community-based altruism to become simple doomsday purveyors of a mass mania? However it may have started truth and honesty have been burned by that black sun of good intentions gone awry.

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