Dogmatics of Socialism Feeling the Heat


It is at the very time dead and dying Old Europe is going over the cliff that the Left in the US now feels impelled to throw all our heads into the abyss. The anti-Americanism of Democrat party politics has unleashed the dogmatics of socialism and the race to the bottom is on in the West.

We are still a ways off before the scientific method is restored to its rightful place in Western academia. Until then, putting an end to the iconic ‘hockey stick’ of Michael Mann and an end to the global warming politics of Al Gore and the Democrat party won’t happen. Until then, attempts to bring the production and use of energy under the secular, socialist political hegemony of the Left will continue until America is pushed into the abyss of the Golden Goose Graveyard.

So far there has been more than a decade of no warming — and even recent global cooling — in the Northern Hemisphere where Western Leftists live and obsess about a runaway heat wave and a ball of fire coming out of the depths of the ocean to consume all life. Greenhouse gases have become EPA “regulated pollutants” under the Clean Air Act for one reason only—i.e., an absence of reason.

There is nothing unique or particularly complicated about climate change. It cannot be regulated because humans cannot regulate the Sun. However, a referendum on the real-world consequences of Leftist ideology is the record of misery, poverty and death that has been caused by it—everything else is dogma.

Paul Revere arranged in advance about what to do if a warning was needed. Others now warn — as would Revere if he were here now — “The Liberal Fascists are Coming…” US Industry is threatened by a liberal fascist bureaucracy within our own borders not cheap labor or more competitive tax structures without.

Death by thermageddon as prophesized by Al Gore never happened. Shocker! Still, Lefties keep the lie about global warming doomsday alive. Meanwhile, the Sun remains anomalously quiet and Earth cools and we learn more about what lies beneath the surface of our culture, society and us: superstitious global warming alarmists are Western civilization’s hothouse flowers who have never known the misery, suffering and even death by energy-deprivation.

But, the worst thing about the end-of-the-world global warming catastrophe that never came is that the Left never cared if they were right or wrong about it. And, what could be more bleak, dire and worrisome than to learn that the EPA prefers politics to science?

There is no safe global cooling level. The cooler it gets the more people die. On the other hand, global warming has always been very good for humanity. Secular, socialist global warming fearmongering has reached biblical proportions and, can anything ever be more calamitous than that?

Evidence of a giant step backward for humanity is the Left’s refusal to acknowledge CO2 is a fertilizer not a pollutant. The global warming charlatans of academia have proven one thing: man’s dream of rising above superstition and ignorance shall remain incredible.

It is all becoming so very clear: The Left hates anything with a face!

IQ TEST: the high cost of gas is caused by: (a) Evil capitalism and gouging businessmen; or (b), anti-energy Leftists?

The EPA’s succumbing to global warming alarmism is evidence of a moral Kristallnacht. The sound of shattering glass is as unmistakably clear as the enduring heat of the sun on your face when the clouds part: the NLRB knows the union is bad so Boeing must be retaliating; EPA knows smokestacks are clean so it’s CO2 that must be the pollutant.

The one true way of preventing global warming is to move further away from the Sun. How scary is that? The only problem for the anti-energy Leftists is that with the end of the world being right around the corner it can never come soon enough.

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