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The Social Cost of Forecasting Human-Caused Irreversible Climate Change

Issued in January 2013

Stochastic techniques are used to show that the government-funded manufacturing of fear about the impact of anthropogenic carbon will depress future economic wellbeing as a result of the misallocation of scarce resources and penalizing those who live in the real world by showering preferences on those who pull strings in the metaworld to support hysterical Liberal attitudes about an impending doomsday. An examination of the models that Western academia uses to incorporate the Left’s inchoate and nihilistic beliefs about the uncertainty of weather impacts and blaming capitalism for possible climate tipping events is shown using empirically plausible parameterizations to be on a par with the Salem Witch Trials and represents a preference for imaginary realities common among those who are constitutionally incapable of taking care of themselves or providing value to others. We find that the attitudes toward risk demonstrated by those imbued with uncertainty associated with anthropogenic climate change imply that a desire for more and more carbon taxes is directly correlated with those who are determined Marxists despite the fact that socio-communistic economies have been shown to be the sowers of millions of deaths. This analysis indicates that the absence of understanding that when it comes to both global warming and cooling — it’s the Sun, stupid — may result in substantial understatement of the potential benefits of recognizing that a growing lack of respect for life, liberty and property is rotting America from the inside-out.



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