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I am totally convinced there is no scientific basis for any of it. Global Warming. It is the hoax. It is bad science. It is a high jacking of public policy. It is no joke. It is the greatest scam in history. (John Coleman, Jan. 2009: We pay for the shortage this has created every time we buy gas)

Some areas on Earth are hotter than others. What happens there and everywhere else when the warming stops? Looking at the big picture over time it is a variation of Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) that is the fundamental cause of climate change on Earth as determined by a long term imbalance between solar radiation entering the upper layers of the atmosphere and the total energy emitted from Earth back to space. Obviously, us humans can have an appreciation for this process but it doesn’t matter if we do or don’t–e.g., TSI decrease = e.g., Little Ice Age and there is nothing we can do about it.

We may have a huge crisis coming: we know the climate has shown big changes (from a human perspective) many times over the last 10,000 years, way before the industrial revolution and obviously having nothing to do with human CO2. And, there have been many smaller changes too–some fairly recently–e.g., Napoleon lost 90% of his army to the cold after invading Russia; Hitler too. And now, the Earth is in a cooling trend, again.

The crisis we face now is that the country is being run into the ground by idealogues who have too easy a time taking advantage of too many voters who don’t have the common sense to realize that nature happens and that more government is more likely to put you in harms way than it is to lead us all to more safety. Can the country in its current crisis survive an extended period of global cooling?

The Earth, after receiving and storing over the twentieth century an anomalously large amount of heat energy, from the 1990’s began to return it gradually. The upper layers of the world ocean, completely unexpectedly to climatologists, began to cool in 2003. The heat accumulated by them unfortunately now is running out. (H. Abdussamatov, The Sun Defines the Climate)

Everyone surely can agree that it would be great if intensive climate change research could help us address the need of the world’s most vulnerable to adapt, whatever nature brings our way. Why can’t everyone acknowledge the fact that global cooling is a real possibility and is ultimately undeniable — that it is in fact underway — and that global cooling is just the sort of climate change that really does present humanity with the greatest challenge to successfully adapt, and that we really do not need to spend good money after bad on more filing cabinets full of global warming junk science?

“The so-called greenhouse effect will not avert the onset of the next deep temperature drop, the 19th in the last 7500 years, which without fail follows after natural warming.” ~H. Abdussamatov (Ibid.)

We got everything bassakwards… While catastrophic global warming may not be anything to worry about, if we want to invest now to avert the consequences of a future climate-caused crisis, Abdussamatov says, “we should fear a deep temperature drop,” because that is when the survival of humanity might be a legitimate concern, not to mention having to deal with, “serious economic, social, demographic and political consequences of a global temperature drop… A deep temperature drop is a considerably greater threat to humanity than warming.”

…the snow doesn’t give a soft white
damn Whom it touches  -e e cummings

Learning about global cooling on the Earth is just a matter of looking at old information – the historical geophysical evidence – and, there are many ways to do it. It is accessible knowledge and James Cook University geology professor Bob Carter shared some of the approaches, all leading to similar conclusions. Carter points to the work of Russian scientists, Sergey Kotov, Klyashtorin and Lyubushin, Craig Loehle in the US, Lin Zhen-Shan and Sun Xian in China, and Adriano Mazzarella in Italy and says that, “climatic cooling will occur during the first decades of the 21st century,” and that that, “cooling is under way, the length and intensity of which remains unknown.”

► Kotov used the mathematics of chaos to analyze a 4000 year Greenland ice core temperature record and found a pattern in the data. Extrapolating into the future Kotov’s approach predicts cooling to 2030, then warming, and then 300 years of cooling beginning in 2100.

► Warming in the last half of the 20th century is due to the PDO (Pacific decadal “El Nino/La Nina climatic” oscillation). The analysis of Klyashtorin and Lyubushin used an 1860-2000 surface thermometer temperature record and a 60-year recurring cycle was identified—i.e., we have already enjoyed the warm-half and now the Earth will experience the cool-half of the PDO cycle.

► Using stalactite data to capture 1000 years of surface temperatures (not including the 20th century), Loehle constructed several models that accurately predicted the last 150 years. The forecast, using models with demonstrated hindcasting ability, showed 20-40 years of cooling in the range of 0.7°C to 1°C.

► Based on a multi-variate analysis using Chinese temperature records for the 1881-2002 periods, Zhen-Shan and Xian also found a 60-year cycle. Their conclusion was a cooling of the climate of the northern hemisphere that began in 2001 can expected to continue for 20 years.

► A 60-year climate cycle was also found by Mazzarella that supports data indicating declining sea and surface temperatures beginning in 2005,

We must stop wasting resources; stop substituting climate change hysteria for prudence and stop destroying the economy and basic principles of personal responsibility that demand we think clearly and act rationally. Anyone can easily understand as easily as Walter Starck that the Left’s “greenhouse with no roof is something only an academic would design. Anyone with practical experience would know immediately it could not work.”

Don’t be afraid to see what you see. ~Ronald Reagan

Our safety and security and the future of our country are at stake. We must be less hypocritical in our indictment of industrialization and modernity: Richard Lindzen asks that we all be more intelligent than to simplistically assume “the earth’s climate reached a point of perfection in the middle of the twentieth century.” Whatever nature brings our way, Lindzen reminds us that human history is very clear—i.e., “that greater wealth and development can profoundly increase our resilience.” Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. tells us tells us that despite the upward trend in climatists’ opinions about impending doom the “science on climate change, extreme events and disaster costs is clear and unambiguous.” Not floods, not hurricane landfall frequency or intensities, not tornadoes nor droughts nor East Cost Winter Storms; and, not even losses due to disaster — when “normalized for societal changes” — have trended upward over the last 60 to 100 or more years.

What’s good for Americanism
is bad for government authoritarianism
and bad for international terrorism
and that’s good for humanity.

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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat. A Chance Meeting– We toured south along the Bicentennial Bike Trail in the Summer of 1980, working up appetites covering ~70 miles per day and staying at hiker/biker campgrounds at night along the Oregon/California coast (they were 50¢ a day at that time). The day's ride over, and after setting up tents, hitting the showers, and making a run to a close-by store, it was time to relax. The third in our little bicycle tour group, Tom, was about 30 yards away conversing with another knot of riders and treating himself to an entire cheesecake for dinner. He probably figured Jim and I would joke about what a pig he was eating that whole pie and decided to eat among strangers. Three hours later after sharing stories and remarking on a few coincidences that turned up here and there, Tom and one of the former strangers realized they were cousins, meeting in this most unlikely place for the first time. ~Mac
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